95 Minnesota has Abundant Wildlife --- For example, wild wolves, coyote, lynx, bobcats, and cougars as well as deer, moose, and elk live in MN.

Minnesota has one of the WNBA (Pro Women Basket Association) teams called, "The Minnesota Lynx." Do you know what lynx are? Lynx are rather big cats such as lions and tigers. See the photo of a Canadian lynx cub, which was born on May, 2003 (< www.exploreamerica.info > Photo Gallery > Park & Nature Center > Wildlife Science Center > WSC Lynx ). The photo was taken at Wildlife Science Center (WSC), Forest Lake, MN, October 4, 2003. The WSC has two lynx cubs which were born in this past May. As of October 4, 2003, they were already bigger than an American house cat. Note: American cats are bigger than Japanese cats.

Minnesota has Abundant wildlife; for example wild wolves ( Photo Gallery > Park & Nature Center > Wildlife Science Center > WSC Wolves ), coyote, lynx, bobcats, cougars as well as deer, moose, and elk. This sounds like Minnesota could be dangerous. But don't get us wrong! The good news is that wolves, coyote, lynx, bobcats, and cougars usually stay away from humans.

Minnesota has around 2500 wild wolves*. These wolves are actually helpful in controlling the deer population. The state tries to keep deer head counts under a certain number because too many deer cause traffic accidents (car/deer) and also eat the crops of some farmers. Can you guess how many deer live in this state? There are more than one million deer. BTW, the human population is just 4 million. Yes, deer hunters also help the state to control the deer population.
This land is wild and way different from Japan. Killing deer may be a matter of life or death!

The Minnesota Linx: < http://www.wnba.com/lynx/index.html?nav=page >
* < http://www.wildlifesciencecenter.org/  >

FYI: We saw wolf dogs (hybrids) at the WSC as well. The wolf dogs are bred by humans; one parent is a dog and the other is a wolf. Some of these hybrid dogs become harmful to other dogs when they become full grown, so the owners ask the WSC to keep the wolf dogs.

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