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The State of Union Address, an annual speech on the status of the country is given by the President of the United States late January. Also, The State of State Address, an annual speech is given by the governors of most of states of the United Sates from January through February.

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State of the Union address - Wikipedia

13897 180130-0131  Jan. 30, 2018 President Trump Delivers the State of the Union Address - YouTube
State of the Union Speech Excerpts  White House
Special Guests for the State of the Union Address

Could Trump be the president who finishes off the State of the Union address? - The Washington Post
Text And Analysis: State Of The Union 2018, Annotated : NPR
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The Guardian view on Trump’s State of the Union: platitudes, few plans and plenty of division | Editorial Opinion | The Guardian
Presidents    Donald Trump    #45

10701 160112-0113  2016 State of the Union |  01/12/2016  9 p.m. ET  Obama's final SOTU
The past, the future, ISIS and Trumpism dominate Obama’s last State of the Union - The Washington Post
Obama’s Last, Hopeful State of the Union - The New Yorker
RNC Statement On President Obama’s Final State of the Union Address | GOP
State of the Union 2016: Obama urges hope - POLITICO  Obama hangs up his magic wand
The World says:
Opinion: Obama′s missed opportunity  Deutsche Welle, 01/13/2016
State of the Union Obama regrets era of 'rancor' and ponders divided America | The Guardian
Criminal justice reform gets little mention in Obama's State of the Union | The Guardian
Obama calls on Americans to embrace change - France 24
SOTU: 10 Obama quotes that will make you chuckle  Russia Today
Obama delivers State of the Union address - NHK WORLD  Japan
Obama slams politics of divisiveness in State of Union address
  Press TV
In final State of the Union speech, Obama warns against election year ‘hot air’ and cynicism | South China Morning Post  AP
State of the Union Address
Barack Obama |  44th President

8329 150123  Fact checking the 2015 State of the Union address - The Washington Post  Glenn Kessler, 01/20/2015
State of the Union 2015 fact check - POLITICO  Darren Samuelsohn, Philip Ewing and David Perera, 01/21/2015
Shields and Brooks on Obama’s 2015 State of the Union - YouTube  PBS
A Debt-Free State of the Union - The Atlantic  Peter Beinart, 01/21/2015
State of the Union: Obama Turns the Page - The New Yorker  Jeff Shesol, 01/21/2015
Obama Occupies Capitol Hill - The New Yorker  John Cassidy, 01/21/2015
State of the Union address | US news | The Guardian
Energy in the 2015 State of the Union | Plugged In, Scientific American Blog Network
  Sheri Kirshenbaum, 01/20/2015
8311 150121  2015 State of the Union |  01/20/2015

4895 140129  Tues., Jan. 28, 2014 9 p.m. ET  State of the Union  White House, D.C.
Decrying Washington Stalemate, Obama Calls For 'Year Of Action'  (NPR, Eyder Peralta, 01/28/2014)
Republicans to Obama: Not so fast  (USA TODAY,
Susan Davis, 01/29/2014)
What the State of the Union Address Means for 2014  (NY Times, 01/28/2014)
Fact check: Obama's State of the Union  (USA TODAY, Brooks Jackson, Lori Robertson, Robert Farley and eugene Kiely -, 01/29/2014)

2014 State of the Union Address - Wikipedia

January 24, 2012  State of the Union address 2012

State of the Union Address 2010 by President Obama
(Full Text) 100127

The State of the Union Address by President George W. Bush, 080128

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