140 Ramadan (Ramadan begins at sundown on October 15, 2004 and ends on November 12, 2004)  modified: July 11, 2013

We became interested in Islamic countries after 9-11 more than ever
*.   We checked out the basics of Ramadan, which is one of Islamic rites. 

We listened to the radio in the evening of October 15, 2004.  It said these things about Ramadan:

”Ramadan begins on October 15, 2004 and ends on November 12, 2004 < http://www.submission.info/practices/ramadan/  >.

Muslims observe the Fast of Ramadan during Ramadan. Muslims fast from sunrise through sundown, and then after sundown eat small meals and visit with friends and family. It is a time to worship and contemplate, i.e. it’s a time to strengthen family and community bonds.”

It's interesting for us to learn that Christianity** and Islam have fast rites.  Buddhism has fast events, but we don't think that Buddhists observe fast as an annual rite.  

Question from a Japanese
“My American calendars say ‘Ramadan begins at sundown’ on Oct. 15, 2004. What do you know about Ramadan?  For me, it's an Islamic rite for a month, and during the month they will fast.  This may be similar to Lent**?  Let me know what a typical American knows on Ramadan when you get a chance.  Thx.” 

Answer from an American
“I don't know if I would be considered a ‘typical American’ but I actually don't know hardly anything about Ramadan. I have heard the word before (possibly by reading a magazine or listening to the news) but I really don't know much else about it. “

* American calendars sometimes mark ritual days for some religions.  For example: Ramadan, a typical American may know only the word, Ramadan, but he/she often doesn’t know what Ramadan is.  At first we thought, why the heck do the calendars indicate such ritual days, about which even typical Americans don’t know.  On second thought, we believe that American calendars pick up some rites of some religions, whose adherers are quite a few compared to the US pop.  For instance, Ramadan is an important rite for Islam.  In the US, Islam is the third largest religion and the adult pop in the US is 1.1+ Million (as of 2001).  So there are many Americans who observe Ramadan.  That's why the calendars mark Ramadan. Note: For the US, the top five religions are Christianity, Nonreligious/Secular, Judaism, Islam, and Buddhism according to the site < http://www.adherents.com/rel_USA.html#religions  >

**  Lent < www.exploreamerica.info > Letter #51

More Ramadan sites
For example,  < http://www.101ramadan.com/  >
< http://www.holidays.net/ramadan/  >

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