Wisconsin Firearms Deer Hunting   デイヤー ハンテイング  Wisconsin | Minnesota Firearms Deer Hunting Season Opener
Info on Hunting Seasons: 2009 Harvest and Hunters ハンテイングシーズン:2009 Harvest(しとめた数) and Hunters(ハンターの数)の情報

Day before the Season Opener
Hunter Dean sets up a deer stand (or tree stand) on Friday

On the Opening Day
Just after sunrise, Dean waits for a deer
Four Deer Hunters gather

Hunter Jim shot a doe (female deer)

Jim Drags his deer with the help of Bob

6  Hunter Jim shot a buck (male deer)  2011

7  Hunter Dean shot a doe (female deer)  2014

Two Bucks Fighting (Video)  |  Extreme Buck Fight (Video by muledeercountry.com) Male deer fighting for female during the mating season ("rut"). What Is Rutting Season?  |  our Deer page | Deer Hunting page

7664 141109  Deer hunting: Minnesota DNR  2014 Firearms deer hunting opener is Saturday, Nov. 8, 2014
Hunt clubbed? Stricter rules, fewer deer for Minnesota hunters - Minnesota Public Radio News  John Enger, 11/07/2014

Archery Deer Hunting  アーチェリー デイヤーハンテイング
September 17, 2011: A hunter, who we met at Wilkie Unit of the MN Valley National Wildlife Refuge in Shakopee" says, "The 2011 Archery Deer Hunting Season opened today -
Deer hunting by bow and arrow - ." アーチェリー デイヤーハンテイング シーズン始まる  
Hunting and Trapping Seasons  |  Archery Deer Hunt photos | Eight Point Bow Hunt Deer Hunting video (むごいですが、これが、アーチェリー デイヤーハンテイング。矢の先端を見ると怖いですね

8699 150309  Deer Hunting  Hunter Dean shot a doe (female deer)  2014 - photo from 2014 Wisconsin Gun Deer Hunting 2014
Opening day of Wisconsin Gun Deer hunt 2014 - YouTube
WI 2014 Deer Hunting Gun Opener Buck! - YouTube

Hunters           Firearms Deer Hunting | Archery Deer Hunting  |  Sportsmen
Winter Fun photos
8692 150308      Winter Fun    Photos: Hunting & Trapping
Deer Hunting 2014 - YouTube
The most AMAZING Deer Hunting Video EVER!!! HD - YouTube
15-Yard Files
: Female Bowhunter Stares Down Giant Bull Elk at 4 Yards - YouTube
Hunters           Firearms Deer Hunting | Archery Deer Hunting
Trappers         Animal Trapping (beavers, foxes, minks, muskrats, opossums, otters, raccoons, skunks)
Winter Fun photos

Roadkill Deer
110110 Saw a roadkill deer "So Sorry, Deer, someone hit you with his car some time ago." In 2008,
almost 32,000 roadkill deer in Wisconsin | Regulations on Roadkill Nature Notes
We'll post more pix soon. Check back!

13593 171124   Hunter Fatally Shoots Woman He Mistook For A Deer On Thanksgiving Eve  Yahoo
Hunting accident

14878 181102  Controlled deer hunts begin Oct. 5 in seven Ramsey County parks | Ramsey County  Minnesota
About MBRB
MBRB Metro Bowhunters Resource Base

14937 181117  Montana deer test positive for 'brain wasting disease' wildlife officials  Nov. 17, 2018
Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) - Prion Diseases - CDC

Deer Hunting

15208 190217  Hunting and Trapping Seasons - Minnesota DNR
Hunting dates and deadlines - Wisconsin DNR

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