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11010 160316  Australia 'fairy circles' shed light on mystery - BBC News
Fairy Circles, Long a Mystery in Africa, Now Found in Australia - The New York Times
What Causes the Mysterious Fairy Circles of Australia and Namibia? - The Atlantic
Mystery of the Fairy Circles - The Secrets of Nature - YouTube

Nov. 16, 2012    Jumping Cactus, Arizona: Videos -  1  Jumping Cactus! Too funny!  |  How Jumping Cactus Stick to You  |  Jumping Cholla- host Kim Stone
Jumping Cholla (See microscopic barbs) | What do Arizona jumping cactuses    
A few days ago, David, who used to live in Arizona, informed us of weird "Jumping Cactus." "David, Thanks so much for the info."
"Jumping cactus" remind us of Burdock Seeds.        see our Arizona State page.

Corpse Flower, which is native to Sumatra, Indonesia, Blooms 080409

0001 Burdock Seeds vs. "Velcro"*    ゴボウの種

Killdeer and its nest

Giant Puffballs (10 - 70 cm Diameter - Mushrooms), Arboretum, Chanhassen, MN September  --- 直径70cmにもなるボール形のキノコ、キノコが、若く、身が、硬いときには、食べられます 

See Weather Photos
(Sun Halo, Sundog, Mirage, Continental Climate)

Nature Video, Video Gallery  ネーチャービデオ

5976 140512  10 Things That Will Kill You In Under An Hour on MSN Video

* "Velcro" History (TIME) Swiss inventor, George de Mestral |
Velcro (Wikipedia)  ベルクロ
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