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Courtship Dance   求愛ダンス

Bird 鳥類

Mammal  哺乳類

Paddlefish video | Our Paddlefish Page

Fireflies Near Hudson River (NYC) One of our favorite things about summer: Fireflies (Lightning Bugs). To be honest w/ ya, a few years ago we tried to videotape fireflies here in Minnesota, but our efforts were not successful. :-(   ホタルは、私たちが夏に見たい物の一つ。二年 程前、ホタルのビデオ撮影をミネソタで、試みましたが、失敗。このビデオ、素晴らしいですね。もう一度、ホタルのビデオ撮影に挑戦しようかな?  110811

"Pond Snail on Surface Tension" 4 Videos    Pond カタツムリが表面張力を使って水面を逆さまに歩く Carole says, "The Pond Snail picture shows the bottom of it's foot.  It is walking on the water surface, but upside-down.  That is pretty cool!*" Caroleさんの話 "この写真(Pond Snail  カタツムリ)では、Pond カタツムリの足の裏が見えます。水面を逆さに、Pond カタツムリは歩いています。That is pretty cool!"  Note: "Carole, thanks so much for info on a pond walking on the water surface, but upside-down."  110629

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