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It's time for Flu Shot - Seasonal Flu Shot | CDC

Native American Heritage Month - NCAI
National Native American Heritage Month 

Native American Indian Heritage Month - Wikipedia
Native Americans

Nov. 1 All Saints' Day
All Saints' Day - Wikipedia
7599 141101  Saints who were sinners  MSN Entertainment, 10/28/2014

Nov. 2  All Souls' Day / Day of the Dead
Day of the Dead - Wikipedia
Nov. 1st & 2nd   Experience Day of the Dead in Oaxaca Mexico
James Bond inspires Mexico City's Day of the Dead parade - YouTube
Spectre- Opening Tracking Shot in 1080p - YouTube
Spectre Opening Scene - YouTube
007 Spectre Official Trailer #2 (2015) Daniel Craig James Bond Movie HD - YouTube
Spectre (2015) - IMDb
Mexico, Map of Mexico, Landforms of Mexico -
7600 141101 Dia de los Muertos Celebrations From Around the World  -  Dia de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead, combines Catholicism's All Saints and All Souls Days with ancient Aztec rituals. The result is both festive and freaky. -    MSN News, Laura Carroll,
Condé Nast Traveler, 10/28/2014

October or November  Diwali, One of the biggest festivals of Hindus  Oct. 27, 2019
The lights of Diwali  (CNN, Stina Backer and Matthew Ponsford, 11/01/2013)
Diwali - Wikipedia  "festival of lights" 
Dhanteras - Wikipedia - first day of the Diwali festival
Diwali - Bing Images   "festival of lights"   
How Hindu-Americans Are Using Diwali To Teach About The Faith  Huffington Post, Jaweed Kaleem, 10/23/2014
Diwali—Festival of Lights 
National Geographic Kids

Miss World - Wikipedia
Miss World 2017 - Wikipedia  11/18/2017, China
Miss World 2018 - Wikipedia
  12/08/2018, China
Miss World 2019 - Wikipedia  12/14/2019, London, UK

International Events

early November (2nd Sat. in Nov.): Minnesota’s firearms deer season opens (Deer Hunting Photos) デイヤー ハンテイング シーズン スタート:  Hunting Season Lists < Fun info  
野生の鹿 White-tailed Deer (Whitetail Photos): For Minnesota Wildlife Info, check out 
Letter: 95 | 97 | レター 95 | 97

1st Sun. in Nov. Daylight Saving Time Ends (2:00 a.m. EST) Photos | Letter 45 | レター45  "Spring forward, Fall back"

early Nov. (first Sun.)  New York City Marathon
1st Tues. after 1st Mon. in November Election Day 選挙の日 Photos   Letter: 87 | 88 | レター:  87 | 88 | 139 | 142

mid-Nov. Miami Book Fair International, Miami, Florida

Aug., Sept., Oct., or Nov.  Islamic New Year  Aug. 31, 2019; Aug. 20, 2020
Muslim holidays - Wikipedia

St. Martin's Day - Wikipedia  Nov. 11th
2018/2019?, 2017, Nov. 13, 2016; Nov. 5, 2015; Nov. 9, 2014  Nov. 11 is the feast day of St. Martin. St. Martin's Day (Martinstag) Celebration, Landmark Center, St. Paul, MN | About St. Martin's Day

Landmark Center - Saint Paul, Minnesota  > See the Calendar 11      

Nov. 14  World Diabetes Day  Act today, to change tomorrow  International Diabetes Federation 
November is Diabetes Awareness Month
American Diabetes Month American Diabetes Association®
Diabetes mellitus (or Diabetes) - Wikipedia

Annual Chicago International Childrens Film Festival Chicago, Illinois, USA  late October - early November
Chicago, Illinois


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