Birding (Bird Watching)     バードウオッチング

The Audubon Dictionary For Birders | Audubon

16182  200129   Birding With Benefits: How Nature Improves Our Mental Mindsets | Audubon

15515 190521  Spring birding events on the horizon as migrants return to Minnesota -  April 3, 2019

14546 180729  Birdist Rule #57: It's Summer—Watch Out for Juveniles! Audubon
Powdermill baby pictures Summer 2004
SATPM4JuvenileBirdID42016.pdf  Identifying Juvenile Birds (photos)

Birdwatching  Birds

11361 160609-0610     born June 9, 1931    Phoebe Snetsinger
The Endless Race - Audubon

Phoebe Snetsinger: woman who documented more than 8,000 bird species celebrated in today's Google Doodle - The Independent
Phoebe Snetsinger’s 85th birthday
Phoebe Snetsinger - Wikipedia 
June 9, 1931 – November 23, 1999, an American birder famous for having seen and documented birds of over 8,400 different species, at the time, more than anyone else in history. Her memoir, Birding on Borrowed Time, explores her passion and drive...
List of birdwatchers - Wikipedia
Birdwatching  Birds

9841 150803  Why are birds SO scared of humans (UK)? - BirdForum

9372 150602  Get Started with Bird Watching: How to Choose Birding Binoculars & Their Cost - YouTube
Get Started with Bird Watching: How to Use Birding Binoculars for Bird Watching - YouTube
How to Choose the Best Binocular for You with Ron Spomer - YouTube

9152 150504  Birding Warblers - YouTube 

Nature Notes  2015

8793 150321  Basics of Birding - Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official] - YouTube
Top five bird-watching tips - YouTube
World Series of Birding 2015  May 9, 2015, New Jersey Audubon
Big year - Wikipedia
The Big Year (2011) - IMDb
Bird-watcher's paradise: 5 birding hot spots in Wisconsin  Stevens Point Journal Media, 03/21/2015
Photos:  Birds  |  Wildlife  |  Birding
Minnesota Spring  |  Spring Fun

14337 180522  Festival Of Birds Detroit Lakes MN Birding  May 16-19, 2018  Sorry late posting because we didn't know the event. Thank you for info, Pete and Gary, who attended the event.
Birding Without Borders | Noah Strycker | TEDxSalem - YouTube

Noah Strycker - Wikipedia


14338 180522  Spring Warbler Warm-up Quiz - YouTube
Bird sounds for kids - PART 1 - Bird Identification Children Learn Common City Birds and Fowls - YouTube
Raptor Bird of Prey - Bird sounds for kids PART 2 - Children Learn Birds of Prey (Raptors) - YouTube
Bird Song Hero
: The song learning game for everyone - YouTube
Bird Call Video - YouTube
The National Geographic Guide to Birding in North America The Great Courses - YouTube

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Arboretum, Chaska, MN

Eloise Butler Wildflower Garden and Bird Sanctuary, Minneapolis, MN

Maplewood Nature Center, Maplewood, MN

Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge, MN < >

Phalen Park, St. Paul, MN

Alma: Rieck's Lake, Alma, Wisconsin (Tundra Swans)
Coon Rapids Regional Park, Brooklyn Park, MN (Osprey's Nest)
Crex Meadows Wildlife Area, Grantsburg, WI (Sandhill Cranes)
Hawk Weekend, Hawk Ridge (Raptors)
Trumpeter Swans  Sheila Lawrence (The Swan Lady), 117 Mississippi Drive, Monticello, MN
North Mississippi Regional Park (Blue Herons)

Parks and Nature Centers

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