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Louisiana “Must-See”      ルイジアナ州の簡単な紹介

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February or March
  Mardi Gras (Fat Tuesday), New Orleans, LA    1  |   2      Also Check out Mardi Gras (Fat Tuesday)
8530 150217  February 17, 2015  Mardi Gras (Fat Tuesday)
When is Mardi Gras | Mardi Gras New Orleans
A Food Lover’s Guide to New Orleans  MSN food & drink, 02/16/2015
A Cocktail Lover’s Guide to New Orleans  MSN food & drink, 02/16/2015
Mardi Gras - Holidays - HISTORY.com
New_Orleans_Mardi_Gras  Wikipedia  Rex, The traditional colors: purple (Justice), green (Faith), and gold (Power)

ate April-early May New Orleans JazzFest (New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival), New Orleans, Louisiana 100423-0425, 100429-0502
Top Ten Food at Jazz Fest | Louisiana Food | Jazzfest Food - This is Not typical festival food, but real Louisiana food - *: jambalaya, gumbo, seafood, red beans and rice, cafe au lait, and beignets
* Helen Anders (Cox Newspapers): "all that jazz", Travel Section, St. Paul Pioneer Press, March 21, 2010

Louisiana State  |  New Orleans  |  Baton Rouge (Capital)  |  Shreveport  |  Metairie  |  Metairie Terrace

7497 141021  Conde Nast Traveler readers find top 25 cities in the world  AOL, 10/20/2014
Top 25 Cities in the World Readers' Choice Awards 2014 - Condé Nast Traveler  Calder Quinn, CNT Editors - Condé Nast Traveler, 10/21/2014
1. Florence, Italy, 2. Charleston, South Carolina, 3. Hungary, Budapest, 4. Cape Town, South Africa, 5. San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, 6. Prague, Czech Republic, 7. Rome, Italy, 8. Siem Reap, Cambodia, 9. Barcelona, Spain, 10. Santa Fe, New Mexico, 11. Krakow, Poland, 12. Luang Prabang, Laos, 13. Bangkok, Thailand, 14. Beiruit, Lebanon, 15. Vienna, Austria, 16. Siena, Italy, 17. New Orleans, Louisiana, 18. Quebec City, Canada, 19. Sydney, Australia, 20. San Francisco, California, 21. Chiang Mai, Thailand, 22. Salzburg, Austria, 23. Chicago, Illinois, 24. Bruges, Belgium, 25. Kyoto, Japan

7624 141104  Top 5 Cities in the United States: Readers' Choice Awards 2014  MSN, Condé Nast Traveler | CNT Editors
1.  Charleston, South Carolina, 2.  Santa Fe, New Mexico, 3.  New Orleans, Louisiana, 4.  San Francisco, California, 5.  Chicago, Illinois
States & D.C.

6569 140706  How Did Your City Get Its Nickname? - YouTube
Chicago "The Windy City", Illinois, New York City "The Big Apple", New York, New Orleans "The Big Easy", Louisiana, Philadelphia "City of Brotherly Love", Pennsylvania, Singapore "Lion City", Boston "Beantown", Paris "City of Light", France

6510 140629  What to do with one night in New Orleans  -  Just passing through? Here’s how to make the most of the Big Easy  -  (GrindTV, Johnie Gall, 06/16/2014)
New Orleans - Wikipedia  "The Big Easy",
a nickname for New Orleans, Louisiana; "NOLA", an acronym for New Orleans, Louisiana

