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 2016-2017 regular season underway

NHL  2016-2017 regular season underway

NBA  2016-2017 regular season begins - The Official Site of Major League Baseball  World Series: Chicago Cubs vs. Cleveland Indians;
Cubs win World Series after 108 years waiting | - Official Site of the WNBA  Finals: Los Angeles Sparks beat Minnesota Lynx for WNBA title: Sparks win series  3-2 

RECAP: Quest for seven complete for Johnson  Nov. 20, 2016, Homestead-Miami Speedway, Florida, Jimmie Johnson
NASCAR  |  Standings | NASCAR Sprint Cup Series | 

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How you can help in the migrant crisis -
European Refugee Crisis: Here's How You Can Help - NBC News
Refugee crisis: what can you do to help? | The Guardian
5 practical ways you can help refugees trying to find safety in Europe | The Independent


Global Terror 2016  | War on Terror  |  ISIS - The Official Site of Major League Baseball  World Series: Chicago Cubs vs. Cleveland Indians;
Cubs win World Series after 108 years waiting |

Presidential Election 2016
Presidents:     #45    Donald Trump elected 45th president of the United States. Nov. 9, 2016

Deer hunting | Minnesota DNR
photos: Deer Hunting  
 Wisconsin | Minnesota Firearms Deer Hunting Season Opener

photos:  First Snow  | 

December 18, 2016    4th Sunday of Advent  

December 21, 2016    
Winter Solstice

December 25    Christmas
Best Christmas Songs of All Time ~ 2016 Playlist - YouTube
Top 30 Songs Of Christmas 2016 || Best Songs Of Merry Christmas - YouTube

December 31    New Year's Eve

January 1    New Year's Day 2017


12059 161220-161221 
Berlin attack: What response to Christmas market rampage? (part 1) - YouTube  part 1 > part 2
Berlin Christmas market attack: what we know – video report | The Guardian
Germany Releases Berlin Attack Suspect as ISIS Claims Involvement - The New York Times
Eyewitnesses at Berlin Christmas market  Deutsche Welle, 12/19/2016
Berlin in mourning Reaction to attack on Christmas market  Deutsche Welle, 12/21/2016
Germany on edge after truck plows into Berlin Christmas market, killing 12  Deutsche Welle, 12/20/2016
List of terrorist incidents, 2016 - Wikipedia
Global Terror 2016

12058 161220  These American workers are least likely to take their paid vacation - MarketWatch

12057 161220    born December 16, 1775     Jane Austen
Jane Austen Biography
Jane Austen - Wikipedia 
December 16, 1775 – July 18, 1817
, an English novelist whose works of romantic fiction, set among the landed gentry, ...
Jane Austen - Biography, Life Timeline, Books, Movies, Quotes and Fashion
Jane Austen - IMDb

12056 161220    December 18, 1778    Joseph Grimaldi
Joseph Grimaldi - Comedian -

Those Fabulous Clowns - YouTube
Joseph Grimaldi - Wikipedia  18 December 1778 – 31 May 1837, an English actor, comedian and dancer, who became the most popular English entertainer of the Regency era. In the early 1800s, he expanded the role of Clown in the harlequinade that formed part of British pantomimes, notably at the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane and the Sadler's Wells and Covent Garden theatres. He became so dominant on the London comic stage that the harlequinade role of Clown became known as "Joey", and both the nickname and Grimaldi's whiteface make-up design were, and still are, used by other types of clowns. Grimaldi originated catchphrases such as "Here we are again!", which continue to feature in modern pantomimes. ...
The famous Joseph Grimaldi: a short story of the british famous clown - YouTube

The History of (Creepy) Clowns | 3 Minute Innovative History - YouTube
Evolution of Clowns - YouTube

12055 161220  Donald Trump Christmas Cold Open - SNL - YouTube
The Lead with Jake Tapper Cold Open - SNL - YouTube
Donald Trump Prepares Cold Open - SNL - YouTube

