Owls in the wild

Anoka County Photos:  1  |  2  Snowy Owls hang out
Snowy Owl Photos: 
1 (rear view)  |  2  (front view) |  3 (at sunset)   Our first snowy owl  Feb. 8, 2014     in Japanese

Great Horned Owl
Roosting Great Horned Owl with a dead rabbit   捕獲したウサギのそばで、休むフクロウ

Great Horned Owl pair roosting side by side    Great Horned Owlフクロウのペアー、木の枝の上に、仲良く並んで、休みます

Two owlets in the nest 
These owlets are just too, too cute!!!  巣にいる二羽のGreat Horned Owlフクロウの赤ちゃんと目があいました。キュート!

Great Horned Owlet and Mom:  1  |  2 (Up-Close)  |  3  |  4 (Up-Close)   (2018)

Owl's Smooth and Silent Flights (videos):  1  |  2  |  3   フクロウの静かで、滑らかな飛行:実際、木の枝から飛び立つ時の音しか聞こえず、後は、聞こえません。だから、夜、ウサギやマウスを捕獲出来るそうです。Our 'Owls in the wild' - photos
Wings allow for silent flight: owls: natural nighttime "stealth craft":  1 (Encyclopedia of Life) |  2 (Owl Pages) 3 (National Geographic) |  4 (BBC Nature) ;  Owl (Wikipedia: English/Japanese)

Owl Prowls, Pine County, MN*
(1) Great Grays   
レター  162
    (a)  Great Gray Owl on a branch    

    (b)  Great Gray Owl atop a utility pole    

16331 200506   Hello Little Ones! Great Gray chicks show their faces in a big way!  Owl Research Institute, May 6, 2020  "So cool! We've never seen Great Gray owlets."
Owl Research Institute
Great Gray Owls at Jim’s Place - live owl camera from Montana Explore.org

15865 19
17  Great Grey Owlet Riding On Wild Turkey - YouTube  We got this video info from Blog — Birdchick
"Wow, This video is Amazing.  But if the owlet's mom comes, what would happen to the turkey? Hmmm...  What if it's the other way around?We don't think that a Great Grey Owl gives a baby turkey a ride. Maybe the owl could give a ride. Or the owl may eat the turkey baby."
Our photos:  Great Gray Owl  |  Turkey 
Owl Prowls

(2) Northern Hawk Owls      posted: 051201

An Eastern Screech Owl Family Photos:   1  |  2  |  3  |  4

Spring 2012:    We saw our first Eastern Screech Owl (Julie, thank you for the info on the owl) and our first Saw-whet Owl (Craig, thank you fro the info).

Barred Owl Photos:  1  (a pair)  |  2  |  3
Nesting Barred Owl Part 1 - YouTube
Barred Owl Part 2 First Steps Outside The Nest - YouTube

12918 170629   Watch Owl 'Swims' for Its Life in Rare Video - National Geographic - YouTube
Owls in the wild

10892 160220  Owl Cam
highlights from Charlo, Montana (videotaped in 2015?) until they return this Spring.
Great Horned Owl - Bird Cams - explore
highlights from inspirational moments captured on the Owl Cam (in 2015?, Missoula, Montana) until they return this spring.
Long-eared Owl - Bird Cams - explore

Nature Notes

10255 151004  September 24, 2015 - Nature 365   Tête-à-tête / A private conversation between a Saw-whet owl and a wolf – Day 267 of 365
Cool video!

9075  150423  Baby Owls in Bird Bath - YouTube

8868 150328 
Curious baby owls investigate camera - YouTube
Our Guess:  The baby owl sees its reflection in the cam lens, but it doesn't recognize as its own reflection. That's why the baby owl bites the cam.

2991 130811 
Navy steps up efforts to protect burrowing owls at weapons base  (LA Times)

6571 140706  Watch Arctic snowy owl and chicks via HD cam. Nope. Not Harry Potter's - Tech Times  Aaron Mamit, 07/04/2014

5452 140325  "Our First Snowy Owl!!!": Feb. 8, 2014 Finally we saw our first snowy owl with the help of Pete, a birder. Anoka County, Minnesota Photos:  1  |  2  Snowy Owls hang out; Snowy Owl Photos: 
1 (rear view)  |  2  (front view) |  3 (at sunset)
PBS Nature 2012 Magic of the Snowy Owl - YouTube  This video is great!
in Japanese 日本語

5073 140216  A snowy-owl bonanza, thanks to a little, stubby-legged Arctic rodent the lemming  (Washington Post, Darryl Fears, 02/16/2014)
Snowy owl hit by bus moved to secret location - The Washington Post  snowy owl photos January and February, 2014
Facts About Snowy Owls - FACT: Snowy owls are diurnal. (About.com Animals / Wildlife, Laura Klappenbach)
Are All Owls Nocturnal?  (Paw Nation, Ruth Nix - Demand Media)
Snowy Owl - Wikipedia
Baby Snowy Owl - Bing Images
snowy owl chicks - Bing Images
5013 140209  Feb. 9, 2014  "Nature Notes"  "So Cool!!!, Yesterday we finally saw our first snowy owl with Pete's help. Pete, thanks so much for your tour to that snowy owl." We'll post some photos of the snowy owl later.
4697 140110  Snowy Owl vs. Peregrine Falcon - Cape May, New Jersey  (vimeo, Tom Johnson, 12/02/2014; Birdchick)
Snowy Owl - Cape May, New Jersey  (vimeo, Tom Johnson, December 2014) We love to see this snowy owl walking on the sand.
Who? Where? Snowy owls are flocking to East Coast  (CBS News, Jim Alxelrod, 01/09/2014; info from Julie)
Note:  We've never seen snowy owls before.

We've never seen Barred Owls as of Feb. 8, 2014. Note: Barred Owls are commonly seen here in Minnesota. > We were able to see our first Barred Owl with the help of Pete, an advanced birder in spring of 2015.  "Thank you, Pete."

* "Thank-you" Note: Amber, we really appreciated your info on this awesome owl trip.

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