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Nature Notes:   2017  
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Global Terror  2016-2017  | War on Terror  |  ISIS  

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2017 NBA Playoffs | Series Schedules, Scores, Playoff Bracket and Video Recaps

Sun. May 28, 2017    Indianapolis 500, Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
The Sun. before Memorial Day  
Takuma Sato Wins 101st Running of the Indianapolis 500 (Indy 500) [2017] - YouTube

Mon. May 29, 2017    Memorial Day
Last Mon. in May  Memorial Day (Photos)   Letter  1  |  62 レター   1  |  62  

12810 170531  Deep sea faceless fish discovered in the abyss - YouTube
"Faceless fish" discovered during deep sea expedition off Australian coast - CBS News

12809 170531  The Johnstown Flood - May 31, 1889 -
Watch Johnstown Dam Tragedy Clip - The Men Who Built America HISTORY  the largest manmade disaster in the United States before the September 11th attacks.

Johnstown, Pennsylvania

12808 170531    born May 31, 1819     Walt Whitman 
Mini BIO - Walt Whitman - YouTube
O Captain! My Captain! by Walt Whitman (read by Tom O'Bedlam) - YouTube
Dead Poets Society - Mr. Keating's Walt Whitman Speech - YouTube
O'Captain my Captain - YouTube
born in
Long Island, and raised in Brooklyn, New York
12807 170531  Three U.S. presidents close chapters on the Cold War - May 31, 1988 -
Ronald Reagan     # 40 (1981-1988)    |    George H. W. Bush    # 41 (1989-1991)    |    Bill Clinton    # 42 (1994) 

12806 170531     born May 31, 1930    Clint Eastwood
Clint Eastwood born - May 31, 1930 -
Top 10 Clint Eastwood Movies - YouTube
San Francisco, California

12805 170530-0531  Nature Notes on Kris' Walk: May 30, 2017:  Cloudy    Again, one of our staff members took a day off to join Kris for her bird walk on May 30, 2017. 

Morning Walk:  Robin incubates on the nest, a Mourning Dove, Grackles, Crows, a Wood Duck family, Great-crested Flycatchers (calls), Red-winged Blackbirds, Gnatcatchers, Hummingbirds, a Blue Jay, a Canada Goose family; goslings are becoming big, a Mallard duck family, a young Krider’s Red-tailed Hawk, which was not afraid of us, an Oriole nest, Red-eyed vireo (calls), a Warbling vireo, a Swainson’s Thrush, Cowbirds,
Gray Squirrels
In Bloom:  Wild Geranium, Shooting Star, Highbush Cranberry, Wild Onion, Virginia Waterleaf, False Indigo, Spiderwort,
Fruits/Seeds:  Juneberry, Cottonwood, Dandelion Seedheads,

Afternoon Walk:  Tree Swallows, a Barn Swallow, Yellow Warblers, Song Sparrows, Robins, Cedar Waxwings, Goldfinches, Pileated Woodpecker calls, Barred Owl calls*, Robins, a Mallard duck family, a Hooded Merganser family, a Canada Goose family, Broad-winged Hawks, a Turkey Vulture, Ospreys in flight; an Osprey platform, Yellowthroat calls, Crows, Downy Woodpeckers, a Sedge Wren (calls), a Field Sparrow (calls), Gulls, Indigo Buntings (calls), an Eastern Bluebird, a Catbird,
a Deer with summer coat, Gopher’s Mounds
In Bloom:  Spurge, Dame’s Rocket, American Yellow Rocket, White Campion,
Fruits:  Wild Red Raspberry
Fungi, Duckweed,
Listen to owl calls - five owl species:  Barred Owl "Who cooks for you? Who cooks for you?"
Nature Notes  2017 

12804 170530  First Indianapolis 500 held - May 30, 1911 -
Indianapolis 500, Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)

12803 170530  Andrew Jackson wins duel - May 30, 1806 -
Presidents:    Andrew Jackson    #7

12802 170529  Danica Patrick becomes first woman to lead Indy 500 - May 29, 2005 -
Indianapolis 500, Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
The Sun. before Memorial Day  

12801 170529  Bonus Marchers arrive in Washington - May 29, 1932 -
Presidents:    Herbert Hoover    #31 

12800 170529  President Trump gives Memorial Day Address at Arlington National Cemetery - Fox News
Mon. May 29, 2017    Memorial Day
Last Mon. in May  Memorial Day (Photos)   Letter  1  |  62 レター   1  |  62  

12799 170529    
born May 29, 1917    John F. Kennedy
John F. Kennedy |
John F. Kennedy - Wikipedia  John Fitzgerald "Jack" Kennedy, commonly known by his initials JFK, May 29, 1917 - November 22, 1963
Profile in Courage Award: Former President John F. Kennedy's May 29 birthday
Presidents:    John F. Kennedy     #35

