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Bridgeport  |  New Haven  | 
Hartford (Capital) |  North Stamford  |  Stamford
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12213 170121  The World's First Nuclear Submarine Was Launched 60 Years Ago  Gizmodo, 01/21/2014
USS Nautilus (SSN-571) - Wikipedia   the world's first operational nuclear-powered submarine. The vessel was the first submarine to complete a submerged transit of the North Pole on 3 August 1958.
The First Nuclear Submarine in The World - YouTube
Submarine Force Library & Museum Submarine History, Gifts & Memorabilia

Connecticut  |  Boats
Presidents:     Harry S. Truman    #33    |    Dwight D. Eisenhower    #34 

born October 5, 1703    Jonathan Edwards

Jonathan Edwards
The First Great Awakening - YouTube
America's First Great Awakening - YouTube
America's First Great Awakening - - YouTube
Jonathan Edwards (theologian) - Wikipedia 
October 5, 1703 – March 22, 1758, a revivalist preacher, philosopher, and Congregationalist Protestant theologian. Like most of the Puritans, he held to the Reformed theology. His colonial followers later distinguished themselves from other Congregationalists as "New Lights" (endorsing the Great Awakening), as opposed to "Old Lights" (non-revivalists). Edwards is widely regarded as "one of America's most important and original philosophical theologians". Edwards' theological work is broad in scope, but he was rooted in Reformed theology, the metaphysics of theological determinism, and the Puritan heritage. Recent studies have emphasized how thoroughly Edwards grounded his life's work on conceptions of beauty, harmony, and ethical fittingness, and how central The Enlightenment was to his mindset. Edwards played a critical role in shaping the First Great Awakening, and oversaw some of the first revivals in 1733–35 at his church in Northampton, Massachusetts. ...  He was the grandfather of Aaron Burr, third Vice President of the United States. ...
Theology - Wikipedia
Sinners In The Hands Of An Angry God - YouTube
Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God - Classic Sermon by Jonathan Edwards - YouTube
Christian denomination - Wikipedia
Evangelicalism - Wikipedia
The Seven Years War and the Great Awakening: Crash Course US History #5 - YouTube
George Whitefield - Wikipedia

born January 21, 1738    Ethan Allen  Ethan Allen
Ethan Allen is captured - Sep 25, 1775 -
Connecticut  |  Vermont
Presidents:    Founding Fathers + 

born June 6, 1755    Nathan Hale 
Nathan Hale
Nathan Hale - Wikipedia 
June 6, 1755 – September 22, 1776, an American soldier and spy for the Continental Army during the American Revolutionary War. He volunteered for an intelligence-gathering mission in New York City but was captured by the British and executed. His last words before being hanged were purported to be "I only regret that I have but one life to lose for my country." ...
Liberty's Kids #16 One Life to Lose - YouTube

Nathan Hale, American Spy... What His Sacrifice Means on Our Independence Day - YouTube
Connecticut  |  Presidents

born October 16, 1758    Noah Webster  Noah Webster
Noah Webster - Wikipedia 
October 16, 1758 – May 28, 1843, an American lexicographer, textbook pioneer, English-language spelling reformer, political writer, editor, and prolific author. He has been called the "Father of American Scholarship and Education".
Noah Webster Biosketch - YouTube
Noah Webster House -- Connecticut's Cultural Treasures - YouTube
Who was Noah Webster? - Drive Thru History with Dave Stotts - YouTube
Merriam-Webster - Wikipedia  Samuel Johnson
How the English Language Came About, Different Spellings, Johnson and Webster Dictionaries - YouTube
Connecticut  |  Presidents:  George Washington #1,  Andrew Jackson  #7

born April 26, 1822    Frederick Law Olmsted
Frederick Law Olmsted - Architect, Writer -
Frederick Law Olmsted - Wikipedia 
April 26, 1822 – August 28, 1903, an American landscape architect, journalist, social critic, and public administrator. He is popularly considered to be the father of American landscape architecture. Olmsted was famous for co-designing many well-known urban parks with his senior partner Calvert Vaux, including Central Park in New York City, Golden Gate Park in San Francisco and Elm Park in Worcester, Massachusetts, considered by many to be the first municipal park in America.
36 Hours in Central Park, New York The New York Times - YouTube
Frederick Law Olmsted Designing America - YouTube
Connecticut  |  Central Park, New York