12054 161220  La La Land Reminds Us of Hollywood's Long Legacy of Song and Dance  Parade
Stars From Jennifer Hudson to Allison Janney on Their Favorite Musicals
Top 10 Must-See Movie Musicals


12053 161219  Russia bath lotion kills 41 drinkers in Irkutsk - BBC News  - " ... The hawthorn-scented liquid was consumed as if it were alcohol, ... ",  12/19/2016

12052 161219  2016 Christmas Light Show - Lights on Pascolo - YouTube
December 25    Christmas

12051 161219  12 Life Secrets From People Who Have Lived the Longest | LIVESTRONG.COM

12050 161219  Merriam-Webster's word of the year perfectly describes 2016 - AOL News|

12049 161219     born December 19, 1915    Édith Piaf   
Edith Piaf  biography
Édith Piaf - Wikipedia  19 December 1915 – 10 October 1963; born Édith Giovanna Gassion, a French cabaret singer, songwriter and actress who became widely regarded as France's national chanteuse, as well as being one of France's greatest international stars.
  Her music was often autobiographical with her singing reflecting her life, and her specialty being
chanson and torch ballads, particularly of love, loss and sorrow. Among her well known songs are "La Vie en rose" (1946), "Non, je ne regrette rien" (1960), "Hymne à l'amour" (1949), "Milord" (1959), "La Foule" (1957), "L'Accordéoniste (fr)" (1955), and "Padam ... Padam ..." (1951). ...
Edith Piaf - La vie en rose (Officiel) [Live Version] - YouTube
La Vie en Rose – Edith Piaf - French Lyrics and English Translation French2Music - French Music with English Translations

12048 161219     born December 18, 1879    Paul Klee  Paul Klee  
Paul Klee - YouTube
Paul Klee. Brief biography and artwork. Great for kids and esl. - YouTube
Paul Klee - Wikipedia 
18 December 1879 – 29 June 1940, a Swiss-German artist. His highly individual style was influenced by movements in art that included Expressionism, Cubism, and Surrealism. Klee was a natural draftsman who experimented with and eventually deeply explored color theory, 18 December 1879 – 29 June 1940) was a Swiss-German artist. His highly individual style was influenced by movements in art that included Expressionism, Cubism, and Surrealism. Klee was a natural draftsman who experimented with and eventually deeply explored color theory, ...
Bauhaus Movement, Artists and Major Works | The Art Story

12047 161218  BEST CHRISTMAS LIGHT DISPLAYS 2016 with traditional Christmas carols bells music - YouTube
December 25    Christmas

12046 161218  Weekend Box Office Results for December 16-18, 2016 - Box Office Mojo
Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Trailer (Official) - YouTube
Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (2016) - IMDb

12045 161218    born December 18, 1878    Joseph Stalin  with videos, Joseph Stalin
Joseph Stalin - Wikipedia 
birth surname: Jughashvili, 18 December 1878 – 5 March 1953, the leader of the Soviet Union from the mid-1920s until his death in 1953. ...  

12044 161218     c. December 18, 1620    Mayflower
Mayflower docks at Plymouth Harbor -
The Mayflower - Facts & Summary -
Mayflower Story Pt 1of 3 - YouTube  1/3 > 3/3
5 Things You May Not Know About the Pilgrims - History in the Headlines
William Bradford - Facts & Summary -
Mayflower - Wikipedia
Mayflower Compact - Wikipedia
William Bradford (Plymouth Colony governor) - Wikipedia
Massachusetts  |  Thanksgiving Day

12043 161217  last-minute Christmas gifts  Google Search
December 25    Christmas

12042 161217     R.I.P.    Dr. Henry Heimlich    December 17, 2016
Henry Heimlich, life-saving maneuver creator, dies at 96 | Fox News
How to Perform the Heimlich Maneuver (Abdominal Thrusts) - YouTube
Henry Heimlich - Wikipedia 
February 3, 1920 – December 17, 2016, an American thoracic surgeon widely credited as the inventor of the Heimlich maneuver, a technique of abdominal thrusts for stopping choking, described in Emergency Medicine in 1974. ...

