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Sunday, May 13, 2018     Mother's Day

14311 180513  Happy Mother's Day
Pileated Woodpecker Family photos:  Two baby boys wait for food  1  |  2  |  A mom pileated woodpecker feeds  3
14310 180513  Happy Mother's Day
Mother's Day Animal Moms Happy Mother's Day 2018 - YouTube

Digital Love Letters from children to parents who are incarcerated  Blog.Google
Mother's Day Cold Open - SNL - YouTube

9195 150510    Sunday, May 10, Happy Mother's Day!
A Photo: A raccoon family in a hollow tree - den; a Mom raccoon with her two babies

5983 140513    May 11, 2014  Mother's Day    4  
How to make Breakfast in Bed for Mommy! - YouTube  2014
Mothers' Day breakfast in bed falls apart ... twice  (AOL, 05/12/2014)

5969 140511  Happy Mother's Day!    May 11, 2014  Mother's Day    3 
Red Fox Family Photo:  1    A Mom Red Fox and Four Babies (Kits) at the den

5679 140417  24 Applicants Were Terrified To Do This Job. Then They Found Out Why Billions Already Do It.  (Huffington Post, Cavan Sieczkowski, 04/15/2014) 

May 12, 2013  Happy Mother's Day  Sweet and Funny Homemade Mothers Day Cards  (, AOL)   (, AOL)  |  Committed mother goose sits on her eggs straight through a blizzard - Bing Videos

"Happy Mother's Day!" A Canada Goose family - Six goslings are escorted by their parents.   
母の日に撮影。6羽のカナダグースの赤ちゃんと両親 2012 Mother's Day

For some special Mother's Day pictures go
here  (Babies). 

A Mom Purple Martin is busy feeding her three babies.
Purple Martin(ツバメの一種) のお母さん、三羽の赤ちゃんへの餌運びや巣の掃除に大忙し

Flowers & Florists 花屋さん: for example, Bachman's < >
Mother's Day Brunch examples

Happy Mother's Day
photos | Happy Mother's Day poems

Bird Nest Cam (Bald Eagle, Bluebird)

12735 170513  Mother′s Day:  Commercialization vs. gratitude  Deutsche Welle, 05/13/2017
May 14, 2017    Mother's Day

12712 170509  Woodrow Wilson proclaims the first Motherís Day holiday - May 09, 1914 -
Anna Jarvis Was Sorry She Ever Invented Motherís Day  buzzfeed

Presidents:    Woodrow Wilson    #28    |    George W. Bush    #43
Mother's Day

9198 150511  Capability Ranch: 'The Gift in the Tragedy'  Parade Magazine, 05/08/2015  - Parade Magazine Honors
Local Mom, Nicola Bridges, this Mother's Day

Nicola Bridges - YouTube

Green Day - Time of your life - YouTube  Music
Mother's Day

9192 150510  Sunday, May 10, 2015  Mother's Day 
Osprey Nest - Bird Cams - explore  Mom osprey, Rachel incubates her eggs on the nest
"On May 7th at 12:55 am EDT, Rachel laid the third egg of the 2015 clutch. ..." posted by Cam Op Kat
Rachel's third egg on 5-7-15 at 1255 a.m. EDT - YouTube 
Bird Cams 2015  |  Birds

9191 150510  Sunday, May 10, 2015  Mother's Day 
Mother's Day Apologies Monologue with Reese Witherspoon - SNL - YouTube  Saturday Night Live
11 Touching Mother's Day Poems and Quotes  MSN lifestyle
World's Toughest Job - #worldstoughestjob - Official Video - YouTube
Celebrating Mothers Anywhere - Happy Mother's Day from Disney Movies Anywhere - YouTube
How People Celebrate Motherís Day Around the World  MSN lifestyle, The Daily Meal

Jay Jay the Jet Plane - Episode 36 - Brenda's Mothers Day - YouTube
Red and Rover Comic Strip, May 10, 2015 on  "Happy Mother's Day to Moms Everywhere!"
Red and Rover Comic Strip on 


9183 150508  Sunday, May 10, 2015  Mother's Day
14 Best TV and Movie Moms  MSN entertainment, Common Sense Media, 05/02/2015
My Big Fat Greek Wedding (1) - YouTube  Full Movie?
Working Mother 50 Most Powerful Moms of 2015 | Working Mother
What moms really want for Mother's Day -

5961 140511  May 11, 2014  Mother's Day    2 
Facts for Features Mother's Day May 11, 2014 - Facts for Features & Special Editions - Newsroom - U.S. Census Bureau
Mom Knows Best: Inside the Lives Of Six American Mothers  (Parade, Allison Gwinn, 05/09/2014)
Mother's Day Movies: 25 Films To Watch With Mom On Sunday  (Huffington Post, Matthew Jacobs, 05/10/2014)

5958 140511  May 11, 2014  Mother's Day    1
Motherís Day - Holidays -
Mother's Day Turns 100: Its Surprisingly Dark History  (National Graphic, Brian Handwerk, 05/08/2014)
Mother's Day - Wikipedia
Mother's Day Songs That Will Make You Call Your Mom Right Now  (Huffington Canada Music, 05/07/2014)
Mother's Day Song Happy Mother's Day Mother's Day Songs for Children - YouTube
Celebrate Motherís Day With These Photos of Adorable Baby Animals and Their Moms  (TIME, Joseph C. Lin, May 10. 2014)

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