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Oregon “Must-See”                     オレゴン州の簡単な紹介

Oregon Map +                           オレゴン州の地図等

late May - mid June
Portland Rose Festival, Portland, Oregon (OR)

Lewis and Clark temporarily settle in Fort Clatsop - Dec 07, 1805 - HISTORY.com
Fort Clatsop - Lewis and Clark National Historical Park (U.S. National Park Service)
Fort Clatsop - Wikipedia
Oregon  |  Columbus Ships  >  Explorers: Lewis and Clark

House resolves to stop sharing Oregon - Jan 05, 1846 - HISTORY.com
Oregon Treaty - Wikipedia
Expansion Expansion by Purchase and Treaty Slide 09 Oregon Treaty - YouTube
Oregon Territory - Manifest Destiny Choose Your Own Adventure - YouTube
Presidents:  James K. Polk    #11
Oregon Territory - Wikipedia
Washington  |  Oregon  |  Idaho

UK (now Canada)

born August 10, 1874    Herbert Hoover     #31 
Herbert Hoover is born - Aug 10, 1874 - HISTORY.com
Biography.com  Herbert Hoover
Herbert Hoover - Wikipedia  August 10, 1874 – October 20, 1964, the 31st President of the United States from 1929 to 1933 during the Great Depression. A Republican, as Secretary of Commerce in the 1920s he introduced Progressive Era themes of efficiency in the business community and provided government support for standardization, efficiency and international trade. As president from 1929 to 1933, his ambitious programs were overwhelmed by the Great Depression, which seemed to get worse every year despite the increasingly large-scale interventions he made in the economy.  
Iowa  |  Oregon

Presidents:    Herbert Hoover     #31

born March 6, 1924 – died November 3, 2019    Gert Boyle
Columbia Sportswear 'matriarch' and longtime chairwoman Gert Boyle dies at 95 - CNN
Gert Boyle Stamped Her ‘Tough Mother’ Image on Columbia Sportswear - WSJ
'One Tough Mother' Gert Boyle made landmark donation in fight against cancer | kptv.com

Columbia Sportswear - Wikipedia
Gert Boyle - Wikipedia 
née Lamfrom; March 6, 1924 – November 3, 2019, a German-born American businesswoman in the state of Oregon.
Germany  |  Oregon

* Smith Rock State Park   
Check out Dave's photo: Climbing "Monkey Face" at Smith Rock State Park, Oregon (by Dave) This is an amazing photo!!!  ロッククライミング アット驚く、素晴らしい写真!!!  日本語

Hood to Coast Relay 197 miles near the top of Oregon's majestic Mt. Hood down to the Pacific Ocean beach in Seaside, Oregon 
Hood to Coast - Wikipedia
an overnight, long-distance relay race held in the U.S. state of Oregon, annually in late August, traditionally on the Friday and Saturday before the Labor Day weekend.  

14127 180327  Couple Married For 66 Years Chose To Die On The Same Day By Legal Suicide | Prevention
Oregon Health Authority : Death with Dignity Act : Death with Dignity Act : State of Oregon

Death with Dignity Acts - States That Allow Assisted Death - Death With Dignity

11650 160905-0906  The duckbill formation - Bing images
Caught on tape: Young men knocking over unique rock formation in Oregon - CBS News  - The rock formation at Cape Kiwanda in Oregon always looked like it was teetering on the edge of collapse, but this week it finally came down, ...
Destruction of Beloved Rock Formation - vandals destroying popular Oregon rock formation - YouTube
Vandals destroy famous landmark at US national park - News JS  09/06/2016
Oregon  |  Parks
Famous Rock Formations - Bing images
List of rock formations in the United States - Wikipedia
3831 131018-160906  Utah rock vandals 'reprehensible,' say Boy Scouts officials - U.S. News  (video, NBC News, Erin McClam and Tracy Connor, 10/18/2013)
Boy Scouts Leaders Ousted After Toppling Ancient Rock - Video  metacafe, CBS  10/22/2013
2 former Boy Scout leaders plead guilty to toppling ancient Utah rock formation, avoid jail | Fox News  03/18/2014
Goblin Valley State Park Utah State Parks
Goblin Valley State Park Utah.com video
Goblin Valley State Park - Wikipedia


12698 170506  Portland is weird? St. Paul is boring? Well, yes and no – Twin Cities
Portland, Oregon  |  St. Paul, Minnesota  |  Travel

7059 140829  This is America's most iconic road trip - GrindTV.com  -  U.S. Route 101 on the West Coast beats Route 66 any day  -  Kade Krichko, 08/29/2014
States & D.C. Info  |  California  |  Washington

6527 140630  River cruise in Oregon conjures the spirit of Lewis and Clark - chicagotribune.com  Chris Erskine, 06/27/2014
Lewis and Clark Expedition - Wikipedia

4052 131111  Skier Sage Cattabriga-Alosa's guide to Portland, Oregon  (GrindTV, Kade Krichko, 10/31/2013) Amazing video

4739 140115  An outdoor lover’s guide to Portland, Oregon  (GrindTV, Heather Hansman, 01/03/2014)


Portland  |  Salem (Capital)  |  Eugene  |  Gresham  |  Beaverton
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Things to Do   |  Oregon Attractions


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13387 171011  Bothersome Bears; Baker City Herald, Oregon
A 160 lbs -bear entered a woman’s home on Wednesday night, Oregon
Bear, Mammal  |  Oregon

