Phalen Regional Park Saint Paul, Minnesota  Lake Phalen(フェーレン湖)

Honey-Locust:  1  Honey-Locust Tree with Fruits  |  2a / 2b Honey-Locust Fruits    大きなHoney-Locustのフルーツ:大きな豆のようなさや。長さ、30 cmと 余り大きいので、異様な感じです。

Strawberry Moon on June 20, 2016, Summer Solstice - Photos:  1a  |  1b  (UP-Close)  |  2  |  3   

Golf Course at Sunset:  1  |  2    日没時のフェーレンパークゴルフコース
Sunset:  1  Beautiful Sunset |  2  A little after the Sunset    きれいな日没時のフェーレン湖

Spring is here: 1  Lake Phalen  |  2  Phalen Park    April 24, 2012

Some pix from our Feb. 19, 2012 - Walk:  1  Ice Fishing  |  2  Tree Shadows  |  3  "Pocket Gopher" Mounds

Iceboat (2012)

Dragon Festival  annual

Water Fest < > May 31, 2014  annual

Ice Racing (2009 Winter Carnival)

Minnesota Rowing Competition (2007)

Car Racing on Ice (2004 Winter Carnival)
Sleigh & Cutter Rally (2004 Winter Carnival)
Ice Harvesting (Ice Block Making) for the Ice Palace (2004 Winter Carnival)
Skijor Race (2004 Winter Carnival)

Horses pulls a Victorian era carriages (2003 Winter Carnival)

Gray Squirrels:
Squirrel Takes a Nap リスの昼寝|
Squirrel Poses for Our Camera  090419
Gray Squirrel:
Black Form 110109  | Albino  041127

Song Sparrow 

Mom Mallard duck with her babies 2003

A Mom wood duck and her eight ducklings   050629

Canada Geese ガチョウ & Mallards:  030108 (a) & (b)  |  030111  

Butterfly:  Monarchs 
Sachem Skipper (butterfly) female: 雌のSachem Skipper セセリチョウ

Twelve-spotted Skimmer  

Snow covers Lake Phalen - Frozen Lake Phalen in an interesting way: Photo  1  Snow partially covers |  2  Ice Fishing

Ice-out nears 1  |  2  |  3  |  4

"Work in Progress" We've posted wildlife pix taken at Phalen Park: Canada Geese, Mallards, Bald Eagles, Muskrats, Squirrels, etc.

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