**Picture of the Week**  (Random Corner > Picture of the Week 080410"Dog Rescue"  Veterinary Medicine, Raptor Center Open House (1st Sun. in April) 080406, 070401, U of Minnesota, St. Paul, MN 
The Beijing 2008 Summer Olympic Games < http://en.beijing2008.cn/  > 080808-080824, Beijing, China
080410 “S$%#, it’s snowing again!” これが、2007-2008の冬の最後の雪かな? Heh, Heh, Heh, Just Kidding!
080409 Corpse Flower blooms, Como Zoo & Conservatory, St. Paul, MN スマトラオオコンニャクの花開く, native to Sumatra, Indonesia More Info
080409 Pro Hockey: NHL: 2008 Stanley Cup Playoffs  www.nhl.com  check Calendar 4
Women’s Basketball: Tennessee wins the 2008 NCCA Championship over Stanford. March Madness Ends  080406 Women’s Basketball: Final Four: Stanford vs. Connecticut, LSU vs. Tennessee @ Tampa Bay, Florida (FL) check Calendar 4  Also check our Sports Pages
Only Seven Days until Tax Day!   締め切りに間に合うかな?参った!参った!
080407 The Pulitzer Prizes < http://www.pulitzer.org/ > check here for more info.
Kansas wins the 2008 NCCA Championship over Memphis in OT.  March Madness Ends
080406 Juno Awards: Canada's Grammy Awards < http://www.juno-awards.ca/  > Calgary, Alberta, Canada
080405 “We Hear” on WCCO   Film Legend Charlton Heston dies. He starred in films such as Planet of The Apes, Ben-Hur, and The Ten Commandments.
080405-0407 Final Four Weekend: Memphis vs. UCLA & North Carolina vs. Kansas @ San Antonio, TX  check Calendar 4  Also check our Sports Pages

080404  "We very often Hear"  40 years ago today, Civil Rights Leader Martin Luther King, Jr. was shot dead in Memphis, Tennessee (TN).  More Info
080403 “The Minnesota Wild win their first Division Title!” < http://wild.nhl.com/ >
080402 World Autism Awareness Day
080402 We're currently working on taxes. :-(   Tax returns are due on April 15th, 'Tax Day'.  check Calendar 4 Tax Day 所得税申告の締め切りが、近く、頭がいたいです!
Kids' Choice Awards  http://www.nick.com/shows/specials/kca/index.jhtml?_requestid=40525

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