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Flooding problems occur as snow begins to melt.  雪どけが始まると、洪水がしばしば、おこります。
These white lines (stains) on the tree barks show how high the flood water rose this past spring. 木の幹に見られる白い線は、今春の洪水の際の洪水の水の高さを示します

5389 140319  March 18, 2014 Evening "Yikes! It's snowing! Enough is enough!"  Minneapolis/ St. Paul, Minnesota  "... We're hoping that spring is just around the corner."
Top 10 Long-awaited Signs of Spring - When the winter weather breaks, get outside to look for signs that spring is on its way! (Bird Watcher's Digest, Bill Thompson, III)
Forget robins: These things in nature are the true signs of spring  (lohud, Michael Risinit, March 12, 2014)
A Burst of Spring - YouTube

12656 170426   Mountaineers Capture Avalanche Up-Close in Canada's Rocky Mountains  MSN video
Avalanche - Wikipedia  " ... 
Avalanches are most common during winter or spring but glacier movements may cause ice and snow avalanches at any time of year.  ..."

1. Sundo
g 1 (Mock sun) (二つの太陽、三つの太陽)| Sundog 2   |   Beautiful Sundogs photo  |  Sundog 3

Alaskan Moondogs  "Astronomy Photo of the Day" by NASA   Sept. 12, 2013

Sun Halo  (Ice-halo)
6229 140603  A Circumhorizontal Arc Over Ohio  "Astronomy Photo of the Day" by NASA May 24, 2014
Circumhorizontal arc - Wikipedia   |  Halo (optical phenomenon) - Wikipedia  Sun Halo (Ice-halo)
Sun Halo over Sweden  "Astronomy Photo of the Day" by NASA  January 1, 2018
8537 150217  Aurora on Ice  "Astronomy Photo of the Day" by NASA  February 13, 2015, Iceland
Sun Halo photo  |  Astronomy

8667 150304  Winter Fun    Photos: Sundogs 1  |  2  |  3  and Halos
Sky Show: ‘Sun Dogs’ dazzle Minnesota, ‘Operation Defrost’ begins next week | Minnesota Public Radio News  02/06/2014
more Winter Fun photos


Drought  U.S. Drought 2012: Farm and Food Impacts  (USDA) |  Food Prices will go up in 2013, USDA says (Huffington Post) | Drought Monitor    旱魃

5708 140419  Global Warming Had Key Role in California Drought, Eastern Cold: Study  (Mashable, Andrew Freeman, 04/18/2014)
4752 140116  California areas brace for water rationing as reservoir levels fall  (LA Times, Bettina Boxall, 01/15/2014)
What does water rationing mean??  (Yahoo Answers)
words: rationing, water consumption, drought
California page

Flash Floods swamp Duluth MN (TIME) June 20, 2012  |  Minnesota, Wisconsin cope with flooding (CNN) | Lake Superior Zoo Animals Moving To Como Zoo During Clean Up (WCCO - CBS)
Duluth MN Flash Flood June 2012 videos: 
1  |  2 
Flash Floods occur quickly and can be really powerful. 鉄砲水は、突然起こるので、たいへん危険です。Flash Flood 鉄砲水 video :
Flash Flood Footage by David Rankin    
3414 130915-0916  5 Quick Tips for Dealing With Floodwaters - Popular Mechanics
Flash flooding swamps Colorado Pictures - CBS News
Colorado Flooding Rain Threatens Rescues - weather.com Rescues over Rushing Water

3416 130916  "Arizona Monsoon"  Watch for flash floods - Phoenix camping Examiner.com:  In Arizona, monsoon season from July through September, flash floods
Arizona's monsoon season causing flash floods - YouTube
Flash flood Hwy 98 Page, AZ  
Flash Flood Antelope Canyon, August 12, 1997

Insane Flash Flooding, Antelope Canyon and Page, Arizona, August   

North American Monsoon - Wikipedia -
The North American monsoon, variously known as the Southwest United States monsoon, the Mexican monsoon, or the Arizona monsoon
Monsoon - Wikipedia

our Arizona State page

Wildfire (MN DNR) 山火事  Smokey Bear

16144  200109   Bushfires in Australia - Wikipedia
Australia fires How to help evacuees, firefighters and animals battling the Australian wildfires - CBS News  Jan. 8, 2020
How the size of the Australian bushfires compare to California | Australia Bushfire Explained - YouTube

Australia's wildfire crisis faces a new foe Misinformation  NBC News, Jan. 9, 2020
Wildfires: Climate change and deforestation increase the global risk  Deutsche Welle, Jan. 8, 2020