11065 160327  Oregon is the most popular state to move to - Jan. 4, 2016  CNN Money

7987 141215  The Best Neighborhoods to See Holiday Lights in 2014 - via @Redfin  Christin Camacho, 12/10/2014
Top five neighborhoods in the U.S. for 2014:  1. Dyker Heights – Brooklyn, NY, 2. “Christmas Town” – McAdenville, NC, 3. Interlochen – Arlington, TX, 4. “Miracle on 34th Street” – Baltimore, MD, 5. Peacock Lane – Portland, OR
These Off-the-Beaten-Path Holiday Light Displays Will Blow Your Mind  Yahoo Travel, Leah Ginsberg, 12/09/2014
Brooklyn, N.Y., Clifton Mill, Ohio, Louisville, Ky., McAdenville, N.C., Richmond, Va., Portland, Ore., Bernville, Pa., Newport Beach, Calif., Branson, Mo., Baltimore, M.D., San Antonio, Texas
Christmas  |  America, States & D.C.

6643 140712  The 10 Smartest Cities In North America  (Fast Company Co.Exist, Boyd Cohen)
1. Seattle, Washington, 2. (tie) Boston, Massachusetts, 2. (tie) San Francisco, California, 4. Washington D.C., 5. New York, New York, 6. Toronto, Canada, 7, Vancouver, Canada, 8. Portland, Oregon, 9. Chicago, Illinois, 10. Montreal, Canada

State Info  |  50 States & DC

7944 141208  America's least educated cities, 2014 - Yahoo Homes  Thomas C. Frohlich, 24/7 Wall St., 12/08/2014    1. Lake Havasu City-Kingman, Arizona, 2. Dalton, Georgia, 3. El Centro, California, 4. Farmington, New Mexico, 5. Hanford-Corcoran, California
America's most educated cities, 2014 - Yahoo Homes  Thomas C. Frohlich, 24/7 Wall St., 11/26/2014   1. Boulder, Colo., 2. Ann Arbor, Mich., 3. Corvallis, Ore., 4. Ithaca, N.Y., 5. Lawrence, Kan., 6. Iowa City, Iowa, 7. Ames, Iowa, 8. San Jose-Sunnyvale-Santa Clara, Calif., 9. Bridgeport-Stamford-Norwalk, Conn., 10. Durham-Chapel Hill, N.C.
America, States & D.C.

6626 140711  In Pictures: America's Most Relaxed Cities  (Forbes, 11/02/2010) 
1. Minneapolis - St. Paul, Minnesota, 2. Milwaukee, Wisconsin, 3. Boston, Massachusetts, 4. Portland, Oregon, 5. Columbus, Ohio, 6. Denver, Colorado, 7. (tie) Seattle, Washington, 7 (tie) Cincinnati, Ohio, 9. Kansas City, Missouri, 10. San Jose, California

Photos: 10 most stressed out cities - chicagotribune.com 
1. Washington, D.C., 2. New York City, New York, 3. Miami, Florida, 4. San Francisco, California, 5. Jersey City, New Jersey, 6. Oakland, California, 7. Chicago, Illinois, 8. Newark, New Jersey, 9. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 10. Los Angels, California

State Info

7789 141121  What's America's Booziest State?   Yahoo Food, Dave Infante and Chris Kolmar, Thrillist, 11/20/2014
1.  Oregon, 2.  Colorado, 3.  Alaska, 4.  Montana, 5.  Vermont, 6.  Wisconsin, 7.  Washington, 8.  Nevada, 9.  Wyoming, 10.  Maine, ...
41.  Florida, 42.  Oklahoma, 43.  South Carolina, 44.  Maryland, 45.  Tennessee, 46.  Georgia, 47.  Utah, 48.  Alabama, 49.  Mississippi, 50.  Arkansas
Mason-Dixon Line map and information  World Atlas
Bible Belt - Wikipedia
Booze blues: Utah's laws make it tricky to get a drink - Fox News  Alicia Acuna, 01/31/2013
Contiguous United States - Wikipedia  the 48 adjoining U.S. states plus Washington, D.C. (federal district) ... The term excludes the non-contiguous states of Alaska and Hawaii and all off-shore United States territories and possessions
America, States & D.C.

7829 141124  The Best (And Worst) States For Clean Energy  Huffington Post, 11/24/2014, GENERATION CHANGE in partnership with NRG
10 Best States:  1.  Massachusetts, 2.  California, 3.  Rhode Island, 4.  Vermont, 5.  Oregon, 6.  Connecticut, 7.  New York, 8.  Washington, 9.  Maryland, 10.  Minnesota
10 Worst States:  1.  North Dakota, 2.  Wyoming, 3.  South Dakota, 4.  Alaska, 5.  Mississippi, 6.  West Virginia, 7.  Louisiana, 8.  Missouri, 9.  Nebraska, 10.  South Carolina
Green /  Climate Change  |  America  

8513 150214  Top 15 Adventure Destinations of 2015  MSN Travel
3/16  Bend, Oregon; 11/16 
Taos Ski Valley, New Mexico; 15/16  Banff, Canada

*  Inge N. Dobelis (Project Editor): America: land of Beauty and Splendor (New York/Montreal: Reader’s Digest, 1992)

posted:  2019
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