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Jan. 1 
New Year's Day photos     Letter 18 | レター 18 (104, 105, 148)  |  Polar Bear Plunge

National Bird Day
 January 5th  全米バードデー Events

Jan. Epiphany (Three Kings Day) Letter:  149 | 180  | レター: 149 | 180 
Orthodox Christmas Day in the United States 
The Eastern Orthodox Church celebrates Christmas on Jan. 7.  (December 25th in the Julian Calendar) 正教会のクリスマスは、ジュリアス暦の12月25日にあたる1月7日

International CES (Consumer Electronics Show), Las Vegas, Nevada (NV)  early January  Jan. 7-10, 2020 For more info
Consumer Electronics Show - Wikipedia

People's Choice Awards   November (used to be held in Jan.)  E!   (Entertainment: People's Choice Awards)
45th People's Choice Awards - Wikipedia
  Nov. 10, 2019
People's Choice Awards - Wikipedia

No Pants Day (Now No Pants Subway Ride in New York every January)

Group of Seven - Wikipedia
46th G7 summit - Wikipedia  June. 10-12, 2020, USA
G8 - Wikipedia 

G20 - Wikipedia  Nov. 2020, Jun. 2019, Feb. 2018, July 2017, Sept. 2016
List of G20 summits - Wikipedia
2020 G20 Riyadh summit - Wikipedia  Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, Nov. 21-22, 2020
2019 G20 Osaka summit - Wikipedia
  June 28-29, 2019, Osaka, Japan
2018 G20 Buenos Aires summit - Wikipedia   Argentina

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