100  The 100th e-Mail Newsletter Anniversary (040105)

This is the 100th newsletter since we delivered our first newsletter on May 27, 2002.  Thanks so much for reading our letters and site, and also for your comments and opinions.  Please keep sending your feedback in order to improve our letters and site.

Here are the voices of those who have been involved with making our letters and site!

ab.: Weeeee, making this site is cool. From me, all you will be getting is the cool stuff. J

gn: It’s rewarding to see our readers enjoying the site.  Sometimes, while we are collecting information and photos, people approach and ask why we pay attention to ordinary events.  But we know that our readers find them interesting.  Even though I am an American, I have learned much about my culture from collecting this everyday information and interacting with Japanese coworkers.

gk: It has been interesting comparing some of the things done in Japan to the things we do here. Some events are so common to me in the US, that I forget that other places in the world find these events rather unique. Even though I live in the US, I found out there are more events happening right in my city and state than I realized. I also found out that when I concentrate on getting good pictures of something, I actually notice a lot more details than I would have noticed if I was just looking.

js: It’s fun to shoot pix of especially wildlife.  J  However, it’s a lot of work to shoot pix and post them on web pages. This work is harder than you think.  L  But it always makes me feel good to hear from you.  Please continue to send us feedback.

mb: I, like everyone else here, have learned a lot about American and Japanese Culture.  It’s fun to put up pics and other info knowing that someone else out there is actually going to read it and maybe even (*scream*) learn from it.  Look for the real info in the “Random Corner.”  J

sy: I’ve learned much while making this site. Ummm…It has been time-consuming to make Japanese versions on web pages and in newsletters L, but it’s fantastic to know that the amount of feedback from our readers has been growing.  J  Please keep sending us more feedback in order to improve our newsletters and site.

News: This late summer two
HS (high school) guys joined our group. Their joining did reduce the average age of our group. J They’ve already written “Americans’ Top 50 Favorite Games” (See Letter 94). More stuff which youth like will surely be in our pages in the near future.  

Look forward to a new corner --  ”Random Corner”!

We've added additional information to Letter 101.  Please take a look at Letter 101 again when you get a chance.

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