an ‘act of war’ by Islamic State group  (November 2015) / War on Terror  2015 (January 2015)             ISIS

Global Terror 201
6-2017  |  ISIS

11942 161127  Terrorism: France on charm offensive to lure back tourists - France 24 a video

11892 161114  France marks first anniversary of November 13 Paris attacks - France 24

??? 11485 160714-0715  Bastille Day military parade marches amid tight security - France 24
July 14th,  Bastille Day
Amazing Fireworks at the Eiffel Tower 14 Juillet 2014 - YouTube
Feux d'Artifices Paris Tour Eiffel 14 Juillet 2015 Bastille Day fireworks - YouTube
Nice Attack: truck driver got out of his vehicule and started shooting at crowd - YouTube  France24
Live Dozens killed as lorry ploughs into crowd in Nice - France 24

Nice on French counter-terrorism radars long before deadly truck attack - France 24
PressTV-Nice attack 50 ‘between life and death’
Tunisia - Wikipedia
Opinion: Hollande′s government is also a victim of the attack in Nice  Deutsche Welle, 07/15/2016
War on Terror?

11171 160419  France unveils plan to bolster elite police forces - France 24
War on Terror  |  ISIS

10761 160124  ‘IS group is in a fragile position,’ French defence minister tells FRANCE 24 - France 24
War on Terror  |  ISIS

10721 160116  French 2015 terror attacks a ‘dress rehearsal’ for 2016, experts say - France 24
War on Terror  |  ISIS

10549 151209  French government publishes guide to surviving terror attack - France 24
Eagles of Death Metal on Paris stage with U2 - BBC News

War on Terror
  |  ISIS

10463 151120 
THE INTERVIEW - US 'exploiting Paris attacks', says Glenn Greenwald - France 24
Daesh: The word ISIS doesn't want you to say - NY Daily News
Paris attacks organiser Abaaoud boasted of atrocities - France 24

War on Terror  |  ISIS

10455 151119  Middle East - France, Russia push UN resolutions on fighting Islamic State militants - France 24
War on Terror  |  ISIS

10448 151118  France, Russia, US seek to tighten noose around IS group - France 24
Islamic State shows photo of improvised Russian plane bomb  MSN, Reuters

War on Terror  |  ISIS

10431 151114  Deadly Paris Attacks - France 24
Hollande says Paris attacks an ‘act of war’ by Islamic State group - France 24
Paris attacks Islamic State says killings were response to Syria strikes – The Guardian

The ISIS Claim About Paris - The New Yorker
Opinion: A declaration of war against Europe  Deutsche Welle, 11/14/2015
Why ISIS Is Our Problem - The New Yorker

Why Isis fights | Martin Chulov | The Guardian
Origins of ISIS – Special Coverage - YouTube  Russia Today America
What Is ISIS And What Do They Want In Iraq? - YouTube
Iraq Explained -- ISIS, Syria and War - YouTube
War on Terror  |  ISIS

War on Terror  2015
(January 2015)

8381 150129  ‘You will die alone,’ France warns would-be jihadists - France 24  01/29/2015

8374 150128  Freedom of Speech | The Saturday Evening Post  Post Editors, 01/16/2015

8314 150122  Threat Report: How the U.S. Plans to Battle Terrorism on Land, Sea, and Air - Popular Mechanics  P. W. Singer, Jeffrey Lin, Joe Pappalardo, Kelsey D. Atherton, and Jacqueline Detwiler
ISIS  |  War on Terror

8237 150115 
Crisis in France Is Seen as Sign of Chronic Ills  MSN News, Adam B. Elllick and Liz Alderman, New York Times, 01/14/2015

8228 150114  Fighting Jihad: France Must Avoid Repeating America’s Errors - The New Yorker  John Cassidy, 01/12/2015

The Blame for the Charlie Hebdo Murders - The New Yorker
  George Packer, 01/07/2015
Video by al-Qaeda branch takes credit for Paris attack
  USA TODAY, Jim Michaels and Kim Hjelmgaard, 01/14/2015

8224 150113 
Charlie Hebdo Murders France Prime Minister Calls for 'War on Terror' - The Atlantic  Matt Schiavenza, 01/10/2015
In Paris: A Massive Rally of Defiance and Sorrow - The Atlantic
  Alan Taylor, In Focus, 01/11/2015

8223 150113  Thousands rally against Islamophobia in Germany - France 24  video by Jessica Saltz, 01/13/2015
Islamophobia - Wikipedia
Europe's Muslims feel heat of backlash after Paris terror - Atlantic Broadband
  Elaine Ganley, Associated Press, 01/13/2015
Muslim leaders rally for tolerance in Berlin with Merkel and Gauck
  Deutsche Welle, 01/13/2015
Xenophobia - Wikipedia

8214 150112 
As it happened Paris unity march - France 24  01/11/2015
US no-show at Paris unity march sparks criticism - France 24
Defiant Charlie Hebdo set to publish new Muhammad caricature  Deutsche Welle, 01/13/2015

8203 150111  White House sets delayed anti-extremism summit -  Josh Gerstein, 01/11/2015

8198 150110  Vast rallies across France in memory of terrorist victims - France 24  01/10/2015

#JeSuisCharlie continues to rally support - France 24
  James Creedon, 01/09/2015
France ponders security lapses after three-day terror spree - France 24  video by Catherine Clifford, 01/10/2015
Charlie Hebdo officials establish link between gunmen in both attacks  | The Guardian  Matthew Weaver, Josh Halliday, Alexndera Topping, Jonathan Bucks, Alan Yuhas and Raya Jalabi in New York, 01/09/2015
Mass rallies held in France after terrorist killings  Deutsche Welle, 01/10/2015

Fear of a European jihad  Deutsche Welle, Oliver Sallet, 01/09/2015
Opinion: Religion is not the problem  Deutsche Welle, Felix Steiner / cmk, 01/10/2015
Charlie Hebdo shooting - Wikipedia  Paris, France

9-11  |  War in Afghanistan  |  Iraq War

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