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This past Sunday, October 5, 2003, the Twin cities hosted the Twin Cities Marathon. The marathon starts at the Metrodome (Home for the Minnesota Twins (MLB) and the Minnesota Vikings (NFL)) in Downtown Minneapolis and finishes at the State Capitol in Downtown St. Paul. The marathon is called, “The most beautiful urban marathon in America.”  The course passes along beautiful lakes*, the Mississippi river, the St. Paul Cathedral, and ends just before the State Capitol. There were around 8,000 participants in this year’s event.

Oh, I can hear you, a Japanese, “I thought that Minnesota is too cold to train for marathons”. "That's wrong!" Quite a few Minnesotans train for marathons all through the year, even in the winter. Running trails around lakes are available because the snow is cleared off of at least one trail in the winter (Photo: 
Photo Gallery  > Minnesota’s Cities > Minneapolis > Lake Calhoun > Lake Calhoun & Trails). If the temperatures go really low, they can run on indoor tracks, which are not expensive to use.  In fact, Minnesota has another big marathon. This is Grandma’s Marathon, which is held in Duluth, MN every June. Grandma's Marathon has a gorgeous course running along the north shore of Lake Superior, one of the Great Lakes. In addition, in the winter, we compete in many running events**  as well as winter sports such as ice hockey, cross country ski, downhill ski, snowmobiles, etc.

http://www.twincitiesmarathon.org >
* For example:
Photo Gallery  > Minnesota’s Cities > Minneapolis > Lake Calhoun & Lake of the Isles)
** For example: < http://www.twincitiessports.com >

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