12041 161217  Chopsticks! - YouTube

12040 161217    born December 17, 1874    W.L. Mackenzie King   
W.L. Mackenzie King | prime minister of Canada |

William Lyon Mackenzie King - Wikipedia OM CMG PC; December 17, 1874 – July 22, 1950, the dominant Canadian political leader from the 1920s through the 1940s. He served as the tenth Prime Minister of Canada from 1921 to 1926, 1926 to 1930, and 1935 to 1948. He is best known for his leadership of Canada throughout the Second World War (1939–1945) when he mobilized Canadian money, supplies and volunteers to support Britain while boosting the economy and maintaining home front morale. ...
Canada's Involvement In WW2 - YouTube

Canada and WW2 - YouTube
CBC - Canada Declares War on Germany - YouTube


12039 161217    born 17 December 1936    Pope Francis
Francis  Vatican
Pope Francis - Pope -  videos
Every Pope ever the full list News   

12038 161217  15 Teeny Tiny Changes To Lose Weight Faster  Prevention

12037 161216  12 Foods That Help You Fall (and Stay) Asleep! | LIVESTRONG.COM
10 Proven Tips for a Good Night's Sleep | LIVESTRONG.COM

12036 161216  Dickens Holiday Show  Arboretum, MN, Dec. 15, 16, & 17, 2016
" A Christmas Carol" by Gerald Charles Dickens, the great-great grandson of author Charles Dickens
Today, Dec. 16, 2016, one of our staff members attended the show and is saying "The show was awesome! After the performance, I was very fortunate to have a chance to talk to Gerald. He was very nice and really friendly."
Gerald Dickens Home
Gerald Charles Dickens (actor) - Wikipedia
A Charles Dickens Classic Stays in the Family - YouTube
A Christmas Carol | Guthrie Theater  Minneapolis, MN
Christmas  |  Arboretum

12035 161216     born c. December 16, 1770     Ludwig van Beethoven
Ludwig van Beethoven Biography  c. December 16, 1770
When Beethoven met Mozart for the first time! - YouTube

Immortal Beloved ~ Ode To Joy Scene - YouTube
Happy Birthday, by Beethoven? Bach? Mozart? - Nicole Pesce on piano - YouTube
6 Hour of The Best Beethoven - Classical Music Piano Studying Concentration Playlist Mix by JaBig - YouTube
Ludwig van Beethoven - Wikipedia  a German composer and pianist,
baptized December 17, 1770 – March 26, 1827
The Best of Beethoven - YouTube

Ludwig van Beethoven - IMDb

12034 161215  Seahorses are some of the strangest fish in the sea. Can their genome tell us why? - LA Times

12033 161215  France, Paris, Exposition Universelle de Paris 1889 - YouTube  Eiffel Tower
Exposition Universelle (1889) - Wikipedia
  The Exposition Universelle of 1889, a world's fair held in Paris, France, from 6 May to 31 October 1889. It was held during the year of the 100th anniversary of the storming of the Bastille, an event considered symbolic of the beginning of the French Revolution. ...
Paris in 1900 - Exposition Universelle [Rare Footage] - YouTube
Exposition Universelle (1900) - Wikipedia
List of world's fairs - Wikipedia

12032 161215    born December 15, 1832    Gustave Eiffel
Gustave Eiffel - Engineer -  video, Eiffel Tower, Statue of Liberty: When Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi died, Eiffel replaced him on the project, the Statue of Liberty.
Gustave Eiffel - Wikipedia 
15 December 1832 – 27 December 1923, a French civil engineer and architect. A graduate of the prestigious École Centrale des Arts et Manufactures of France, he made his name with various bridges for the French railway network, most famously the Garabit viaduct. He is best known for the world-famous Eiffel Tower, built for the 1889 Universal Exposition in Paris, and his contribution to building the Statue of Liberty in New York. After his retirement from engineering, Eiffel focused on research into meteorology and aerodynamics, and making significant contributions in both fields. ...
How was the Eiffel Tower built? I Sci Guide with Jheni Osman I Head Squeeze - YouTube