November 30, 1835     Mark Twain
Mark Twain | Edison Film | Digitally Restored - YouTube
Mark Twain's Voice - YouTube
Mini BIO - Mark Twain - YouTube
The Adventures Of Tom Sawyer - YouTube
"Tom Sawyer" (fence-painting) - Snow Sculpture from the 2011 St. Paul Winter Carnival 
7894 141130  November 30, 1835  Happy birthday Mark Twain!
Happy Birthday Mark Twain! | West Hartford, CT Patch  Bill Maune, 11/30/2014
Mark Twain Biography
Mark Twain - Wikipedia 
Samuel Langhorne Clemens (November 30, 1835 – April 21, 1910), better known by his pen name Mark Twain, was an American author and humorist The Adventures of Tom Sawyer (1876) and its sequel, Adventures of Huckleberry Finn (1885), the latter often called "the Great American Novel".
Mark Twain Quotes - BrainyQuote
Mark Twain House - Wikipedia
  The Mark Twain House and Museum, Hartford, Connecticut
Welcome to the Mark Twain House & Museum - Home
Mark Twain Boyhood Home and Museum  Hannibal, Missouri
Mark Twain Boyhood Home & Museum - Wikipedia

born April 17, 1837    J.P. Morgan
The Rise of J. P. Morgan Video - J.P. Morgan -

J. P. Morgan - Wikipedia  John Pierpont "J.P." Morgan, April 17, 1837 – March 31, 1913, an American financier and banker who dominated corporate finance and industrial consolidation during his time. In 1892, Morgan arranged the merger of Edison General Electric and Thomson-Houston Electric Company to form General Electric. He was instrumental in the creation of the United States Steel Corporation.
Hartford, Connecticut  |  Boston, Massachusetts  |  Portugal  |  Switzerland  |  Germany  |  London, England

born May 12, 1907    Katharine Hepburn
Katharine Hepburn - Actress, Theater Actress, Film Actor-Film Actress, Film Actress -
Top 10 Katharine Hepburn Performances - YouTube
Hartford, Connecticut 

born May 7, 1909    Edwin Land
Edwin Land - Physicist, Scientist, Inventor -
Edwin H. Land - Wikipedia 
May 7, 1909 – March 1, 1991, an American scientist and inventor, best known as the co-founder of the Polaroid Corporation.
BBC News - The Polaroid genius who re-imagined the way we take photos - YouTube

born June 12, 1924    George H.W. Bush    #41   
George H.W. Bush Celebrates 94th Birthday, Becomes Longest Living U.S. President |  June 12, 2018
George HW Bush turns 93: Fun facts about the former president - Fox News  June 12, 2017
George Herbert Walker Bush is born - Jun 12, 1924 -
Massachusetts  |  Connecticut
Presidents:    George H.W. Bush    #41 
R.I.P.    George H. W. Bush    November 30, 2018
President George H.W. Bush Dies At 94 | NBC News - YouTube

Trump, George W. react to George H.W. Bush death - YouTube

born September 30, 1924    Truman Capote 
In Cold Blood author dies - Aug 25, 1984 -
Truman Capote - IMDb

Breakfast at Tiffany's Opening Scene - HQ - YouTube
In Cold Blood (1-8) Movie CLIP - A Sharp Con (1967) HD - YouTube

Truman Capote - Wikipedia 
September 30, 1924 – August 25, 1984, an American novelist, short story writer, screenwriter, playwright, and actor. Many of Capote's short stories, novels, plays, and nonfiction are recognized as literary classics, including the novella Breakfast at Tiffany's (1958) and the true crime novel In Cold Blood (1966), which he labeled a "nonfiction novel".
Louisiana  |  Alabama  |  New York  |  Connecticut

born August 22, 1935    Annie Proulx
Pulitzer Prize-winning author E. Annie Proulx is born - Aug 22, 1935 -
Annie Proulx - IMDb
The Shipping News, by Annie Proulx, wins the National Book Award - Nov 17, 1993 -
The Shipping News - Trailer - YouTube
The Shipping News (2001) - IMDb
Brokeback Mountain (2005) - IMDb
Annie Proulx on 'Brokeback Mountain' - YouTube
Annie Proulx - Wikipedia 
born August 22, 1935, an American novelist, short story writer, and journalist. 
Connecticut  |  Maine  |  Vermont

born July 6, 1946    George W. Bush    #43
George Walker Bush is born - Jul 06, 1946 -  George W. Bush

George W. Bush - Wikipedia  born July 6, 1946, an American politician who served as the
43rd President of the United States from 2001 to 2009 and 46th Governor of Texas from 1995 to 2000.
Iraq War  |  9-11
Connecticut  |  Texas  |  Massachusetts 
Presidents:     George W. Bush    #43

born December 29, 1947    Ted Danson   
Cheers star Ted Danson born - Dec 29, 1947 -

Ted Danson - IMDb
Cheers intro song - YouTube
Cheers compilation (1-2) - YouTube

California  |  Arizona  |  Connecticut

born May 24, 1990    Joey Logano
2018 NASCAR Playoffs - Monster Energy Series -
Race results NASCAR championship 2018: Logano wins
Championship Seasons: Joey Logano 2018 - YouTube
Joey Logano - Wikipedia  born May 24, 1990, nicknamed "Sliced Bread," is an American professional stock car racing driver. He currently competes full-time in the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series, driving the No. 22 Ford Fusion for Team Penske, and part-time in the NASCAR Xfinity Series, driving the No. 22 Ford Mustang GT for Team Penske.
Connecticut  |  Georgia

