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ESPN The Worldwide Leader In Sports -
 Denver Broncos beat Carolina Panthers


Pittsburgh Penguins vs San Jose Sharks. 2016 NHL Playoffs. SCF. Game 6. 06.12.2016. (HD) - YouTube
NHL  2015-2016 Playoff Finals: Penguins win Stanley Cup, defeat Sharks in Game 6

Golden State Warriors vs. Cleveland Cavaliers | The Finals 2016 NBA Playoffs News, highlights and video  NBA
Cleveland Cavaliers Win First Championship in 52 Years - YouTube  06/19/2016
NBA Playoff Finals  Cleveland Cavaliers 4, Golden State Warriors 3 - The Official Site of Major League Baseball - Official Site of the WNBA  Regular Season  05/14/2016 -


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How you can help in the migrant crisis -
European Refugee Crisis: Here's How You Can Help - NBC News
Refugee crisis: what can you do to help? | The Guardian
5 practical ways you can help refugees trying to find safety in Europe | The Independent


Global Terror 2016  | War on Terror  |  ISIS  

Rio 2016 Olympics  08/05-08/21, 2016, Brazil  

Presidential Election 2016  

11589 160814  Bethany Benson Shows The Dangers Of Putting Legs On The Dash (Photos)

11588 160814  America’s Favorite Cities | Travel + Leisure
America  |  Travel

11587 160814    born July 19, 1814     Samuel Colt
Who Made America? | Innovators | Samuel Colt
Samuel Colt  Biography - He created the revolver—most notably the .45-calibre Peacemaker model — and paved the way for the interchangeable parts system of manufacturing. ...
Sam Walker Puts Samuel Colt Back in Business - YouTube
Samuel Colt - Inventions -
10 Things You May Not Know About Samuel Colt — History in the Headlines

Samuel Colt - Wikipedia 
July 19, 1814 - January 10, 1862, an American inventor and industrialist from Hartford, Connecticut. He founded Colt's Patent Fire-Arms Manufacturing Company (today, Colt's Manufacturing Company), and made the mass production of the revolver commercially viable.
American Genius Online - Colt vs Wesson | HD National Geographic HD 720P Documentary - YouTube

Smith & Wesson - Wikipedia  |  Daniel B. Wesson - Wikipedia  |  Horace Smith (inventor) - Wikipedia
Meet Samuel Remington

11586 160814    born August 13, 1860     Annie Oakley  Annie Oakley

Annie Oakley - Wikipedia
   born Phoebe Ann Mosey, August 13, 1860 - November 3, 1926, an American sharpshooter and exhibition shooter. Her "amazing talent" led to a starring role in Buffalo Bill's Wild West show. ...
Meet Annie Oakley:  Oakley & Buffalo Bill  |  Wild West Heros
Annie Oakley Shooting (1894) - Classic Edison Film - YouTube
Biography: Annie Oakley - Tomboy - YouTube

Annie Oakley shoots glass balls - YouTube

Annie Oakley TV show FULL EPISODE Annie and the Lily Maid - YouTube

Women Of The Wild West (OLD WEST HISTORY DOCUMENTARY - YouTube  

11585 160814     born August 14, 1851    Doc Holliday
Doc Holliday - Folk Hero -
Doc Holliday - Wikipedia 
John Henry "Doc" Holliday, August 14, 1851 – November 8, 1887, an American gambler, gunfighter, dentist, and a good friend of gambler and lawman Wyatt Earp. He is most well known for his role as a temporary deputy marshal in the events leading up to and following the Gunfight at the O.K. Corral. ...
Doc Holliday - Deadly Doctor of the American West
TOMBSTONE Best Scenes - YouTube
Doc Holliday vs Johnny Ringo from Tombstone. - YouTube
Doc Holliday - Deadly Doctor of the American West
our Wild West Frontier Fest photos | Jessie James Bank Robbery Re-Enactment photo (Meet Jessie James) 
Outlaws and Lawmen 
Gunslinger Of The West - Most Dangerous Gunslinger Of The Wild West - World Documentary - YouTube

11584 160813  "Nature Notes" Washington County, MN, Aug. 13, 2016, around 7 p.m., Sunny
Blue Jay calls, Catbird calls, a Goldfinch (calls), two flocks of Canada Geese flying overhead, Robins, Chickadee calls
a young Cottontail rabbit,
a Monarch butterfly,
In Bloom:  Goldenrod, Big Bluestem, White Clover (non-native), Red Clover (non-native), Butter-and-Eggs (non-native), Birds-Foot Trefoil (non-native), Plantain (non-native?), Rosinweed (most likely), White Campion (non-native),
Nature Notes 2016

11583 160813  There Is a Shark That Can Live for 400 Years  Popular Mechanics

11582 160813  Perseid Meteors over Mount Shasta  "Astronomy Photo of the Day" by NASA  August 8, 2016
Behold the Universe
 "Astronomy Photo of the Day" by NASA  August 3, 2016
Io Moon over Jupiter
 "Astronomy Photo of the Day" by NASA  August 7, 2016

11581 160813    born August 13, 1926    Fidel Castro    
Fidel Castro  Biography
Fidel Castro - Mini Bio - YouTube
Cuba's Fidel Castro Survivor turns 90 -
Fidel Castro lashes out at Obama on 90th birthday
Cuba celebrates Fidel Castro's 90th birthday with music and fireworks | The Guardian
Fidel Castro - Wikipedia 
born August 13, 1926, commonly known as Fidel Castro, is a Cuban politician and revolutionary who governed the Republic of Cuba as Prime Minister from 1959 to 1976 and then as President from 1976 to 2008. Politically a Marxist–Leninist and Cuban nationalist, he also served as the First Secretary of the Communist Party of Cuba from 1961 until 2011. Under his administration Cuba became a one-party communist state; industry and business were nationalized, and state socialist reforms implemented throughout society. ...
Presidents:  #35  John F. Kennedy
11070 160328  88 Years Since Calvin Coolidge Sailed Into Cuba on a Battleship Video - ABC News
Obama begins historic visit to Cuba - The Washington Post
Smiles all around after Obama's Cuba visit – but which side got more out of it - The Guardian
Obama and Raúl Castro’s Awkward Embrace in Cuba - The New Yorker
Cuba–United States relations - Wikipedia
Reagan’s Russia trip should be Obama’s roadmap in Cuba - The Washington Post
Did Russia lose Cuba to the Americans? - Russia Direct  04/17/2015
Fidel Castro says Obama’s ‘syrupy words’ were enough to cause a heart attack - The Washington Post

The World Factbook CIA: Cuba    

11580 160813    born c. 1400 BCE    Moses
Moses | Hebrew prophet |

Ten Commandments - Wikipedia
Moses - Wikipedia   c. 1400 BCE - c. 1201 BCE, a prophet in Abrahamic religions. According to the Hebrew Bible, he was a former Egyptian prince who later in life became a religious leader and lawgiver, to whom the authorship of the Torah is traditionally attributed...  he is the most important prophet in Judaism. He is also an important prophet in Christianity, Islam, Bahá'ísm as well as a number of other faiths. ...

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