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Our Homecoming Parade photos

In fall (often in September and October), homecoming is held at American HS (High Schools) and colleges.

Q from Japanese W:

”I've a Q on “Homecoming.”  I notice that U of M (University of Minnesota) has homecoming every year either in September or October.  As for HS, last year Mike told me that his HS has homecoming, too.  He added that he would enjoy dancing at homecoming. 

I bet homecoming is an event for graduates to return to their alma mater every year.  So the graduates and current students can enjoy this event.  During the event, is the school closed? I don't have any clues on homecoming because in Japan we don't have this*.  Oh, I know at this event the “homecoming queen” is usually chosen.  Also, there is a big football game at home school. 

Will you guys describe homecoming at schools (I guess HS and colleges hold homecoming?) when you get a chance?  Gracias, Amigos! “    W  (Wrote: 051001)

Reply from American L:

“I am probably not a good person to ask about homecoming. I have never gone to any.

I think you are right about graduates visiting, the football game, and the king and queen being selected. I'm sure many of the current students enjoy this event (I think it is mostly current students). HS and colleges both hold homecomings. I am still invited every year to both my college and HS homecomings. Unfortunately, that is about all I know about it. Homecomings just never seemed to interest me.”  L   (051005)

Examples of Homecomings:
U of Minnesota Homecoming
U of M Alumni Association < www.minnesotaalumni.org/  >
U of Minnesota Crookstone Homecoming

*  I don’t think that homecoming is popular in Japan. 

I think some colleges in Japan may hold homecoming; my bro’s college may have an annual homecoming.  My college holds a college festival in spring so some graduates may visit the college to join the festival; usually, the current students, other college students, and the public join the festival.  Hmmm… now I begin to recall things related to alumni. My college has an alumni meeting (called “reunion”): I don’t remember whether or not it is held every year, but I recall that it’s just a dinner meeting and the current students seldom attend the meeting.  At least they publish updated information (the only contact info about work and home) on graduates every a few years as far as the Faculty of Engineering, from which I graduated, is concerned. 

My HS has a school festival in fall every year, but I don’t think it is homecoming.  For HS, they have an alumni meeting (called “reunion”), which is not a big event, as well, and they also publish updated info on the graduates. 

Now I remember this: It’s very popular that for junior high schools, many classes have annual reunions outside of the schools. 

My knowledge on homecoming in Japanese schools may be obsolete. Please correct me if I’m wrong: exploreamericainfo@yahoo.com      W  (Wrote: 051001)

Homecoming 2

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