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ミュージックのジャンルの一つ、Reggae(レゲエ)の名の由来については、未だ、はっきりしていません。人によっては、"その歌のrugged メロデー に、由来しているに、違いない"と言うし、また、ある人は、" ‘Regga’、或いは、’streggae’ の言葉から、来ている" と説明します。Bob Marley(以下参照)は、"Reggae(レゲエ) は、もともと、スペイン語で、その意味は、’The King's music’ である" と主張します。レゲエミュージック は、そのrugged リズム が、特徴で、普通、楽器として、ドラム、ボンゴ、ベース、そして、ギターが、使われ、たくさんの "stop and go" が、繰り込まれます。Reggae(レゲエ)は、よく、"broken ミュージック" と呼ばれます。
Bob Marley (Bob Marley and the Wailers) (1963-1980) < >
  Probably one of the primary pioneers in Reggae music, Bob Marley is one of the most popular artists ever. His music, inspired by his belief in Rastafarian culture, is laden with his experiences of political repression, gangland warfare and deep insights in the Jamaican Culture. Before his death, he led the biggest tour in Europe in the 1980's, and gained support from all nationalities. Unfortunately Bob Marley's life was cut short when the cancer in his foot spread to the rest of his body after his refusal to amputate his big toe due to his Rastafarian beliefs. He died May 11, 1981 at the age of 36 when the cancer spread to his brain, lungs and heart.
Burnin' (1973)
Catch A Fire: Deluxe Edition (1973)
'Natty Dread' (1974)
Live! (1975)
Rastaman Vibration (1976)
Exodus: Deluxe Edition (1977)
Babylon By Bus (1978)
Kaya (1978)
Survival (1979)
Uprising (1980)
Confrontation (1983)
Rebel Music (1986)
Talkin' Blues (1991)
Songs of Freedom: Box Set (1992)
Natural Mystic: The Legend Lives On (1995)
Dreams of Freedom (1997)
Chant Down Babylon (1999)
 Sun Is Shining (1999)
One Love (2001)
Legend: Deluxe Edition (2002)
Rastaman Vibration: Deluxe Edition (2002)
Africa Unite: The Singles Collection (2005)
 Gold (2005)
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