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Tee-Pee (or Tepee)
(probably Dakota's tee-pee; Dakota is one of Native American tribes native to the Northern Mississippi valley). 

Superstition: Friday the 13th: #13  13th Floor  |  Friday the 13th (English/Japanese)
6337a 140613  Friday 13th & Full Moon  VIDEO - Friday 13th Full Moon: Double the Trouble  Weather Channel
Today is Friday the 13th and a full moon. That won't happen again until 2049 - Vox  Joseph Stromberg, 06/12/2014

Flood Wall

Sound Barrier Wall (Noise Barrier Wall): Noise barrier - Bing Images | Sound Barrier Wall - Bing Images
Noise barrier - Wikipedia

16254  200310  Most AMAZING Skyscrapers In The World! - YouTube

11693 160915  Campus architecture worth taking notes on Wallpaper  Higher education: campuses with elevated aesthetics

born September 3, 1856    Louis Sullivan 
Louis H. Sullivan  "father of modern American architecture", “Form follows function.”

Louis Sullivan: Father of the Skyscraper - YouTube
Architecture 16 of 23 Sullivan & Adler Auditorium Building Chicago - YouTube
Louis Sullivan - Wikipedia 
Louis Henry Sullivan, September 3, 1856 – April 14, 1924, an American architect, and has been called the "father of skyscrapers" and "father of modernism". He is considered by many as the creator of the modern skyscraper, was an influential architect and critic of the Chicago School, was a mentor to Frank Lloyd Wright, and an inspiration to the Chicago group of architects who have come to be known as the Prairie School. Along with Henry Hobson Richardson and Frank Lloyd Wright, Sullivan is one of "the recognized trinity of American architecture". "Form follows function" is attributed to him although he credited the origin of the concept to an ancient Roman architect. In 1944, ...
Louis Sullivan: the Struggle for American Architecture Clip 1 - YouTube
Louis Sullivan: the Struggle for American Architecture Clip 2 - YouTube
Buildings  |  Chicago, Illinois

11301 160523  Great heights: The 2015 world's Best Tall Building is a towering forest - Wallpaper

11034 160321    March 21, 1869    Happy birthday Albert Kahn!   Albert Kahn

Albert Kahn - YouTube

Michigan Alumni: Iconic Kahn - YouTube
Albert Kahn (architect) - Wikipedia
  March 21, 1869 – December 8, 1942, the foremost American industrial architect of his day. He is sometimes called the architect of Detroit....
List of architects - Wikipedia

10 Most Famous Architects of All Times  theMost10
Michigan  |  Buildings

born June 8, 1867     Frank Lloyd Wright
America's Castles-The Homes of Frank Lloyd Wright - YouTube
Frank Lloyd Wright Biography
Frank Lloyd Wright - Wikipedia
  June 8, 1867 - April 9, 1959, an American architect, interior designer,
writer, and educator

Frank Lloyd Wright's Fallingwater - YouTube
Frank Lloyd Wright interview - YouTube


8490 150211  The Craziest Architecture You Have To See Before You Die  MSN Travel
Piazza D'Italia, New Orleans, Louisiana; 10/11 Grotto Sauna, Lake Huron, Canada; 11/11 Milwaukee Art Museum, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

7431 141014  The World's New Tallest Tower, Plus 9 Insane Buildings You Have to See to Believe  Yahoo Travel, Adam D'Arpino,

2890 130804  Architectural Elements - a gallery on Flickr

2614 130718  TOP 10 Tallest Building in USA - YouTube
4067 131112  "America's Tallest Building"  Willis Tower loses to One World Trade Center as nation's tallest  w/ video (Chicago Tribune, Blair Kamin, 11/12/2013)
Photos: Willis Tower -- Chicago Tribune  11/12/2013
Photos: One World Trade Center -- Chicago Tribune   11/12/2013

3150 130823  Ultimate Treehouses: A Treehouse, but Minus the House Video  (Animal Planet, MSN)
Tree House - Bing Images
Tree house - Wikipedia

3203 130829  Bay Bridge closure to complicate Labor Day traffic -
San Francisco–Oakland Bay Bridge - Wikipedia  |  Golden Gate Bridge - Wikipedia  |  file: San_Francisco_Bay_Bridges_map_en.svg
The Top 10 Longest American Bridges Spot On Lists
The Top Ten Longest U.S. Suspension Bridges
Top Ten New York Bridges  |  Bridges and tunnels in New York City - Wikipedia
15 Most Famous Bridges in the World Touropia
Bridge - Wikipedia

3635 131001  10 penthouses to die for - MSN Real Estate  (MSN, Vaughn Blake of SwitchYard Media)
Penthouse apartment (Penthouse) - Wikipedia

3997 131106  Tour of world's opera houses a delight for the eyes  (Chicago Tribune, Anne Harnagel, 11/06/2013)

5291 140308
  Castles around the world  (Chicago Tribune, 03/08/2014)
Japanese Castle photos: Nagoya Castle
  (from Explore Japan Info)  |  Inuyama Castle  (Explore Japan Info)
Japanese Castles (Nihon no Shiro):  Japanese Castles  |  The Guide to Japanese Castles
Japanese castle - Wikipedia  (Explore Japan Info)

13065 170802  France's iconic Chateau de Chambord gets a makeover - France 24
List of châteaux in France - Wikipedia

Bridges     Skywalk
10642 151230  The World's 20 Most Impressive Bridges  Popular Mechanics
Capilano Suspension Bridge & Cliffwalk | North Vancouver BC | Canada - YouTube

Skywalk  |  Building  |  Canada

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