Cold & Flu

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  Yahoo Health, Amy Rushlow, 11/13/2014

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5108 140219  About the Flu  (  Seasonal Flu, Swine Flu, and Avian/Bird Flu
Prevention of the Flu
Swine Flu
Death toll from flu rises as H1N1 strain returns,with ‘young invincibles’ most affected  (Washington Post, Ariana Eunjung Cha, 02/19/2014)
10 Ways to Avoid Getting H1N1  (Parents, Heather K. Scott)
Avian/Bird Flu
Deadly bird flu surges in China as millions travel  (USA TODAY, Elizabeth Weise, 01/22/2014)
Pandemic fears still high in Asia as H10N8 bird flu strain emerges - Australia Network News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) -
Bird Flu Avian Influenza H7N9/H5N1 (, Karon Snowdon, 02/19/2014)

4922 140131  "Health Notes"  Zinc, soap best cold fighters, study says  (, Sharon Kirkey - Postmedia News, 01/28/2014)
Dr. Gifford-Jones The airplane cold – fact or fiction?  (Windsor Star, City Desk, 01/22/2014)

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