Wildfire  |  Australia (summer)

15997 19110 5 Lessons We Learned From the California Wildfires - The New York Times
15982 191030  Kincade Fire - Wikipedia  Oct. 23, 2019 -
2019 California wildfires - Wikipedia
California Wildfires: Tuesday night wrap of Kincade Fire, PG&E Shutoffs and Getty Fire - YouTube
  Oct. 29, 2019
Fire crews battle raging infernos in California ABC News - YouTube  Oct. 28, 2019
California  |  Wildfire
15983 191030 
Build a Black Out Bag: Power Outage Preparation Kit - YouTube
How to Effectively Prepare for Power Outages and Long Term Blackouts! - YouTube
Blackout: The Power Outage That Left 50 Million W-o Electricity Retro Report The New York Times - YouTube

14577 180807-0808  Mendocino Complex wildfire becomes largest in state history - YouTube  CBS
Mendocino fire has become California's largest ever - The Washington Post
Top 20 Largest California Wildfires
Wildfires 2018: Climate change is making wildfires worse - Vox
Donald Trump will blame anything but climate change for the California wildfires - CNNPolitics
Weather  (Wildfire)  |  Climate Change 

3378 130912  Fire on Earth  "Astronomy Photo of the Day" by NASA Sept. 1, 2013  Montana
Fire ecology - Wikipedia

3708 131007  In Rim fire's aftermath, controversy over the recovery effort  (LA Times, Louis Sahagan, 10/06/2013) words: salvage logging, restoration, and reforestation
Rim Fire - Wikipedia

3288 130905  USFS: Hunter caused huge wildfire near Yosemite - Yahoo! News
USFS: U.S. Forest Service

6006 140515  San Diego Fire Photos: 'Like a Scene From Armageddon' - Firefighters are trying to contain flames fueled by brush and trees left brittle by drought  (IB Times, David Sim, 05/15/2014)
Brush Fire Prompts Evacuation Of Cal State University, San Marcos Campus « CBS Los Angeles  05/14/2014
Wildfire - Wikipedia  brush fire
Words: Armageddon  -  Armageddon - Wikipedia  |  Armageddon (1998) - IMDb

California State

9707 150718  Terror on Interstate 15 as people abandon cars, flee fire - AOL.com  07/18/2015  Southern California
Wildfire / Weather

110914 Minnesota wildfire spreads to 100,000 acres | Firefighters Battle to Contain Wildfires in Minnesota (video)

11426 160628  California Wildfire Takes 200 Homes, Death Toll May Rise - YouTube
Woman loses home in California wildfire - YouTube
Large Brush Fire Erupts In Calabasas, California - YouTube
How to Fight Forest Fires - YouTube
Why wildfires are necessary - Jim Schulz - YouTube


9791 150728  "Snow in July?"  Montana, Wyoming Receive Unusual Late-July Snowfall (PHOTOS) - weather.com  07/28/2015

Rainbow:  Rainbow / Double Rainbow   虹    Moonbow

  (逃げ水)   4 sec  sound clip サウンドファイル

Continental Climate 大陸性気候 --- 
Summer (T = 100.5 F or 38 C ) vs. Winter ( T = Below 12 or  - 25 C )

2772 130727  Cold weekend weather: Fall in summer  (Chicago Tribune)
"Amazing! Nobody was on the beach here in St. Paul, MN, today. During our nature walk in Minneapolis, we wore long sleeve shirts or jackets."

6139 140526  Colorado mudslide: Astonishing footage shows miles of devastation - Los Angeles Times   Matt Pearce, 05/26/2014  Grand Mesa, Colorado
Mudslide - Wikipedia

Landslide - Wikipedia
5509 140330  14 dead, 176 missing in Washington landslide  (USA TODAY, Heather Graf, King-TV, Seattle-Tacoma, Washington, 03/25/2014)
Natural Disasters Mudslides - Bing Images
Mudslides Explained: Behind the Washington State Disaster  ... How Are Mudslides Prevented? (National Geographic, Brian Clark Howard, 03/24/2014)
Landslides 101  video   National Geographic
Landslides and Mudslides | CDC
Washington State page

6180 140529  Caribou stuck on ice floes take ride downriver GrindTV.com  David Strege, 05/08/2014  "This is terrible. How can we recue them?"

Spring - Summer
15682 190721  Thousands Remain Without Power After Derecho Tears Through Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan | The Weather Channel  July 19, 2019
What is a derecho?
Derecho - Wikipedia

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