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June 3, 2008  “We Hear” on WCCO In his interview, Polar Explorer Will Steger talks about a just completed expedition to the Arctic.極地探検家Will Stegerさん、つい最近終えた北極探検について語る check Global Warming 101 < >


January 27, 2007  Explorer Will Steger, the Expedition Team Members, and two polar huskies for the team make their appearance in an event of the St. Paul Winter Carnival, Harriet Island park, St. Paul, MN 070127.  For more info on the Expedition, check Global Warming 101  < >

Educators and Explorers Will Steger, John Stetson, Elizabeth Andre, and Abby Fenton, and Inuit Expedition Team Members are on a 1200-mile, 4-month-long dogsled expedition across the Canadian Arctic’s Baffin Island  ( < >

The expedition is to increase awareness of Global Warming.

Explorer Will Steger, the Expedition Team Members, and two polar huskies   

Expedition Team Members & Two Polar Huskies 

Expedition Team Members & One Real Dogsled   

Two Polar Huskies     Polar Husky

A Letter of Concern" by Explorer Will Steger  ( < >

April 4, 2007  “We Hear” Explorer Will Steger from the Canadian Arctic’s Baffin Island is saying on
WCCO (we heard the following or something similar): “’We’ve got lots of info on climate change from Inuit people. They are very cooperative. We're about halfway through our expedition. We are going to interview Inuit families while visiting five villages.’ The expedition will be finished early May “

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15703 190728  The Inuit strive to keep their culture alive as ice melts National Geographic, July 23, 2019
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