Cranberry Harvest: Harvest usually begins in late September and runs through most of October with the peak time in early to mid-October. For more info visit the site of Wisconsin State Cranberry Growers Association (including Festival info) <  >< >
Wisconsin “America’s Dairyland” is the nation’s leading cranberry producer. For more info click < >
Cranberry grows in bogs. Cranberry sauce
is part of the traditional Thanksgiving menu. Cranberry juice  See Thanksgiving dinner photos
Check cranberry photo examples, Harvest at Crystal Creek Cranberry, Tomah, Wisconsin (WI) < >

クランベリー収穫 9月下旬から10月いっぱい クランベリーは、bog(酸性の沼地)で栽培されます。ウィスコンシン州は全米でクランベリーの生産において一番です。Cranberry sauce (伝統的なThanksgivingデイナーに欠かせないソース), Cranberry juice  See Thanksgiving dinner photos
クランベリー 写真例, Harvest at Crystal Creek Cranberry, Tomah, Wisconsin (WI) < > 

Cranberry Festivals, WI, for example, Warrens Cranberry Festival (World's Largest Cranberry Festival), Warrens, Wisconsin; Stone Lake Cranberry Festival, Stone Lake, Wisconsin --
Bus tours of local cranberry marsh, see the harvest operations, parade, crate derby, etc.

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Videos:  Cranberry Harvest from MA  |  Cranberry Harvest from WI  |  Mystery behind a Cranberry Harvest
Cranberries --- "...
nine out of ten Americans look forward to seeing cranberries on the traditional Thanksgiving table. However, few of us know what they are or where they come from."    
What are the 5 largest cranberry producing states?  1 Wisconsin, 2 Massachusetts, ---

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