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Dog:  Off-Leash Dog Areas | Do

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14721 180920  Puppies spread antibiotic-resistant infections to 118 people, CDC reports - CBS News

14715 180918  Wisconsin Man Speaks Out After Losing Hands, Feet Following Dog-Related Infection | KTLA
How does dog saliva turn into a life-threatening infection? - CBS News

13378 171009   Blessing the animals is a nod to love, link to nature Twin Cities

Saint Francis of Assisi Day Bless All Animals! | PETA
October 1, 2017: Blessing of the Animals at Washington National Cathedral (Recap) - YouTube
born c. September 26, 1181    Saint Francis of Assisi 
St. Francis of Assisi

10196 150922  What TV looks like to dogs and cats  AOL

10011 150822 
11 Adorable Baby Animals  MSN lifestyle,
  |  Pets

10010 150822  10 Things Cats Hate  MSN lifestyle,

Things Humans Do That Dogs Hate
  MSN lifestyle, 

9758 150725 
Cat Wakes Up To Discover Hes Missing Some Parts And Hes NOT Happy About It | Bored Panda
Neutering - Wikipedia

Why You Should Spay/Neuter Your Pet  | The Humane Society of the United States
Top 10 Reasons to Spay or Neuter Your Pet | ASPCA

9753 150724 
The 5 best pets for your health | Fox News  07/23/2015

9326 150529 
♥Top 10 Most Popular Pets in the USA♥ - YouTube
The top five best pets for small kids - YouTube
Favourite Pets for Kids - YouTube

9967 150816  Snake cafe opens in Tokyo video World news | The Guardian
  |  Pets

9325 150529  "Roly Poly"  
Roly Poly Bug - Bing Images
Roly Poly | Mother Goose Club Playhouse Kids Song - YouTube
Fun Friday: Build a Roly-Poly Terrarium -
Pillbug (Roly Poly) Terrarium (How to) - YouTube
"Roly Poly"
 Armadillidium vulgare - Wikipedia  the (common) pill-bug, (common) pill woodlouse, roly-poly, doodle bug or potato bug;
Because of their unusual yet non-threatening appearance, some Armadillidium vulgare are kept as pets in areas throughout the U.S.,
typically among children.

Roly Poly Playground - YouTube 
Roly Poly Playground - YouTube
Roly Poly Bug Facts Animals - PawNation
"Yesterday, a little cute girl kindly showed me her roly poly play ground, which she had made at her birthday party. I forgot the name of
the bug, a "roly poly'. So I disappointed her. Thanks for showing your poly poly stuff." Note: I grew up in Japan. I've never made
a roly poly playground. 

7853 141127  Photos: Macaws bring harmony to Caracas' chaos -  George Rueda, AP, 11/26/2014
Macaw - Wikipedia
Geography of Venezuela - Map of Venezuela -

6774 140728  Where cats are more popular than dogs in the U.S.and all over the world - The Washington Post  Roberto A. Ferdman and Christopher Ingraham, 07/28/2014

6743 140724  Facts About You And Your Dog's Personality  BuzzFeed, Justin Dailey, 07/23/2014

6709 140720 
Your Pet Explained: The Truth About Cats and Dogs  (Parade Magazine, Alison Gwinn, 07/18/2014)

6505 140628  Pet-friendly hotels - Yahoo Search Results
Pet-friendly airlines - Yahoo Search Results
Pet-friendly taxis - Yahoo Search Results

5874 140504  Bear that bit Missouri students has no rabies, is spared
- to help students relax before final exams (Reuters, Kevin Murphy; Editing: Sharon Bernstein and Andrew Hay, 05/02/2014)
words: rabies

5807 140428  Amtrak to allow dogs, cats on trains between Chicago, Quincy -  Jon Hilkevitch, 04/28/2014
Amtrak - Wikipedia
Train & Bus Tickets - National Railroad - USA & Canada Amtrak
Pet Friendly Hotels
Pet Friendly Transportation

5798 140427  We Just Found Your New Dream Pet. It's A Chicken.  (Huffington Post, Amanda Scherker, 04/26/2014)

3424 130916  New Yorkers can be buried alongside pets.  (Slate)

4772 140118  Parrot tells cops his owner is drunk driving - Honest parrot tattles on his owner to cops (AOL, 01/17/2014)
words: 'Polly wanna cracker?', hangover prison
Where does "Polly want a cracker?" come from and what does it mean? Answerbag
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