7    Columbus Day and How Many Days off American Workers Get for National Holidays

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The US observes Columbus Day on the second Monday in October: This year it was on October 14.  This is to celebrate Christopher Columbus's discovery of the American continent on October 12, 1492 after his ten week voyage from Spain. The history and controversy surrounding this discovery may be found in many sources 1) .

Usually schools and companies don't have a day off for Columbus Day, but government employees such as post office employees will get a day off in celebration of this holiday; Many government employees get more days off for national holidays than anyone else.

Company employees in the US don't get many days off for national holidays. Typical holidays that workers have off are New Years Day, Memorial Day 2), Independence Day 3), Labor Day 4), Thanksgiving Day (and the day after), Christmas Eve and Christmas Day: That's it!  

Usually school kids get many more days off than company employees do. In addition to the aforementioned company employees’ typical holidays, school kids get Washington's Day, Martin Luther King Day, and some others depending on the school.  This is all in addition to getting time off for summer vacation 2), mid-term break, winter break, and spring break.  The teachers and other workers in the schools will also have much of the same time off. However, school employees are sometimes asked to work longer days during the year; these days may last twelve hours or more.

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