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(1) In the wild 
野生のふくろう  Great Horned Owls, a Northern Hawk Owl, Snowy Owls (with Pete's help)
Other Owls in the wild, which we've seen in Minnesota: Barred Owls (with Pete's help), an Eastern Screech Owl (with Julie's help), a Saw-whet Owl (with Craig's info), a Long-eared Owl (with Pete's help)

(2) Owls (Wild + Formerly Wild)   check 
Raptors & Release  
Two kinds of Owls:
1. a Barn Owl
2. Barred Owls, Eastern Screech Owls, Saw-whet Owls, Great Horned Owls

Fun Owl
"Snowy Owl" Topiary, Arboretum, Chaka, MN ふくろう

16251  200310  Great Horned Owl Cam - live owl camera from Montana | Explore.org
Nature Notes  2020  |  Birds 

16051 191130  How Does An Owl's Hearing Work? | Super Powered Owls | BBC - YouTube
Sophisticated sonar of wild owls hunting in the arctic forest - BBC wildlife - YouTube

15091 190115   EIGHT OWLS AND THEIR CALLS - YouTube
Owls in the wild

8604 150225  Owl Power ~ Full Episode | Nature | PBS  nature film
Premiere date: February 18, 2015 | 0:53:10 | Video expires March 18, 2015 |

8502 150213  Who's Who | Audubon  Nine Owl Species photos
In Minnesota, we've seen the following four owl species of the nine owls species in the article, an Eastern Screech Owl (in the wild with July's help), Great Horned Owls (in the wild), a Long-eared Owl (in the wild with Pete's help), and a Barn Owl (In captivity at U of Minnesota, Raptor Center).

6012 140515  Short-eared Owl  -  Tree Pose, Kuwait natural reserve, Kuwait   from National Geographic "The Photo of the Day" May 14, 2014  "We've never seen a short-eared owl."
Geography of Kuwait - Map of Kuwait - Worldatlas.com

6003 140514  Jay C. Hormel Nature Center - Austin, MN - Education Facebook  May 7, 2014  Two videos of rescuing a barred owl trapped in the chimney
Jay C. Hormel Nature Center - Home
This info was got from Julie, a naturalist. "Julie, thanks so much for the info."

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Raptors & Release
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