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(New Year’s Party, New Year’s Resolutions, College Bowl Games, Parades, Epiphany, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, NFL playoffs, Australian Open, St. Paul Winter Carnival, etc.)

On New Year’s Day,
people tend to sleep in after the late parties (New Year’s Party). They often watch college bowl games and parades related to the bowl games.  People are getting ready to get back to work tomorrow because the holiday season is over on New Year’s Day.

NCAA College Football Bowl games such as Fiesta, Orange, Sugar, and Rose Bowls, and the BCS Championship Game are underway from mid-December through early January. Letter  14, 18

It’s New Year’s Resolution time again!

Mid-January, we observe Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. check January Details for more info
“It’s also College Application Time” For more info, for example, click College Application Time Table ( or St. Henry Deistrict High School > Guidance > College Information)   | Letter  6, 8, 135

After the college bowls are over in early January, the NFL playoffs begin. The NFL season culminates with the Super Bowl, which is usually scheduled on the first Sun. of February or the last Sun. of January.  Letter  19, 22, 109, 151, 181 
NBA & NHL (2012-2013 Lockout?) regular season and NCAA College Basketball & Hockey regular season are underway. 
 Australian Open (Tennis)
It’s time to get outside and go "Ice Fishing" as soon as the lakes freeze over.  Letter  184
Late January,
 the annual Cool St. Paul Winter Carnival begins  check January Details for more info

The State of Union Address, an annual speech on the status of the country is given by the President of the United States late January. Also, The State of State Address, an annual speech is given by the governors of most of states of the United Sates from January through February.

Awards Season: Many Awards are given to “Entertainers of the Year” from January through March, such as Grammy Awards and Academy Awards. check Entertainment Calendar

Popular stuff for January

Americans’ Views:
 What does the Average Joe think of when “January” is mentioned?

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