12798 170528     born May 27, 1794    Cornelius Vanderbilt
Cornelius Vanderbilt - Business Leader, Philanthropist -
The Men Who Built America: The Rise of Cornelius Vanderbilt? | History - YouTube
Cornelius Vanderbilt - Wikipedia  May 27, 1794 – January 4, 1877, also known informally as "Commodore Vanderbilt", an American business magnate and philanthropist who built his wealth in railroads and shipping. Born poor and having but a mediocre education, he used perseverance, intelligence and luck to work into leadership positions in the inland water trade, and invest in the rapidly growing railroad industry. He is best known for building the New York Central Railroad. ...
New York

12797 170528  Following Trump’s trip, Merkel says Europe can’t rely on ‘others.’ She means the U.S. - The Washington Post 5/28/2017

Merkel on Trump The EU can take care of itself  Deutsche Welle, 1/16/2017

12796 170528  Baseball owners allow Dodgers and Giants to move - May 28, 1957 - 

12795 170528  Takuma Sato Wins 101st Running of the Indianapolis 500 (Indy 500) [2017] - YouTube
Indianapolis Motor Speedway Indianapolis 500 2017 race results
Sun. May 28, 2017    Indianapolis 500, Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)
The Sun. before Memorial Day  

12794 170527  10 things that will soon disappear forever  MSN

12793 170527   born May 27, 1837    Wild Bill Hickok
Wild Bill Hickok - Law Enforcement, Folk Hero -
Deadwood (TV Series 2004–2006) - IMDb
Wild Bill Hickok - Wikipedia  May 27, 1837 - August 2, 1876 - known as "Wild Bill" Hickok—was a folk character of the American Old West.

Photos:  Wild West Frontier Fest  |  Defeat of Jesse James Days Celebration
Illinois  |  South Dakota

12792 170527  FDR proclaims an unlimited national emergency - May 27, 1941 -
Presidents:    Franklin D. Roosevelt (FDR)    #32 

12791 170526  "It's graduation time!"
Mark Zuckerberg Harvard Commencement Speech 2017 FACEBOOK CEO'S FULL SPEECH - YouTube
WATCH: Hillary Clinton Delivers Commencement Speech at Wellesley College, Her Alma Mater - YouTube
Graduation, Commencement:  1  |  2 

12790 170526     born May 26, 1907    John Wayne  John Wayne
John Wayne - IMDb
John Wayne - Wikipedia|  Marion Mitchell Morrison (born Marion Robert Morrison; May 26, 1907 – June 11, 1979, better known by his stage name John Wayne and by his nickname "Duke", was an American film actor, director, and producer...
Iowa  |  California

12789 170526  President Johnson acquitted - May 26, 1868 -
Presidents:    Andrew Johnson     #17

12788 170526  Coolidge signs Immigration Act of 1924 - May 26, 1924 -
Presidents:    Calvin Coolidge    #30 
12787 170525  The ups and downs of working from home  Deutsche Welle, 05/15/2017

12786 170525  Star Wars released - May 25, 1977 -
George Lucas - Wikipedia  born May 14, 1944, an American filmmaker and entrepreneur. He is best known as the creator of the Star Wars and Indiana Jones franchises, ...

12785 170525  JFK asks Congress to support the space program - May 25, 1961 -
Presidents:    John F. Kennedy     #35    |    Richard Nixon    #36

12784 170525  President Lincoln suspends the writ of habeas corpus during the Civil War - May 25, 1861 -  Crime
Presidents:    Abraham Lincoln     #16

12783 170525     born May 25, 1803     Ralph Waldo Emerson
Ralph Waldo Emerson | Biography  Philosopher, Poet, Journalist  (May 25, 1803 - April 27, 1882)
Ralph Waldo Emerson - Wikipedia 
an American essayist, lecturer, and poet;
led the Transcendentalist movement
Ralph Waldo Emerson & Henry David Thoreau photo 1    Here is a pic of two greatest American philosophers, Ralph Waldo Emerson
(Tyson Forbes, great-great-great grandson of Emerson), left, and Henry David Thoreau (John Catron).
This pic was shot  after their awesome performance at the Arboretum on October 11, 2014.
Ralph Waldo Emerson & Henry David Thoreau photos:    1  |  2  (Up-Close)  
Henry David Thoreau | Biography  Philosopher, Poet, Journalist  (1817-1862)

12782 170525   Mesmerizing maps show where most educated Americans live  Business Insider  
Animated map shows most and least educated US states  Business Insider

12781 170525  Startling maps show every terrorist attack worldwide for the last 20 years  Business Insider
Global Terror 2016-2017

