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ISIS / ISIL / Da'ish / IS

Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant - Wikipedia - The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL /ˈsəl/), also translated as the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS /ˈsɪs/), also known by the Arabic acronym Daʿish and self-proclaimed as the Islamic State (IS), is a Sunni, extremist, jihadist group, unrecognized state and self-proclaimed caliphate based in Iraq and Syria in the Middle East.
War on Terror  |  ISIS

List of Islamist terrorist attacks - Wikipedia

15399 190411  A humanitarian crisis emerges as ISIS falls in northern Syria  National Geographic
ISIS Fast Facts - CNN
Islamic State | World | The Guardian
Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant - Wikipedia
Caliphate - Wikipedia
Why Counterterrorism Won’t Stop ISIS

13144 170817  ISIL claims responsibility for van attack in Barcelona | Spain News | Al Jazeera

12775 170523-0525  May 22, 2017  Soldiers on British streets as threat level raised to critical – as it happened | The Guardian
At least 22 killed, 59 injured in suicide attack at Manchester Arena | The Guardian
2017 Manchester Arena bombing - Wikipedia

12070 161222  ISIS lists US churches to attack during the holidays - AOL News

11372 160612  50 killed in Florida nightclub, shooter pledged ISIS allegiance -
50 dead in nightclub, worst mass shooting in U.S. history  USA TODAY
Mass shooting at gay nightclub in Orlando leaves at least 50 dead - France 24  ... an attack that was later claimed by the Islamic State (IS) group.
PressTV-Florida shooting death toll rises to 50  ... Assailant linked to Daesh ...
ISIS claims reponsibility for Orlando mass shooting - affiliated agency  RT 

11369 160611  Anti-drone rally at US air base Ramstein draws thousands  Deutsche Welle, 06/11/2016

11048 160324  Belgium Attacks: How the Country Tried, and Failed, to Stop ISIS From Operating - The Atlantic
Belgium admits 'errors' over Brussels attacks - France 24
Opinion: Belgium is complicit | Opinion  Deutsche Welle, 03/23/2016
Brussels, Istanbul, Jakarta Global terror in 2016  Deutsche Welle, 03/24/2016
Paris bomb-maker was Zaventem suicide bomber |
Russia, West ′can come together like a fist′ against terrorism Russian deputy minister  Deutsche Welle, 03/24/2016
Minnesota lawmakers address rhetoric over Islam  Pioneer Press
United Nations News Centre - UN strongly condemns terrorist bombings in Brussels as 'an attack on us all'
Reactions to the 2016 Brussels bombings - Wikipedia
Global Terror 2016  |  War on Terror  |  ISIS 

11039 160322  ISIS claims credit for terror attacks at Brussels airport, Metro station - Fox News
Brussels attacks Isis flag and nail bomb found in raid – live World news The Guardian

Live updates: Terror attacks at Brussels airport and metro  Mashable
2016 Brussels bombings - Wikipedia
  03/22/2016  Brussels, Belgium 

10761 160124  ‘IS group is in a fragile position,’ French defence minister tells FRANCE 24 - France 24
War on Terror  |  ISIS

10548 151209  Russia strikes ISIS targets in Syria from sub in Mediterranean for first time (VIDEO) — RT News
Leaked documents show how ISIS is building its state - Business Insider
? ISIS San Bernardino shooters were 'supporters' -

10463 151120 
THE INTERVIEW - US 'exploiting Paris attacks', says Glenn Greenwald - France 24
Daesh: The word ISIS doesn't want you to say - NY Daily News
Paris attacks organiser Abaaoud boasted of atrocities - France 24

War on Terror  |  ISIS

10455 151119  Middle East - France, Russia push UN resolutions on fighting Islamic State militants - France 24
War on Terror  |  ISIS

10448 151118  France, Russia, US seek to tighten noose around IS group - France 24
Islamic State shows photo of improvised Russian plane bomb  MSN, Reuters

War on Terror  |  ISIS

10443 151117  Plane crash in Sinai a terrorist attack - Russian Security Service — RT News
PressTV-Confirmed Bomb downed Russian plane in Egypt