Eiffel Tower Top - Gustave Eiffel's flat - YouTube
The secrets of the Eiffel Tower, Paris' iron lady - YouTube

France - Eiffel Tower gets glass floor in €30m facelift - France 24  10/06/2014
Eiffel Tower gets facelift for 125th anniversary - YouTube
Daring Tourists 'Step into the Void' at Eiffel Tower - YouTube

Skywalks  (Arizona; Chicago, Illinois; Paris, France; Alps, France)
born August 2, 1834    Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi  Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi
Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi - Wikipedia 
2 August 1834 – 4 October 1904, a French sculptor who is best known for designing the Statue of Liberty. ...
THE STATUE OF LIBERTY Documentary - YouTube  Statue of Liberty & Ellis Island

Statue Of Liberty National Monument (U.S. National Park Service)
EarthCam - Statue of Liberty TorchCam 
New York  | 
Presidents: Grover Cleveland  |  National Parks  |  Art 

12031 161214  The World's Most Powerful People 2016  Forbes

12030 161214  Electoral College must do its job on Trump's Russian connections - Chicago Tribune
DNC official on alleged Russian hack of U.S. presidential election “This is unprecedented - CBS News
Presidential Election 2016

12029 161214    born December 12, 1863    Edward Munch
  Edward Munch
Edvard Munch: a selection of works - YouTube
Edvard Munch Biography - Goodbye-Art Academy - YouTube
Edvard Munch - Wikipedia  12 December 1863 – 23 January 1944) was a Norwegian painter and printmaker whose intensely evocative treatment of psychological themes built upon some of the main tenets of late 19th-century Symbolism and greatly influenced German Expressionism in the early 20th century. One of his most well-known works is The Scream of 1893. ...
Edvard Munch - The Scream (1893) - YouTube
Munchmuseet Oslo, Norway


12028 161214     born December 13, 1818    Mary Todd Lincoln   
Mary Todd Lincoln - U.S. First Lady -  w/videos
Mary Todd Lincoln - Wikipedia
  Mary Ann Todd Lincoln, December 13, 1818 – July 16, 1882, the wife of the 16th President of the United States, Abraham Lincoln, and was First Lady of the United States from 1861 to  1865. She dropped the name Ann after her younger sister, Ann Todd [Clark], was born, and did not use the name Todd after marrying. ... A member of a large, wealthy Kentucky family, Mary was well educated. After living in the Todd House and finishing school during her teens, she moved to Springfield, Illinois, where she lived with her married sister Elizabeth Edwards. ...
Top 10 Influential First Ladies of the United States - YouTube
All the Presidents 27 Wives - YouTube
Presidents:    Abraham Lincoln    #16

12027 161213  Best Christmas Songs of All Time ~ 2016 Playlist - YouTube
Top 30 Songs Of Christmas 2016 || Best Songs Of Merry Christmas - YouTube
December 25    Christmas

12026 161213  Opinion: Putin’s road to the White House  Deutsche Welle, 12/12/2016
How Vladimir Putin Won the U.S. Election | US News
Presidential Election 2016

12025 161213  Cancer Symptoms: Know the Signs  WebMD

12024 161213  One in 6 Americans Take Antidepressants, Other Psychiatric Drugs: Study - NBC News

12023 161213  Tasman discovers New Zealand - Dec 13, 1642 -
Abel Tasman | Dutch explorer and navigator |
Map of New Zealand - New Zealand Map, Geography of New Zealand Map Information - World Atlas

The World Factbook — Central Intelligence Agency  New Zealand
Welcome to | NZ Government
born 1603    Abel Tasman
Abel Tasman - Wikipedia 
Abel Janszoon Tasman, 1603 – 10 October 1659, a Dutch seafarer, explorer, and merchant, best known for his voyages of 1642 and 1644 in the service of the Dutch East India Company (VOC). He was the first known European explorer to reach the islands of Van Diemen's Land (now Tasmania) and New Zealand, and to sight the Fiji islands. ...
Who Are The Maori People Of New Zealand? - YouTube

