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Mount Rushmore, South Dakota

Top 10 Painters of All Time - YouTube

American Painter & Illustrator
Norman Rockwell's Thanksgiving painting: Freedom from Want For more info about Norman Rockwell
American Artist Georgia O'Keeffe Museum
World's Artists
Local Artist Artist Bob

Folk Art?:  Quilts  080920 |  Corn Husk Dolls  080727 | Weathervane

3382 130913  Incredible crochet from Houston  (Houston Chronicle) 

Shakespeare Play  シェイクスピアの劇
"Julius Caesar"    110619

Ballet & Dance
Ballet Minnesota Performance   070720
7699 141112  A Choreographer's Story  -  NYCB dancer Troy Schumacher steps out on his own in the role of choreographer ...  -  AOL, 11/03/2014
Troy Schumacher (dancer) - Wikipedia  an American ballet dancer and choreographer
10 Famous Choreographers - Discovery Channel  Joanna Burgess
Choreography - Wikipedia
Choreographer Andrew Rist of the Ballet Minnesota
Ballet Minnesota's 25th anniversary begins with fall concert - YouTube
Ballet Minnesota-Nutcracker sneak peek 2011 - YouTube

3989 131105  cityballet - AOL On  videos
NYCB - Home - The New York City Ballet
New York State page

4574 131230  Partnering city.ballet  (AOL On, 11/04/2013)
NYCB - Home - The New York City Ballet
cityballet - AOL On

Spirit of America Cheerleading & Dance Team Championship

St. Paul Art Crawl  Spring & Fall  | Video: Saint Paul Art Crawl   St. Paul, Minnesota
Saint Paul Art Crawl Spring 2015 - YouTube

January - February
Ice Sculptures, Ice castle, Snow Sculptures:  St. Paul Winter Carnival
4665 140107  30 Ice Sculptures That Will Take Your Breath Away - SKYE on AOL
See our Winter Carnival photo page

Ice Castles   2004, 2013


Flint Hills International Children's Festival
(2003 Sand Sculptures, 2006 Street Paintings) 

Art Car Parade  

Uptown Art Fair   

August - September
Minnesota State Fair
Princess Kay of the Milky Way Butterhead Sculpture from the 2010 MN State Fair 天の川(銀河系)のプリンセスKay のバターヘッド彫刻  日本語

August - October
Minnesota Renaissance Festival 
Printmaking Demo at Cock N' Dragon Photo:  1a / 1b  Cock N' Dragon  |  2  Demo Schedule  |  3  Intaglio  |  4 
Gene and Terry  |  5  Intaglio Plates  |  6  Printmaking Artist Gene  |  7  Inking  |  8a / 8b  Wiping  |  9a / 9b  Paper Preparation  |  10a / 10b / 10c / 10d / 10e  Printing with a press  |  11  Printed paper     凹版印刷デモ
Sterling Silver Jewelry スターリングシルバー
Photo:  1 
Blooming Smithery - Gold & Sterling Jewelry  |  2  Metalsmith works with Sterling Silver   |  3  Tom and Brandi  |  4  Sterling Silver Ring  |  5a / 5b (Up-Close)  Tom's Sterling Silver Rings  
Fellowship Foundry's Pewter  
Photo:  1  Pewter  |  2  Pewter (Up-Close)  |  3 

The ArtPrize (2nd annual event?) winners are chosen by the public. Grand Rapids, Michigan, 100922-101010 For more info (English/Japanese)

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