Al-Raqqah - Wikipedia  also called Rakka, Raqqa and Ar-Raqqah, is a city in Syria located on the north bank of the Euphrates River
Syrians in Raqqa tell of 'insane nights' of air strikes - Al Jazeera English

Russia says plane crash in Sinai was terrorist attack, vows vengeance  Deutsche Welle, 11/17/2015
War on Terror  |  ISIS

10431 151114  Deadly Paris Attacks - France 24
Hollande says Paris attacks an ‘act of war’ by Islamic State group - France 24
Paris attacks Islamic State says killings were response to Syria strikes – The Guardian

The ISIS Claim About Paris - The New Yorker
Opinion: A declaration of war against Europe  Deutsche Welle, 11/14/2015
Why ISIS Is Our Problem - The New Yorker

Why Isis fights | Martin Chulov | The Guardian
Origins of ISIS – Special Coverage - YouTube  Russia Today America
What Is ISIS And What Do They Want In Iraq? - YouTube
Iraq Explained -- ISIS, Syria and War - YouTube
War on Terror  |  ISIS

8694 150308  Boko Haram purportedly pledges allegiance to ISIS -  03/07/2015
Boko Haram - Wikipedia
′Islamic State′ ′destroying′ ancient city of Hatra in Iraq News DW.DE 07.03.2015  Deutsche Welle, 03/07/2015

8652 150302  Dakota Johnson’s ‘SNL’ ISIS spoof stirs outrage online - Yahoo News  03/01/2015
ISIS Threatens to Kill Twitter Co-Founder Jack Dorsey  Yahoo Tech, 03/02/2015

8599 150225  21 or IS? Swedish woman’s birthday balloons mistaken for Islamic State initials — Russia Today News  02/24/2015

8586 150223  ′IS wants to force the West into action′  Deutsche Welle, Interview: Diana Hodali / sb, 02/21/2015

8531 150217  Is World War I Relevant? | The Saturday Evening Post  02/12/2015

8517 150215 
Isis war to extend far beyond Iraq and Syria under Obama's proposed plan | The Guardian  02/10/2015
Poll: 54 Percent Want Congress to Back Obama's Authorization Against ISIS - NBC  02/12/2015
Some details of the Obama administration’s proposed authorization for use of military force against ISIS [Updated with link to actual wording of the proposal] - The Washington Post  02/11/2015
PressTV-‘Most of America’s wars start this way’  02/14/2015

8486 150211  ISIS and the Logic of Shock - The Atlantic  -  "Why each Islamic State video is more horrifying than the last"  -  Simon Cottee, 02/06/2015

8409 150202 
How to Catch a Terrorist - The New Yorker  The N.S.A. claims it needs access to all our phone records. But is that the best way to catch a terrorist?  Mattathias Schwartz, 01/26/2015 issue
Iraq forces ‘not ready’ to fight Isis World news The Guardian  Rowena Mason, 01/22/2015
PressTV-‘US should join Assad to beat ISIL’  02/03/2015

8314 150122  Threat Report: How the U.S. Plans to Battle Terrorism on Land, Sea, and Air - Popular Mechanics  P. W. Singer, Jeffrey Lin, Joe Pappalardo, Kelsey D. Atherton, and Jacqueline Detwiler
ISIS  |  War on Terror

8257 150116  Pentagon to deploy 400 troops to train Syrian rebels -  01/16/2015, Thomson Reuters  -   to fight the Islamic State 
BBC News - Syria's war  01/06/2015
ISIS  |  Syria

8229 150114  Shocking new ISIS video appears to show young boy callously execute two Russian spies -  Ryan Gorman, 01/13/2015

8046 141223  FBI Bulletin Warns Of Possible ISIS Terror Plot in Memphis - WHBQ FOX 13  Matt Gerien, 12/22/2014

8025 141220  Are IS group hackers taking jihad online? - France 24  Sebastian Seibt, 12/20/2014

