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Gas Prices  ガソリン代

Guinness World Records


Green / Climate Change  1            1  |  2

Global Warming
 Explorers Will Steger, Bancroft & Arnesen, Dupre & Larsen | An Inconvenience Truth 

Earth Day | Arbor Day | Nature Notes

Plastic Pollution

Exxon Valdez runs aground in Alaska - Mar 24, 1989 -
Exxon Valdez oil spill - Wikipedia  03/24/1989
Exxon Valdez Oil Spill: In the Wake of Disaster | Retro Report | The New York Times - YouTube
There’s Still Oil on This Beach 26 Years After the Exxon Valdez Spill (Part 3) | National Geographic - YouTube
List of oil spills - Wikipedia
Largest Oil Spills Affecting U.S. Waters Since 1969 |
10 largest oil spills in history - Telegraph  10/07/2011
Alaska  |  Green  |  

15313 190318  Aluminum Makers Ditch Can Business MSN, Wall Street Journal

15332 19032 March 22  World Water Day - Wikipedia
World Water Day 2019: Leaving No One Behind

It's Green!: Ice Racing (Iceboat Racing), Solar Boat Regatta, Living Green Expo (PedalPub, Green Wedding"Work in Progress"
America Solar Challenge  including World Solar Challenge

Renewable Energy  再生可能エネルギー  (Wind Energy, Solar Energy,  ) -  DOE site | WindPower Conference
Waste Reduce, Reuse, Recycling | Composting : EPA site
091215 Boeing Dreamliner 787 takes its maiden flight, Everett, Washington

8867 150328 
March 28, 2015  EARTH HOUR
Earth Hour 2015 Official Video - YouTube
Earth Hour 2015 to highlight Australian farmers' battle with climate change - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)  03/28/2015

Pocoyo uses his power at Earth Hour 2015 #YourPower - YouTube

Earth Hour - Wikipedia
Earth Hour - Bing Images

WWF - WWF conserves our planet, habitats, & species like the Panda & Tiger
Earth Hour 2015 || Ban Ki-moon urges you to 'Use #YourPower' - YouTube
Earth hour: millions will switch off lights around the world for climate action Environment | The Guardian  03/27/2015

May 2013 - June 2014

6521 140629  Emperor penguins waddling to extinction: climate study - Yahoo News  AFP, 06/29/2014
Emperor penguin - Wikipedia
March of the Penguins (2005) - IMDb
Happy Feet (2006) - IMDb

6404 140619   The New Environmentalism Will Lead Us to Disaster - Scientific American  Clive Hamilton, 06/19/2014

6357 140615  Brazil Leads World in Reducing Carbon Emissions by Slashing Deforestation  (National Graphic, Brian Clark Howard, 06/05/2014)

6309 140610  Top Obama Aide Says History Won't Applaud Obama’s Climate Policy  (Harper's Magazine, Mark Hertsgaard, 06/02/2014)

6281 140607  China's Plans to Bulldoze Mountains Could Cause Environmental Problems - Auto World News  Matt Mercuro, 06/06/2014

6280 140607  Best state in America: New York, for its shrinking carbon footprint  (Washington Post Opinions, Reid Wilson, 06/06/2014)
New York State

6262 140606  'Developing countries are catching up on renewables'  (Deutsche Welle, Interview: Sarah Steffen / asb; Editor: Nancy Isenson, 06/05/2014)

6242 140604  The Clean Unclean Facts About Coal The New Yorker  Michelle Nijhuis, 06/04/2014
President Obama gets serious on climate change John Abraham Environment  (Guardian, John Abraham, 06/03/2014
A kick-start to clearing the air  - The EPA proposes a carbon cut  (Chicago Tribune Editorial, 06/04/2014)

6200 140531  Solar Roadways light up the future -  Robert Duffer, 05/31/2014

6043 140517  What Happens to Shipping Containers Lost at Sea?  ...  Ninety percent of the world's goods are transported by ship,   ...  (Yahoo News, Megan Gannon | LiveScience, 05/17/2014 )

