2006 State Fair photo 2    Here is a picture of gold panning at the Niagara Cave < www.niagaracave.com > in the State Fairgrounds. Participants used sieves to get the golf from the stream running through the channel. Panning for gold used to be extremely profitable and dangerous back from the 1820's - 1890's when the U.S. had many gold rushes in different states.  ゴールドラッシュ時代の金塊探し
2006 State Fair photo: 1  Akita (Japanese Dog)  |  2  Gold Panning from Niagara Cave  |  3  Hummer H2
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12221 170124  Gold discovered at Sutter’s Creek - Jan 24, 1848 - HISTORY.com
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Our photos:  a Prospector (far right in photo)  | 
Gold Panning
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Canada  |  Alaska
Our photos:  a Prospector (far right in photo)  |  Gold Panning 

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7532 141026  Huge gold nugget going up for sale in California  AOL, AP, 10/22/2014  It was found in Butte County, California. "Follow the three Ps: persistence, patience and perseverance. Keep at it. Keep the dream live."

Check out our "Prospector" photo
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Gold panning
from the 2006 MN State Fair
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