Great Horned Owl   アメリカワシミミズク*  

Roosting Great Horned Owl with a dead rabbit   捕獲したウサギのそばで、休むフクロウ

Great Horned Owl pair roosting side by side    Great Horned Owlフクロウのペアー、木の枝の上に、仲良く並んで、休みます   

Two owlets in the nest These owlets are just too, too cute!!!  巣にいる二羽のGreat Horned Owlフクロウの赤ちゃんと目があいました。キュート!
後で、彼らのお母さんとお父さんの写真もポストします  2011

Great Horned Owlet and Mom:  1  |  2 (Up-Close)  |  3  |  4 (Up-Close)    (2018)

Great Horned Owlet learning to take off, fly, and land - Photo:  1  |  2  |  3  |  4  |  5  |  6 

Raptor Center's Education Birds of Prey  大人のフクロウ
Great Horned Owl (030426)

Subarcticus Great Horned Owl (030406)

7922 141204  Peregrine falcon wreaks havoc on pintail ducks -  -  video of the flock parting like the Red Sea as raptor dives in  -  GrindTV, David Strege, 12/02/2014  "Several years ago, we saw a young falcon attacking a flock of gulls floating in a lake in Minnesota."
Owl swims in Lake Michigan to escape falcons |  12/04/2014, Chicago, Illinois
Peregrine Falcon  |  Bird  |  Great Horned Owl

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