Largest Cities in Louisiana

Tourism | Culture, Recreation, and Tourism Department  

Top 10 Louisiana Attractions | Top Ten Attractions


Seven U.S. states are named after kings or queens  州の名前に、王または、女王の名をとった7つの州

13797 180108  Jackson leads troops to victory at New Orleans - Jan 08, 1815 - HISTORY.com
Presidents    Andrew Jackson    #7
New Orleans, Louisiana

born June 5, 1850    Pat Garrett
Pat Garrett leaves Louisiana - Jan 25, 1869 - HISTORY.com
Pat Garrett & Billy the Kid (1973) - IMDb
Pat Garrett & Billy the Kid Official Trailer #1 - James Coburn Movie (1973) HD - YouTube
Pat Garret & Billy The Kid ~ Greatest Lines and Scenes - YouTube
Pat Garrett – An Unlucky Lawman – Legends of America
Pat Garrett - Wikipedia 
June 5, 1850 – February 29, 1908, an American Old West lawman, bartender and customs agent who became renowned for killing Billy the Kid.
Alabama  |  Louisiana  |  Outlaws 
New Mexico

born August 4, 1901     Louis Armstrong
  Louis Armstrong
Louis Armstrong - Mini Biography - YouTube
Louis Armstrong - What A Wonderful World (Lyrics) - YouTube
Louis Armstrong - Wikipedia  August 4, 1901 – July 6, 1971, nicknamed Satchmo or Pops, an American jazz trumpeter, singer, and one of the pivotal and most influential figures in jazz music. ...
Louis Armstrong - IMDb
New Orleans, Louisiana

Tornado flattens towns in Louisiana and Mississippi - HISTORY  April 24, 1908
The Purvis Tornado of 1908 (Purvis, MS) - YouTube
Louisiana  |  Mississippi
These States Have Had the Most Violent Tornadoes Since 1950 - The Weather Channel
List of North American tornadoes and tornado outbreaks - Wikipedia
The Star/Meteorologists say `Twister' is exciting, but distorts reality
Twister (1-5) Movie CLIP - Hide and Seek (1996) HD - YouTube

Weather (Tornado) 

born September 30, 1924    Truman Capote 
In Cold Blood author dies - Aug 25, 1984 - HISTORY.com
Truman Capote - IMDb

Breakfast at Tiffany's Opening Scene - HQ - YouTube
In Cold Blood (1-8) Movie CLIP - A Sharp Con (1967) HD - YouTube

Truman Capote - Wikipedia 
September 30, 1924 – August 25, 1984, an American novelist, short story writer, screenwriter, playwright, and actor. Many of Capote's short stories, novels, plays, and nonfiction are recognized as literary classics, including the novella Breakfast at Tiffany's (1958) and the true crime novel In Cold Blood (1966), which he labeled a "nonfiction novel".
Louisiana  |  Alabama  |  New York  |  Connecticut

born October 11, 1925    Elmore Leonard    
Elmore Leonard is born - Oct 11, 1925 - HISTORY.com
Elmore Leonard - Author - Biography.com
New Orleans, Louisiana  |  Detroit, Michigan

born February 12, 1934    Bill Russell
Bill Russell’s career highlighted by a lifetime of fighting for civil rights 2019 ESPYS - YouTube
Bill Russell - Wikipedia 
born February 12, 1934, an American retired professional basketball player who played center for the Boston Celtics of the National Basketball Association (NBA) from 1956 to 1969. A five-time NBA Most Valuable Player and a twelve-time All-Star, he was the centerpiece of the Celtics dynasty that won eleven NBA championships during his thirteen-year career.
Louisiana  |  California  |  Civil Rights
ESPYS 2019 Winners: The Complete List E! News
US Women's National Team Wins Best Team 2019 ESPYS - YouTube

ESPY Award - Wikipedia
Sports  2019

born September 29, 1935    Jerry Lee Lewis
Jerry Lee Lewis - Singer - Biography.com

Jerry Lee Lewis - Wikipedia  born September 29, 1935, an American singer-songwriter, musician, and pianist, often known by his nickname, The Killer. He has been described as "rock & roll's first great wild man."
jerry lee lewis great balls of fire - YouTube 
Jerry Lee Lewis - Topic - YouTube

14153 180403  The Louisiana Hayride radio program premieres on KWKH-AM Shreveport - Apr 03, 1948 - HISTORY.com
Louisiana Hayride Story - YouTube
Elvis Presley - First appearance on the Louisiana Hayride - October 16, 1954 - YouTube