12775 170523-0525  May 22, 2017  Soldiers on British streets as threat level raised to critical – as it happened | The Guardian
At least 22 killed, 59 injured in suicide attack at Manchester Arena | The Guardian
2017 Manchester Arena bombing - Wikipedia

Global Terror 2016-2017

12780 170524  Trump invited the CEO comparisons, and now he’s being held to them - The Washington Post

12779 170524  How The Biggest Animal On Earth Got So Big | NPR

12778 170524     Brooklyn Bridge opens, May 23, 1883
Deconstructing History: Brooklyn Bridge History - YouTube

Brooklyn Bridge - Wikipedia
John A. Roebling - Wikipedia
Washington Roebling - Wikipedia

Godzilla (1998) - We're in His Mouth! Scene (9-10) Movieclips - YouTube
Godzilla (1998) - Godzilla Goes Down Scene (10-10) Movieclips - YouTube
Presidents:    Chester A. Arthur    #21
New York 

12777 170524     born May 24, 1941    Bob Dylan
Bob Dylan Biography  Singer, Songwriter
Bob Dylan - Wikipedia 
born Robert Allen Zimmerman, May 24, 1941, an American singer-songwriter, artist and writer. He has been influential in popular music and culture for more than five decades. Much of his most celebrated work dates from the 1960s when his songs chronicled social unrest, although Dylan repudiated suggestions from journalists that he was a spokesman for his generation. Nevertheless, early songs such as "Blowin' in the Wind" and "The Times They Are a-Changin'" became anthems for the American civil rights and anti-war movements...
Minnesota's Famous Celebrities

12776 170524     R.I.P.    Roger Moore    May 24, 2017
Roger Moore, Actor Of James Bond Fame, Dies At 89 | NPR

James Bond actor Roger Moore dies - YouTube
40 great james bond quotes (roger moore) - YouTube

Roger Moore - Film Actor, Actor, Television Actor, Producer, Philanthropist -  October 14, 1927 - May 24, 2017
Roger Moore - IMDb 

12775 170523-0525  May 22, 2017  Soldiers on British streets as threat level raised to critical – as it happened | The Guardian
At least 22 killed, 59 injured in suicide attack at Manchester Arena | The Guardian
2017 Manchester Arena bombing - Wikipedia

Global Terror 2016-2017

12774 170523-0524  Nature Notes on Kris' Walk: May 23, 2017:  Cloudy    One of our staff members took a day off to join Kris for her bird walk on May 23, 2017. "Kris, The walk was amazing! Thank you so much."

Morning:  Hummingbirds, Chimney Swifts, woodpecker drumming, Connecticut Warblers* (calls), Chestnut-sided Warblers (calls), Common Yellowthroats (calls), Magnolia Warblers, Yellow Warblers, a Canada Warbler, Redstarts, a Bay-breasted Warbler, a Blackburnian Warbler, a Veery, Cardinals, Red-eyed Vireos (calls), Orioles (calls), Robins (calls), Crows, Gnatcatchers, Mallards, a Caspian Tern flying over the lake, a pair of Loons, a Cormorant flying overhead, Red-winged Blackbirds, a Pied-billed Grebe
*  Listen to calls 
Connecticut_Warbler, Identification, All About Birds

a Turkey, Red-tailed Hawk (Krider’s Red-tailed**), a Sharp-shinned Hawk, a Broad-winged Hawk: “It all happened in the blink of an eye.” A Krider’s Red-tailed Hawk flew down from its perch to try to get a Turkey on the trail, and then a Sharp-shinned Hawk appeared out of no where to go after the Krider’s Red-tailed Hawk. So the Krider’s Red-tailed Hawk flew away to perch on a branch in a tree, which is about 50 yards away from the trail. We didn't know where the Turkey and the Sharp-shinned Hawk went. Anyways, the good news is that nobody got hurt.
Three Hawks (most likely Red-tailed) flying in circles,
Red Tailed Hawk Krider’s – Wildlife Science Center
Krider’s Red-tailed Hawk - Google Search  photos

Gray Squirrels, a Gray Squirrel nest, a Deer,
an American Toad
In Bloom: Canada Violet, Violet, Wild Geranium, Spiderwort, False Indigo, and more

