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13188 170827  “The Guinness Book of Records” debuts - Aug 27, 1955 -
Guinness World Records

February 16, 2013
  Lite-Brite Mural Part II: 1 Union Depot | 2 Mural will be lit shortly | 3 Music Performance | 4 Jumbo Chess | 5 Mural Artist Aiken | 6 Lighting Mural | 7 Lite-Brite Mural at Union Depot | 8a / 8b (Up-Close) Lite-Brite Mural "Forever Saint Paul" | 9a Guinness World Records Certificate Presentation | 9b Guinness World Records Certificate
130216 St. Paul artist's Lite Brite work wins Guinness record (MPR), Union Depot, St. Paul, MN

World Largest Giant Pumpkin 1810.5 pounds / 821.2 kg 世界一の重さのパンプキン October 9, 2010    Pumpkin breaks world record at the Stillwater Harvest Fest < >, Stillwater, MN, and Giant Pumpkin Weigh-Off. The pumpkin was grown by Chris Stevens of New Richmond, Wis., and weighed in at 1810.5 pounds. < >
 See our Giant Pumpkin Photos

World's Largest Human Yellow Ribbon   2008

March 28, 2007 Bismarck, North Dakota - 8.962 snow angels in on area
February 9, 2013  Attempt to break the Snow Angles Guinness World Record: "Snow angels fall short of world record"  The "Make Your Mark: Angels for a Cause" event, by Rotary of Duluth Club 25 and the Proctor High school DECA club, was held in Duluth, MN on Feb. 9, 2013. The event was a fundraiser for Global Team for Local Initiatives. 1,877 people participated in the event.    Information Resources: Duluth News Tribune, Pioneer Press Feb. 10, 2013
An Attempt to break the world record   (video, Superior Telegram) Snow Angels Record Duluth
Snow Angels Guinness World Record  (USA Today) March 28, 2007 Bismarck, North Dakota - 8.962 snow angels in on area    North Dakota State
YouTube  How to make a snow angel
our Snow Angles photos:  1  |  2  

World Largest Christmas Carol   Christmas 2007

The World's Largest Gingerbread House   Christmas 2006
4274 131207  Texas gingerbread house sets Guinness World Record  (MSN, Jon Herskovitz of Reuters, 12/07/2013)

Guinness Beer  ギネスビール会社とギネス世界記録ブックとの関係:Is Guinness Beer Related to the Guinness Book of World Records?  |  Guinness World Records ギネス世界記録 (日本語)

8949 150408  'World's Biggest Rabbit' has rival in giant son -  04/06/2015

8443 150206
  Girl scouts rack up $350,000 selling cookies at Super Bowl XLIX  MSN Sports, Jasmine Watkins, 02/06/2015
Super Bowl  |  Guinness World Records
5365 140317  Girl Scouts Asked to End Partnership With Barbie  (ABC News, David Crary - AP, 03/06/2014)
Girl Scout Cookies - Wikipedia

girl scouts - Bing Images
Membership levels of the Girl Scouts of the USA - Wikipedia

Girl Scouts of the USA - Wikipedia
our Barbie page

7705 141113  Celebrating 60 Years  Guinness World Records (GWR)
GWR Day 2014: World’s tallest and shortest men set to meet for the first time Guinness World Records

World's tallest man meets world's shortest man  video on MSN

5589 140407  Guinness World Records 2014 - Slideshows and Picture Stories -

3381 130913 
Guinness World Records You Wouldn't Believe  (Houston Chronicle)
Ohio cheerleader sets new Guinness record with 42 consecutive handsprings - Yahoo Sports

Red Hat Society - Wikipedia

3323 130908  Guinness record for the largest number of Mariachis playing together — RT In motion   Mexico

3266 130903  Sport Science: Nyad's Amazing Feat - YouTube  |  'Never give up' Diana Nyad completes historic swim  |  Diana Nyad's jellyfish-proof face mask - 
HLN (TV channel) - Wikipedia
- The channel is a spin-off of the U.S. cable news channel CNN.
3253 130902  Diana Nyad completes epic 110-mile Cuba-to-Florida swim at age 64, without shark cage Fox News
Diana Nyad - Wikipedia

3406 130915  World's shortest woman visits NYC - CBS News Video: ... just 24.7 inches tall, Jyoti Amge is the world's shortest living woman. Amge visited the highest public place in New York, the 86th floor observatory of the Empire State Building, ...
Jyoti Amge - Wikipedia

3654 1310003  ‘Ocean girl’ completes solo row of Pacific Ocean  (GrindTV, , 09/24/2013)
Sarah Outen - Wikipedia  British

3676 131005  Marie Klein, High School Cheerleader, Sets Consecutive Backflips Guinness World Record (VIDEO)  (Huffington Post, 10/4/2013)  40 consecutive backflips, from Ohio

3769 131013  Laces Out – Sorry, Seattle, Chiefs fans now own world record for crowd noise  (MSN, FOX, Laces Out Crew, 10/13/2013)

3852 131021  Cleveland’s burning 21 set themselves on fire for Guinness World Record  (NY Daily News,
, 131021)
words: fireproof gel suit

4078 131113  Pink Star diamond sells for world record $83 million at auction  (TODAY, Stephanie Nebehay, 11/13/2013; MSN)
Sotheby's - Wikipedia

4123 131118  Kenichi Ito Of Japan Breaks His Own World Record For Fastest 100 Meter Dash On All Fours  (ThePostGame, ThePostGame Staff, 11/15/2013)

4148 131125  Photos: Weird world record attempts  (Chicago Tribune, 11/25/2013)

4191 131130  Fastest Flying Woman in the World  (ABC, Melissa Lustrin, 11/30/2013)
Wingsuit flying - Bing Images
Wingsuit World Championship in China (World Wingsuit League) - Backstage - YouTube
Amazing Guinness World Record 100 Wingsuits In Formation - YouTube
Wingsuit flying - Wikipedia
our Daredevils page  |   Red Bull event page

4884 140128  Bloodhound SSC: Breaking the Sound Barrier and on to 1000 mph - on four wheels  (CNET TV, 01/27/2014)
our Car page

Weird Records?
4763 140117  Amou Haji, 80-Year-Old Iranian Man, Smokes Animal Poop, Says He Hasn't Bathed In 60 Years (PHOTOS)  (Huffington Post,  01/16/2014)

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