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Harvest Time Orchard    収穫シーズンのりんご果樹園
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Orchard during the Summer Months    夏のりんご果樹園  Dodge Nature Center
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John Chapman (aka Johnny Appleseed)

Honeycrisp apples were developed at the U of Minnesota   Honeycrisp りんごは、ミネソタ大で開発された有名なりんご 081029

Honeycrisp Apples photo

4421 131219  "Health Notes"  Apples Can Curb Heart Disease As Well As Statins  video (Everyday Health, Amir Khan, 12/17/2013; AOL)

7657 141108  "Hard Cider"  Hard cider is here: 5 local brands to hunt down and try -  Jess Fleming, 10/23/2014
Hard cider is next big thing from apples -  Andy Rathbun, 09/28/2013
What's the Difference Between Apple Cider and Apple Juice? Word of Mouth | The Kitchn
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Photo Cider (1 Gallon) & Orange Juice - OJ - (1/2 Gallon)  | 
What is cider?
Apple Orchard photos

13493 171102  These apples won't turn brown after being sliced and they're non-GMO -
Apple  |  Eat

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