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New England*: Maine (ME) |  New Hampshire (NH) |  Vermont (VT) |  Massachusetts (MA) |  Rhode Island (RI) |  Connecticut (CT)

The Mid-Atlantic*: New York (NY) |  New Jersey (NJ) |  Pennsylvania (PA) |  Delaware (DE) |  Maryland (MD) |  Washington D.C. (DC) |

The South*: Virginia (VA) |  West Virginia  (WV) | Kentucky (KY) | Tennessee (TN) |  North Carolina (NC) |  South Carolina (SC) |  Georgia (GA) |  Florida (FL) |  Alabama  (AL)Mississippi (MS)Arkansas (AR) |  Louisiana (LA)

The Midwest*: Ohio (OH) |  Michigan (MI) |  Indiana (IN) |  Illinois (IL) |  Wisconsin (WI) |  Minnesota (MN) |  Iowa (IA) |  Missouri (MO) |  Kansas (KS) |  Nebraska (NE) |  South Dakota (SD) |  North Dakota (ND)

The Southwest*: Texas (TX) |  Oklahoma (OK) |  New Mexico (NM) |  Arizona (AZ) |  Nevada (NV)

The Rockies*: Colorado (CO) |  Wyoming (WY) |  Utah (UT) |  Montana (MT) |  Idaho (ID)

The Pacific*:  California (CA) |  Oregon (OR) |  Washington (WA) |  Alaska (AK) |  Hawaii (HI)  

*     The U.S. can be divided into seven regions, New England, The Mid-Atlantic, The South, The Midwest, The Southwest, The Rockies, and The Pacific. Info Source: Laura Sutherland with Family Travel Forum: “Amazing Places to Take Your Kids” (Illinois, USA: Publications International, Ltd., 2008)

Ben's Guide: Commonwealths & Territories of the U.S.  (Ben's Guide to U.S. Government for Kids)
4203 131201  Puerto Rico, with at least $70 billion in debt, confronts a rising economic misery  (Washington Post, Michael A. Fletcher, 11/30/2013)

Canada | Mexico

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