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7109 140905-0906  "Swift Release"  Yesterday, September 4+, 2014, we attended the "Juvenile Chimney Swift Release"++ event since we were very fortunate to get this event info from Julie, a naturalist, in a timely manner: "Thank you, Julie." Four young chimney swifts were released to join a group of about 1,000 migrating chimney swifts. The group is currently living in a chimney at Mahtomedi High School, Minnesota. It was awesome to see the four young swifts joining the group and then the group going down to the chimney, one after another; sometime between sunset and 20 minutes after sunset+++, about 1,000 chimney swifts flew overhead from all directions, circled, and congregated above the roost chimney. Then, they dove into the chimney like a sort of tornado to settle in for a long night-rest.    Chimney Swift Conservation | Minnesota
Here is a video on the "Swift Release" event by Channel 5 Eyewitness News ABC  
Rehabbed Chimney Swifts Released into Wild   KSTP, Megan Stewart, 09/04/2014

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(Chaetura pelagica)

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+   National Wildlife Day - September 4th

++  "Juvenile Chimney Swift Release" by Wildlife Rehabilitation of Minnesota @ Mahtomedi High School, Mahtomedi, MN, at 7:15 p.m.* This cool swift colony was located by the "Swift Sit"** volunteers and Audubon Minnesota.
* Wildlife Rehabilitation Center of Minnesota (WRC) - Roseville, MN - Organization Facebook
* The Wildlife Rehabilitation Center of Minnesota (WRCMN)
** Audubon Minnesota - Saint Paul, Minnesota - Non-Profit Organization Facebook
Minnesota Audubon
** Annual Chimney Swift Sit | Minnesota

Look for a Chimney Swift Roost in Your Neighborhood CT DEEP Wildlife Division, Shannon Kearney-McGee

11834 161029  Common swifts airborne life Eat, sleep, and mate without touching Earth - CSMonitor.com

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