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Brick-and-mortar stores have Black Friday (the day after Thanksgiving), while online stores have Cyber Monday (the first Monday after Thanksgiving). Cyber Monday for online stores corresponds to Black Friday for ordinary stores.

Cyber Monday
Cyber Monday is also called “
Black Monday”.
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Cyber Monday Deals
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After Black Friday, Cyber Monday
  (MultiChannelMerchant, MCM staff, 11/22/2005)
Cyber Monday - Wikipedia

For Black Friday, see
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Note: We have been thinking “Black Friday doesn’t sound good. “  Indeed, day before Thanksgiving, I heard on a radio talk show that two hostesses were saying statements similar to ours. On another radio talk show, the listeners were saying that Black Friday could be renamed by “Red Friday” “Blue Friday”, “Broke Friday”, “Black & Blue Friday”, etc.  At the end, the show proposed that Black & Blue Friday would be the best.  Interesting, isn’t it?

Q from Japanese A:  Re: Black & Blue Friday, I've just found that there is the expression, black-and-blue (bruises).  Do you think that the radio show hostesses think of this meaning besides "black in ink" on the side of retailers and "blue moods" on the consumer side?   

A from American C: Yes, black-and-blue is used so often to refer to bruises that I would guess the hostesses probably had this in mind.

Black Friday is known as Green Friday.

Japanese A: "Have you guys heard 'Green Friday?'  What is the meaning of 'Green' for 'Green Friday?' "

American C: “Green Friday would probably be referring to "money" Friday. I have never heard of green Friday but I know green is often referred to as money (green being the color of money). It is somewhat common if someone is asked to do something they might say "Show me (or give me) some green", meaning "Give me enough money and I will do it".

Green Friday actually makes more sense to me than Black and Blue Friday or even just Black Friday.” 

Japanese A: “Your guess sounds right.  Then, we could use 'Green Monday' instead of 'Cyber Monday', couldn't we?"

For “Green Stuff”, see
Quiz 12

Green Friday (Note: This site describes Black Friday in a way different from ours. Their description makes sense, too.) <
http://blogs.setonhill.edu/MikeRubino/006008.html >

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Cyber Monday  |  Black Friday

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Cyber Monday  |  Black Friday

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