5971 140512  Selecting Trees for Your Yard  (Better Homes and Gardens)
Energy-Efficient Landscaping Tips  (Better Homes and Gardens)

How to Use Trees to Save Energy Video - This Old House

5901 140506  Federal report spells out global-warming threat to West  (SFGate, Carolyn Lochhead, 05/06/2014)

5878 140504  How We'll Protect NYC From Flooding - Popular Mechanics  Charles Q. Choi, 05/01/2014

5865 140503  Invention Awards 2014: Charge Gadgets With Your Footsteps  (Popular Science, Lindsey Kratochwill, 04/30/2014)

5842 140501  Dana Milbank Harry Reid has a Koch problem  (Washington Post Opinions, Dana Milbank, 04/30/2014)
5799 140427  The Koch brothers are going after solar panels -  Lindsay Abrams, 04/21/2014
A battle is looming over renewable energy, and fossil fuel interests are losing - The Washington Post  Steven Mufson and Tom Hamburger, 04/25/2014

5758 140423  Florida is 'Ground Zero' for sea level rise  (Yahoo News, Diego Urdaneta | AFP, 04/22/2014)

5708 140419  Global Warming Had Key Role in California Drought, Eastern Cold: Study  (Mashable, Andrew Freeman, 04/18/2014)
4752 140116  California areas brace for water rationing as reservoir levels fall  (LA Times, Bettina Boxall, 01/15/2014)
What does water rationing mean??  (Yahoo Answers)
words: rationing, water consumption, drought
Weather page

5706 140419  How To Start Your Own Compost on MSN Video

5697 140418  Embrace simple changes toward a greener life  (Chicago Tribune, Jessica Reynolds, 04/17/2014) 

5685 140417  EU to slash plastic bag use by 80 percent by 2019  (Deutsche Welle, 04/16/2014)  ng/msh (Reuters, AFP, dpa)

5640 140413  U.N. climate panel Governments must do more in face of dire global-warming threats  (Washington Post, Darryl Fears, 04/13/2014)
Climate change Gateway to the United Nations systems work on climate change  (United Nations)
China, India Push Rich Countries to Move First on Climate Change  (Bloomberg, Reed Landberg, 11/20/2013)

5319 140312  What 15 World Heritage Sites Will Look Like in 2,000 Years, Thanks to Climate Change  (Weather Channel, Terrell Johnson and Michele Berger, 03/7/2014)
4003 131106  "Climate Change"  What the world would look like if all ice melted The Sideshow  (Yahoo News, Eric Pfeiffer, 11/05/2013)

5616 140410  Climate changes to result in bird, reptile shifts  (Yahoo News, Susan Montoya Bryan - AP, 04/09/2014)

5572 140406  Dirty reusable bags still better than plastic  (Chicago Tribune Commentary, Eric Zorn - Change of Subject, 04/06/2014)

5517 140331  U.N. climate panel: Governments, businesses need to take action now against growing risks  (Washington Post, Steven Mufson, 03/30/2014)

5507 140330  Photos: Earth Hour 2014 -
5495 140329  March 29, 2014 
Earth Hour  
Earth Hour - Wikipedia
Earth Hour - Bing Images

MPR also talked about Earth Hour - MPR: Minnesota Public Radio

5500 140329  Clean coal: A terrible idea whose time has come, WIRED's Mann says  (Yahoo Finance, Aaron Task - Daily Ticker, 03/28/2014)

5491 140329  Your font is showing: Student comes up with plan to save U.S. big bucks  (Yahoo News, Mike Krumboltz - The Sideshow, 03/29/2014)

5354 140315  Calif. Brewery Taps New Technology, Saves Water - YouTube  Associated Press

5262 140305  Climate engineering ideas no longer considered pie in the sky  (LA Times, Evan Halper 03/04/2014)