Sports  2018

8186 150109  States where people live the longest - Yahoo Homes  Alexander E.M. Hess, 24/7 WallSt, 01/09/2015
Top 10:  1.  Hawaii,  2.  Minnesota,  3.  California, 4.  Connecticut, 5.  Massachusetts, 6.  New York, 7.  Vermont, 8.  New Hampshire, 9.  New Jersey, 10.  Utah

6788 140729  Helmsley mansion hits market for $65 million - SFGate  Brittany Lyte, 07/28/2014  Greenwich, Connecticut
Leona Helmsley Biography
Leona Helmsley - Wikipedia  Her nickname, the "Queen of Mean"
Harry Helmsley - Wikipedia
American National Biography Online: Helmsley, Harry
Film The Queen Of Mean - The Leona Helmsley Story - YouTube

5633 140412   Most expensive house on market fetches $120M - Cooper Beach Farm, a property in Greenwich, Conn.  - video (TODAY, Reporter: Jenna Wolfe, 04/12/2014)
Homes page

5610 140409  March Madness  Women's College Basketball  UConn Routs Notre Dame 79-58, Wins 9th Title  (ABC News, Doug Feinberg, 04/09/2014)
University of Connecticut

NCAA College Men's Basketball - Find Scores, Brackets, Rankings and more from
Letter 46 | レター  46
5603 140408  March Madness  Men's College Basketball  Connecticut wins fourth NCAA title, beating Kentucky  (USA TODAY, Dan Wolken, 04/08/2014)
Kentucky Wildcats vs. UConn Huskies, 2014 NCAA basketball championship final score: Huskies cut down nets with 60-54 win  (SB Nation, Jon Benne, 04/07/2014)

Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting - Wikipedia, Sandy Hook, Newtown, Connecticut
4344 131214  December 14  Somber remembrances mark anniversary of Sandy Hook shooting  (Chicago Tribune, Edith Homan | Reuters, 12/14/2013)
Obama remembers Sandy Hook victims, calls for tougher gun laws  (Fox News / AP, 12/14/2013)
Newtown Quietly Marks Anniversary Of Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting  (Fox News Latino, 12/14/2013)
Newtown gunman forced his way into school, police say (U.S.News NBC, MSN) |  Social media conversation on Newtown: 'I don't normally post about politics, but..." (CNN, Google)
121214 December 14, 2012  Breaking News Videos: Gunman kills 20 children, 6 adults at Connecticut elementary school
(FOX) | Obama on Connecticut Shooting: 'Hearts Are Broken' (ABC)

7695 141112  America's most dangerous cities, 2014 - Yahoo Homes  Thomas C. Frohlich, Alexander Kent and Alexander E.M. Hess, 24/7 WallSt, 11/12/12014
America's Most Dangerous Cities 2014 Edition  Huffington Post, Simon McCormack, 11/11/2014
Crime in America 2015: Top 10 Most Dangerous Cities Over 200,000  Law Street, Kevin Rizzo, 11/10/2014    1. Detroit, Michigan, 2. Oakland, California, 3. Memphis, Tennessee, 4. St. Louis, Missouri, 5. Cleveland, Ohio, 6. Baltimore, Maryland, 7. Milwaukee, Wisconsin, 8. Birmingham, Alabama, 9. Newark, New Jersey, 10. Kansas City, Missouri
Crime in America 2015: Top 10 Most Dangerous Cities Under 200,000  Law Street, Kevin Rizzo, 11/10/2014     1. Little Rock, Arkansas, 2. Rockford, Illinois, 3. New Haven, Connecticut, 4. Hartford,
Connecticut, 5. Springfield, Missouri, 6. Springfield, Massachusetts, 7. Paterson, New Jersey, 8. Lansing, Michigan, 9. Beaumont, Texas, 10. Richmond, California   
Crime in America 2015: Top 10 Safest Cities over 200,000  Law Street, Kevin Rizzo, 11/10/2014     1. Irvine, California, 2. Gilbert, Arizona, 3. Fremont, California, 4. Santa Clarita, California, 5. Henderson, Nevada, 6. Plano, Texas, 7. Scottsdale, Arizona, 8. Virginia Beach, Virginia, 9. Garland, Texas, 10. Chandler, Arizona
Crime in America 2015  Law Street
Uniform Crime Reports - Wikipedia
Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) - Wikipedia
Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) - Wikipedia
Intelligence agency  Wikipedia
List of intelligence agencies  Wikipedia
Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)  Wikipedia
National_Security_Agency (NSA)  Wikipedia
America, States & D.C.

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