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After Julius Caesar’s grandnephew Augustus Caesar (
September 23, 63 BC - August 19, 14 AD) defeated Marc Antony and Cleopatra, and became the first emperor of Rome, the senate decided to Name the month of August after him. Originally August had 30 days. To keep Augustus from getting a shorter month than Julius, they added a 31st day and took off a day from February to make 28 days (29 on every 4th year). Julius and Augustus are the only two people to have months named after them that lasted this long. Nero and Claudius both had months named after them that did not last.

From June through Labor Day (First Mon. in September), It's Festival Time!  There are Street Festivals, City Festivals, County Fairs, and the Minnesota State Fair (the Wisconsin Fair < www.wistatefair.com >): See
Grand Old Day, County Fairs: Ramsey County Fair & Washington County Fair, Minnesota State Fair, Renaissance Festival; Newsletter  4, 68, 69

Regarding sports, the NFL training-camp started late July and is under way
until the beginning of August when the preseason starts and lasts until the end of August. The College Football (NCAA) regular season starts late August. The 2nd half of the MLB regular season has been under way after the All-Star game. Early August the PGA Championship, the last Golf Major of the year is held. For Tennis, the last Tennis Grand Slam of the year, the US Open Tennis Championships are held from late August through early September.

Popular stuff for August: August means the end of summer! L, County Fairs, State Fair, and Renaissance Festival
Back to School Stuff (Back to School shopping, Back to School clothes, Back to School sales, Back to School fear, etc.), New School Year, moving (a new school, new friends, new places)

Summer Stuff

Americans' views: "What do Americans think of when 'August' is mentioned"

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