September 21, 2011 "Work in Progress"

2011  Add "Video Gallery"

2004 -   Donate our nature photos to Nature Centers and Parks.

September 3, 2004 
Annual Event: Most of our staff went to the Minnesota State Fair together

August 4, 2004 -        Start "Picture of the Week"

January 2004
Explore America Info owned our own block for the 2004 St. Paul Winter Carnival Ice Palace. 

See the pix of the Ice Palace and the certificate: Photo Gallery > Minnesota Festivals > January - March > St. Paul Winter Carnival > 2004 > Ice Palace

December 2003
One of our staff, a photographer, js volunteered to take photos for two local community events for the last year.

December 2003:  Help Trumpeter swans by
reporting sightings of trumpeter swans to the DNR Nongame Wildlife Program < >

We reported to the Minnesota DNR (Department of Natural Resources) the fact that we spotted 16 Trumpeter swans at Tanners Lake (near our office), Oakdale, MN, just December 3, 2004 for one day.
Note: We discussed whether the 16 swans are Trumpeter swans or Tundra swans.  We, the Explore America Info staff voted for Trumpeter swans because we didn't see small yellow marks near their eyes.  Based upon our photos of the swans, K. Mona and his colleagues of Lee & Rose Warner Nature Center  > kindly helped us to identify these swans. 

See the pix of the swans: Photo Gallery > Wild Animals > Birds > Swans

August 27, 2003 
Annual Event: Most of our staff went to the Minnesota State Fair together

July 25, 2003
This past July, one of our staff
(sy) was invited to give a talk for around 65 students (Akita MnSCU) from Akita, Japan by Century College. 

More Story

August, 2002 
Annual Event: All of our staff went to the Minnesota State Fair together


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