Louisiana Hayride - Wikipedia
Shreveport, Louisiana

born May 26, 1949    Hank Williams Jr.   
Hank Williams, Jr. - Country Boys Can Survive (Official Music Video) - YouTube
Hank Williams Jr. - Topic - YouTube
Hank Williams Jr. - Wikipedia 
Randall Hank Williams, born May 26, 1949, known professionally as Hank Williams Jr., is an American singer, songwriter and musician. His musical style is often considered a blend of Southern rock, blues, and traditional country. He is the son of legendary country music singer Hank Williams and the father of Hank Williams III, Holly Williams,
Louisiana  |  Tennessee

6637 140712  The best American cities for foodies - Restaurants and Trends -Food-Drink-MSN Living  Conde Nast Traveler
1. New York City, NY, 2. Napa, CA, 3. San Francisco, CA, 4. Charleston, SC, 5. New Orleans, LA, 6. Chicago, IL, 7. Carmel-By-The-Sea, CA, 8. Santa Fe, NM, 9. Healdsburg, CA, 10. Boston, MA, 11. Aspen, CO, 12. Las Vegas, NV, 13. Seattle, WA, 14. Newport, RI, 15. Savannah, GA, 16. Austin, TX, 17. Naples, FL, 18. Telluride, CO, 19. (tie) Portland, ME, 19. (tie) San Diego, CA

State Info  |  50 States & DC  |  Eat

6603 140709  June 21, 2014  Grand Ole Opry Star Jimmy C. Newman Dead at 86  -  Louisiana native was pioneer of Cajun country music  -  (Rolling Stone, Beville Dunkerley, 06/22/2014)
Grand Ole Opry - Wikipedia  Nashville, Tennessee

Cajun music - Wikipedia
Jimmy C. Newman - Wikipedia
Louisiana Cajun Band - Jimmy C. Newman (Live) - YouTube

Cajun - Wikipedia
Who are the Cajuns?  Acadian Roots
Acadians - Wikipedia
Creole music - Wikipedia
Zydeco - Wikipedia
Louisiana Creole people - Wikipedia
Louisiana Creole cuisine - Wikipedia

5518 140331  The world's most famous streets - MSN Living - Life Unleashed    Broadway, New York; Champs-Elysees, Paris; Pacific Coast Highway, California; Bourbon Street, New Orleans, Louisiana; Michigan Avenue, Chicago, Illinois; La Rambla, Barcelona; Hollywood Boulevard, Los Angles, California; Wall Street, New York; Abbey Road, London; Lombard Street, San Francisco, California

Annual Events: Blessing of Boats, Theriot, Louisiana: Gulf Shrimpers Pray for Good Season Despite Oil  100809  Info Source: Kevin Mcgill (Associated Press) "Gulf shrimpers pray for relief"  St. Paul Pioneer Press August 9, 2010  Check out Blessing of the Fleet

7970 141212  Best in the US 2015 - Lonely Planet  12/10/2014
1. Queens, New York, 2. Western South Dakota, 3. New Orleans, Louisiana, 4. Colorado River region, Colorado, Utah, and Arizona, 5. North Conway, New Hampshire, 6. Indianapolis, Indiana, 7. Greenville, South Carolina, 8. Oakland, California, 9. Duluth, Minnesota, 10. Mount Shasta region, California

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NBA All-Star 2014 Feb. 14-16, 2014 New Orleans NBA.com  Feb. 16th, New Orleans  (Slam Dunk: the day before All-Star)

7460 141017  These states are at the biggest risk of disaster  MSN, CNBC, 10/07/2014  1  Florida, 2  Rhode Island, 3  Louisiana, 4  California, 5  Massachusetts
States & D.C.

8490 150211  The Craziest Architecture You Have To See Before You Die  MSN Travel
Piazza D'Italia, New Orleans, Louisiana; 10/11 Grotto Sauna, Lake Huron, Canada; 11/11 Milwaukee Art Museum, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
America  |  Buildings

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