“Bats: A Halloween Special!” (annual event) by Stephanie Reynolds (a.k.a. “The Bat lady”) at Fort Snelling State Park* < http://www.dnr.state.mn.us/state_parks/index.html >
Mammals of Minnesota: Bats: Minnesota DNR

The Bat Lady's Bats (Educational Bats)  教育のためのコウモリ
Talk on Bats  |  2  Bat (Up-Close)  |  3  Bat's Face (Up-Close)

Bats in the Wild     野生のコウモリ
Little Brown Bat A  |  2a / 2b  Little Brown Bat B


15923 191007  All About Bats for Kids: Animal Videos for Children - FreeSchool - YouTube
Visiting the Largest Bat Colony on Earth! - YouTube
Fun Facts About Bats - YouTube
The Importance of Bats - YouTube

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rabies - kids education video - YouTube
Deadly threat of Bat Lyssavirus | 60 Minutes Australia - YouTube
A Woman Dies Of Rabies After Waking Up To Find A Bat In Her Bed Shots - Health News NPR  2016
Bats: Not so bad, but please don’t touch – PUBLIC HEALTH INSIDER
Bats Are Biggest Rabies Danger, CDC Says  WebMD 2019

15496 190513  The Scary American Bat Die-Off - YouTube
white-nose syndrome in bats - Google Search  Images
fungus-that-causes-bat-killing-disease-white-nose-syndrome-is-expanding-in-texas  May 8, 2019, White-Nose Syndrome Org.
Scientists seek new weapons to fight a bat-killing fungus  National Geographic, Nov. 6, 2018
White-nose Syndrome and Minnesota's Bats - Minnesota DNR
White-nose syndrome - Wikipedia

12579 170411  Fresh Express Issues Recall After Florida People Find Dead Bat In Prepackaged Salad | NPR
CDC - Bats Coming in contact with bats - Rabies

10449 151118  Bats use weighty wings to land upside down | EurekAlert! Science News

9114 150429  This Fluffy Little Dinosaur Had Bat-Like Wings | Smithsonian  04/29/2015
Dinosaur  |  Bats  |  Birds

8587 150224  Some of Minnesota's bat species such as the little brown and big brown bats hibernate over the winter.
Bats | Minnesota DNR

Bats in houses: Wildlife: Yard and Garden: University of Minnesota Extension
Little brown bat - Wikipedia 
sometimes called "little brown myotis"

7659 141108  Bats sabotage rivals' senses with sound in food race  BBC, Melissa Hogenboom, 11/06/2014
Amazing animals: Bats use sonar jamming to steal food - LA Times  Amina Khan, 11/08/2014

6732 140723  Bats Set Their Internal Compass at Dusk—A First Among Mammals
  (National Geographic, Katie Langin in Weird & Wild, 07/22/2014)

4860 140125  With a love song, a frog seals its doom (+video)  (CS Monitor, Will Dunham - Reuters, 01/24/2014; Google)
Frog page

5469 140327 
A Movable Feast - Bat and Flower Photo from National Geographic "The Photo of the Day" March 15, 2014   Cuba

* "Hi Linda and Kao (naturalists at Fort Snelling State Park), Thanks so much for this really cool event."

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