171  National Boss Day  (1016):  “Hmmm… I have never heard of  ‘National Boss Day.’ ”   

Q from Japanese U:  “I've Qs on an American holiday.  Also I see National Boss Day in mid-October in calendars, but I've never heard of it.  Do you know of this day?  Thanks.”   
 J  (050924) 

A from American W:   “I heard of National Boss Day but did not realize it is in mid-October. I have a feeling most people do not recognize this day. Boss Day is another one of the days that is marked on the calendar but very few people acknowledge it. I have 6 guys working for me and I very much doubt any of them will mention National Boss day to me ( maybe I should mention it to them so they bring me presents on this day!?  
J  )  “  (051003)

A from American T:  “I have never heard of ‘National Boss Day’, though I am not surprised that it exists, since there is a ‘Secretaries Day.’ ”  (051007)

More Americans: I happened to listen to a radio talk show today.  The three hostesses are saying about “ ’National Boss Day’,”  “I’ve never heard of this day. “  ” Me, either. “  ”  Is this day  another day to give gifts?”  ” Did ’National Boss Day’ start some time ago because we have “Secretary Day”?”  “…   I’m wondering if people give gifts to their bosses.   …   ”
Note:  It looks like ’National Boss Day’ is not popular yet.   (051010)

For more info on National Boss Day, check out

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modified: October 17, 2012

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