Jihad - Wikipedia

7917 141204  US-led coalition to battle Islamic State group for ‘as long as it takes’ - France 24  12/03/2014

7738 141116  Video claims ISIS militants beheaded American Kassig -  Ben Brumfield, 11/16/2014
2014 ISIL beheading incidents - Wikipedia
Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant - Wikipedia -
The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL /ˈsəl/), also translated as the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS /ˈsɪs/), also known by the Arabic acronym Daʿish and self-proclaimed as the Islamic State (IS), is a Sunni, extremist, jihadist group, unrecognized state and self-proclaimed caliphate based in Iraq and Syria in the Middle East.
War on Terror - Wikipedia aka Global War on Terrorism
Terrorism - Wikipedia

7720 141114  Egyptian jihadists pledge allegiance to Isis  MSN, The Guardian, Patrick Kingsley in Cairo, Martin Chulov in Beirut, and Lotfy Salman, 11/10/2014
Egyptian Islamic Jihad - Wikipedia

7339 141003  Photographer Captures Tens of Thousands Fleeing ISIS, Entering Turkey  -  At least 66,000 Syrian Kurds streamed into Turkey on Saturday, ...  -  National Geographic, Scott Johnson, 09/21/2014

Iraq War & ISIS

7714 141114  ISIS plotting to kill Western civilians with EBOLA and poisoned needles - Daily Mail Online  John Hall, 10/30/2014
ISIS calls for attacks in U.S. and allies -  Josh Levs and Holly Yan, 09/22/2014

7656 141107  Obama sends 1,500 troops to Iraq -  Stephen Collinson, 11/07/2014

7452 141016  Opinion: The US is facing permanent war  Deutsche Welle, Miodrag Soric / bk, 09/14/2014

7266 140926  The Unlikeliest of Coalitions  -  Can Adversaries Become Allies to Fight ISIS? - NYTimes, The Editorial Board, 09/20/2014

7151 140911  President Obama Addresses the Nation on the ISIL Threat - The White House  09/10/2014
ISIS vs ISIL - what's the difference?  WCSH6m Kacie Yearout, 09/10/2014
Obama’s War on ISIS: A Realist Relents - The New Yorker  John Cassidy, 09/11/2014
Isis - Wikipedia
Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant - Wikipedia  ISIL
PressTV - Obama announces expensive plan to fight ISIL

6985 140820  Islamic State promises to 'drown all of you in blood' - Yahoo News  David Ludwig, Wire, 08/19/2014
Video claims to show ISIL beheading American photojournalist - Yahoo News  Polly Mosendz, Wire, 08/19/2014

6890 140808  U.S. launches airstrikes in Iraq  (USA TODAY, Jim Michaels and Tom Vanden Brook, 08/08/2014)
US warplanes hit Islamic State group in Iraq - Middle East - Al Jazeera English  08/08/2014
PressTV - US begins airstrikes against targets in Iraq: Pentagon  08/08/2014
US aircraft strike 'Islamic State' artillery in Iraq  (Deutsche Welle, 08/08/2014)
'Airstrikes alone almost never bring long-lasting success'  (Deutsche Welle, Marcus Lutticke/tj, Editor: Spencer Kimball,08/08/2014)
Iraq War - Wikipedia

6412 140620  Abdication has a price  (Washington Post Opinions, Charles Krauthammer, 06/19/2014)
Top Iraq Shiite cleric criticizes al-Maliki, urges Iraqis to stop insurgency before too late  (Deutsche Welle, 06/20/2014)
German companies are leaving war-torn Iraq  (Deutsche Welle, Martin Koch / nz; Editor: Hardy Graupner, 06/20/2014)
Video: Kurds consolidate autonomy amid Iraq crisis  (France 24, video by Adam Pletts, Selim EL Meddeb, 06/20/2014)
Iraq Updates  Huffington Post

6324 140611  In Extremists' Iraq Rise, America's Legacy  (New Yorker, Dexter Filkins, 06/11/2014)
What We Left Behind in Iraq  (New Yorker,
Dexter Filkins, 04/28/2014)

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