Afternoon:  a Goldfinch, a Starling, Canada Geese, Mallards, Wood Ducks & ducklings, an Egret, Soras, Cardinals, a Mourning Dove, a Barn Swallow incubating on the nest, Green Herons, Blue Herons, a Black-crowned Night Heron, a House Sparrow, a Swamp Sparrow?, a Black-and-White Warbler, a Magnolia Warbler, Indigo Buntings (calls), Common Yellowthroats (calls), a Red-tailed Hawk chased by a small bird, a Kingbird, Red-winged Blackbirds, Warbling Vireo calls, Oriole calls,
a Muskrat, Gray Squirrels
many Painted Turtles sunning on the logs
a Bumblebee, a Paper Wasp nest (last year’s?)
In Bloom: Garlic Mustard, Dandelion, Creeping Charlie, Bleeding Heart,
Seeds: Dandelion seedheads, lots of fallen brown samaras on the trail, Cottonwood tree seeds are falling; ponds and trails are covered with white stuff***
***  Cottonwood: Minnesota DNR
What's that white stuff? Cottonwood season's here - Chronicle-Telegram
cottonwood tree white fluff - Google Search  photos

Two Red-tailed Hawks along the Hwy

Nature Notes  2017

12773 170522  Weekend Box Office Results for May 19-21, 2017 - Box Office Mojo
Alien: Covenant (2017) - IMDb  2  Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 (2017)  3  Everything, Everything (2017) - IMDb

12772 170522   A thousand pioneers head West on the Oregon Trail - May 22, 1843 -
American frontier - Wikipedia  Old West or Wild West
photos:  Wild West  |  Wagon Train

12771 170522   Martha Washington dies - May 22, 1802 -
Presidents:    George Washington     #1

12770 170522  Jimmy Carter reaffirms his commitment to human rights - May 22, 1977 -
Presidents:    Jimmy Carter     #39    |    Ronald Reagan    #40

12769 170521-0522  Billboard Music Awards Billboard  Sun., May 21, 2017
Billboard Music Award - Wikipedia
Entertainment Calendar

12767 170521-0522      born May 21, 1527    Philip II
Philip II - Duke, Military Leader, King -
Philip II of Spain - Elizabeth The Golden Age - YouTube
List of Spanish monarchs - Wikipedia  
Philippines - Wikipedia 
The Philippines was named in honor of King Philip II of Spain.

12769 170521  Billboard Music Awards Billboard  Sun., May 21, 2017
Billboard Music Award - Wikipedia

12768 170521     born May 21, 1878    Glenn Curtiss   
Glenn Hammond Curtiss American engineer
Glenn Curtiss - Wikipedia
  May 21, 1878 – July 23, 1930, an American aviation pioneer and a founder of the U.S. aircraft industry. He began his career as a bicycle racer and builder before moving on to motorcycles. As early as 1904, he began to manufacture engines for airships. In 1908 Curtiss joined the Aerial Experiment Association (AEA), a pioneering research group, founded by Alexander Graham Bell at Beinn Bhreagh, Nova Scotia to build flying machines.
Curtiss-Wright - Wikipedia

New York  |  Wright Flyer

12767 170521      born May 21, 1527    Philip II
Philip II - Duke, Military Leader, King -
Philip II of Spain - Elizabeth The Golden Age - YouTube
List of Spanish monarchs - Wikipedia  

12766 170521  Nature Notes on part of Steve's walk with Jason @ Roberts, May 20, 2017, Rain      Warblers: Tennessee (calls*), Magnolia, Chestnut-sided, Redstart, and Canada; Flycatchers such as Great Crested Flycatchers and a Least Flycatcher, Baltimore Orioles, Wood Ducks, Robins, Crows, Grackles, an Owl? in flight, Baltimore Oriole's nests (last year's and this year's?)
Gray Squirrels, a Chipmunk
*  Listen to calls Tennessee Warbler, Identification, All About Birds - Cornell Lab of Ornithology 
Red-tailed Hawks,
May 19, 2017    a Gnatcatcher, Mourning Doves, Robins, Grackles,
an Egret, Blue Herons in flight, Mallards,
a Canada Goose roadkill
In Bloom: Spiderwort, Virginia Waterleaf, Crabapple (red and white; almost done), Dandelion, Honeysuckle (pink, red, and white), Spurge, Lilac, Canada Violet (stalked), Creeping Charlie**,
Fruits (Seeds):  Silver Maple samaras; brown samaras begin to fall, Juneberry (small green fruits emerging), Mountain Ash
(green fruits), Dandelion seedheads, Willow (black?) seeds or catkins, Boxelder samaras, Cottonwood fruits (green)
Trees: Norway Spruce;
forming new light green needles each spring
Picea abies - Wikipedia  Norway Spruce
Mushroom, Moss, Liken, Grass,
**  Glechoma hederacea - Wikipedia  creeping charlie
Nature Notes  2017

12762 170520-0521  United States drops hydrogen bomb over Bikini Atoll - May 20, 1956 -
Boeing B-52 Stratofortress - Wikipedia
Combat Comparison Boeing B-52 Stratofortress Vs B-29 Superfortress. #B52… misc Pinterest

Nuclear testing at Bikini Atoll - Wikipedia

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