12022 161213  57 Ways To Sign Off On An Email  Forbes, 2013

12021 161212    born December 12, 1915    Frank Sinatra  Frank Sinatra
Frank Sinatra - Topic - YouTube
Frank Sinatra - Wikipedia 
December 12, 1915 – May 14, 1998, an American jazz and traditional pop singer, actor, and producer, who was one of the most popular and influential musical artists of the 20th century.

12020 161212    born December 10, 1830    Emily Dickinson  Emily Dickinson
I'm Nobody! Who Are You? By Emily Dickinson - Poetry Reading - YouTube
Hope by Emily Dickinson - Poetry Reading - YouTube
Success by Emily Dickinson - Poetry Reading - YouTube
Emily Dickinson - Wikipedia 
December 10, 1830 – May 15, 1886, an American poet. ...
Top 10 Best Poets of All Time - YouTube
Emily Dickinson - Poet | Academy of American Poets

Emily Dickinson | Poetry Foundation


12019 161212    born December 12, 1745    John Jay 
John Jay
John Jay: The Reluctant Revolutionary - YouTube
John Jay - Wikipedia 
December 12, 1745 – May 17, 1829, an American statesman, Patriot, diplomat, one of the Founding Fathers of the United States, signatory of the Treaty of Paris, and first Chief Justice of the United States (1789–95). ...
Presidents:  Founding Fathers

12018 161212  Swimming with Aliens of the Deep |

12017 161212  All Ears: A Musical Homecoming  The Atlantic

12016 161212  Inside Jobs - The Atlantic  -  Hear what American workers have to say about their jobs  - 

12015 161212  Winners of the 2016 National Geographic Nature Photographer of the Year Contest - The Atlantic  Note: Use Google Chrome if you aren't able to see the pix using Google.     

12014 161211  Weekend Box Office Results for December 9-11, 2016 - Box Office Mojo
1  Moana  2  Office Christmas Party  3  Fantastic Beats and Where To Find Them
Office Christmas Party (2016) - IMDb

12013 161211  Graphene-Spiked Silly Putty Picks up Human Pulse - Scientific American  - "G-putty" is so sensitive that it can track even the steps of a small spider -

12012 161211  Jaw on the Floor: Entire Chunk of Feathered Dinosaur Discovered in Amber - Scientific American Blog Network

12011 161211     born December 11, 1843    Robert Koch
Robert Koch - Biographical
Robert Koch - History Learning Site
Robert Koch - Wikipedia 
11 December 1843 – 27 May 1910, a celebrated German physician and pioneering microbiologist. As the founder of modern bacteriology, he is known for his role in identifying the specific causative agents of tuberculosis, cholera, and anthrax and for giving experimental support for the concept of infectious disease...
Bacteriology ~ Louis Pasteur & Robert Koch - YouTube

12010 161211     born December 11, 1725    George Mason
George Mason - -

George Mason: Forgotten Founder, He Conceived the Bill of Rights | Smithsonian
George Mason - Wikipedia  December 11, 1725 – October 7, 1792, a Virginia planter and politician, and a delegate to the U.S. Constitutional Convention of 1787, one of three men who refused to sign. His writings have been a significant influence on political thought and events, including substantial portions of the Fairfax Resolves of 1774, the Virginia Declaration of Rights of 1776, and his Objections to this Constitution of Government (1787) in opposition to ratification of the constitution. The Virginia Declaration of Rights, which Mason principally authored, served as a basis for the United States Bill of Rights, of which he has been deemed the father. ...
The Constitution A Dialogue with James Madison & George Mason - YouTube
"George Mason: Patriot of Liberty" A Documentary on George Mason's Life and Legacy - YouTube

Presidents:  Founding Fathers

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