177   Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day (1207) Part 2    ---  “How popular is this day with the ‘Average Joe’? “   051212

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Q from Japanese S:  
” The U.S. observes Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day on 1207.  Can you tell me how popular this day with the ‘Average Joe’? “   051112

A from American U:
“Pearl Harbor Remembrance day is not popular with the average person in the US. In fact, I would suspect that the vast majority of people couldn't even tell you the date for this day without looking it up (I know I couldn't).”  051115

A from America G:
”Well, this is still a popular day.  People don't really do much to commemorate it, but it is well known.  Usually I hear a sound clip of Franklin Delano Roosevelt's (FDR) famous quote "
December 7, 1941 -- a day that will live in infamy" on TV or radio.  (My quote probably isn't 100% accurate -- G)

I think most adults are aware of this day, and I remember even as children that we would remember this day.  (I think this may be better known than Advent, unfortunately -- G)

The good thing is that even though most people remember this day, few people bear a grudge.  I think the Japanese are viewed as good allies, so it is not a day for bashing Japan. ”  051114

Note: It’s interesting to learn that answers to the Q vary from person to person.

More Info on National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day:
Proclamation by the President < http://www.whitehouse.gov/news/releases/2005/11/20051128-2.html >
USS* Arizona Memorial < http://www.nps.gov/usar/ExtendWeb1.html >
USS* Ward Gun, St. Paul, MN < http://www.cafsmw.org/airshow/celebrities.html > < http://home.earthlink.net/~larrydev/USSWardpage.html > The gun is on display on the State Capitol grounds, St. Paul, MN.  Here are pix of the gun and the sign.  A Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day ceremony is held by the gun, December 7, 2005.

* USS: United States Ship

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