5038 140212  Editorial: Get cracking on the Keystone pipeline  (Chicago Tribune, Phil Vettel, 02/05/2014)
4953 140204  Keystone Pipeline Will Impact Climate Change, State Department Reports  (Scientific America Blog Network, David Biello, 01/31/2014)

4868 140126  Booming German offshore wind power industry puts pressure on marine life  (Deutsche Weller, Author: Louise Osborne; Editor: Andre Leslie, 01/24/2014)

4846 140124  Ancient Forests Knew When To Go Easy On The CO2; 'Regulated And Modified' Earth's Climate  (HNGN, Rebekah Marcarelli, 01/24/2014; Google)

4831 140123  Watch six decades of global warming in 15 seconds  (Chicago Tribune, Laura E. Davis, 01/22/2014)
4769 140117  "Green""Climate Change"  International Green Week - Home  Berlin  Jan. 17-26, 2014
Farmers defend themselves at Berlin's Green Week  (Deutsche Welle, Author: Sabine Kinkartz, Editor: Sean Sinico, 01/17/2014)
Top EU body likely to roll back climate goals  (Deutsche Welle, Author: Nina Haase, Editor: Saroja Coelho, 01/17/2014) 

4696 140110  Over 75 Percent of Big Carnivores Facing Extinction  (Guardian Liberty Voice, Douglas Cobb, 01/09/2014) "The loss of big carnivores negatively impacts the ecosystem"
3638 131002  "Climate Change"  Global Ideas DW.DE  (Deutsche Welle, many videos, 10/01/2013)
3637 131001  Climate report How the science has moved on - environment - 30 September 2013  IPCC: Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change  (New Scientist, Fred Pearce, 09/30/2013; Google)
3600 130927  IPCC report: global warming is 'unequivocal'  (Telegraph, Nick Collins, 09/27/2013; Google)
Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) - Wikipedia

4640 140105  EPA moves to regulate new wood stoves  (Washington Post, Lenny Bernstein, 01/03/2014)
US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

4570 131230  Home electricity use in US falling to 2001 levels  (AOL, Jonathan Fahey | AP Energy Writer, 12/30/2013)

4289 131208  Arctic thaw tied to European, U.S. heatwaves and downpours - study  (Reuters, Environmental correspondent Alister Doyle, 12/08/2013; Google)

4288 131208  Short-cut to produce hydrogen seen as step to cleaner fuel  (Reuters, Environmental correspondent Alister Doyle, 12/08/2013; Google)

4262 131206  Renewable energy projects can now get 30-year permit to kill eagles  (LA Times, Shane Li, 12/06/2013)

3405 130915  Calif. turns to Mojave Desert for new era of green energy - CBS News
mojave desert - Bing Images  |  Mojave Desert Heliostats - Bing Images
Mojave Desert - Wikipedia

3367 130911  Turanor PlanetSolar Solar Boat Reaches Paris After Atlantic Voyage - The Turanor PlanetSolar catamaran looks like one of Darth Vader's TIE Fighters turned on its side  (HUFFPOST)
Turanor PlanetSolar Solar Boat - Bing Images
Darth Vader's TIE Fighters - Bing Images
catamaran - Bing Images
Tūranor PlanetSolar - Wikipedia -
The boat is registered in Switzerland and was financed by a German entrepreneur. Construction cost was € 12.5 million. The name Tūranor, derived from J.R.R. Tolkien's novel The Lord of the Rings, translates to "The Power of the Sun".
our American Solar Challenge photo page 

2484 130708  Solar-powered plane Solar Impulse reaches milestone for renewable energy -
1622 130504  Solar Impulse, the Solar-Powered Plane, Begins U.S. Expedition  (National Geographic, Pioneer press)
Solar Impulse- Solar powered plane set to fly across US - YouTube  |  Solar plane completes maiden flight - YouTube
Solar Impulse - Wikipedia
Switzerland Map Information - World Atlas

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