178 Advent  Part 2:   “Giving Tree” is an awesome idea!    051230

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You could spot a “Giving Tree” when you go to church during Advent. You find many ornament tags hanging at the giving tree branches.  The tags are from kids of an orphanage or elderly of a nursing home; each tag specifies a Christmas gift which he/she wishes to have.  

The “Giving Tree” project is to “purchase a Christmas gift for a person in need.”
How to participate in the Giving Tree Project:

1. Take an ornament tag from a giving tree.

2. Purchase the gift which the tag specifies.

3. Wrap the gift and attach the tag.

4. Drop the gift off at the church in time.

Giving trees: for example, Advent giving tree project < http://www.stignatiussf.org/giving_tree.htm >

Japanese A: “Is a "Giving Tree Project" popular this time of the year?  At the Cathedral, I saw a giving tree full of ornament tags, which specified gifts by orphans of an orphanage or elderly of a nursing home. People purchase the gifts, wrap them, attach the tags, and drop them off at the Cathedral: Cathedral of Saint Paul, St. Paul, MN < http://www.cathedralsaintpaul.org/ >  This is an awesome idea: you can buy a Christmas gift for a person in need.  In fact, I bought a gift for a 13 year old orphan boy and dropped it off at the Cathedral after a mass on the 3rd Sunday of Advent. Thanks.”   051218

American K: ”Yes, they are popular. Our church has a giving tree before X-mas, too.”  051219

American Y:  “I haven't heard of this ‘Giving Tree Project’ but it sounds like an excellent idea! I did not see this at the church I usually go to. I think more churches should set this up.

What did you buy for the 13-year old orphan boy?”  051218

Japanese A:  “It was a wristwatch.  Hope that he’ll like it. Next year, I’d love to buy as many gifts as I can afford.  I haven’t heard of this ‘Giving Tree Project’ in Japan, either. I think Japan should do this kind of stuff for Christmas or New Years Day.”  051219

American L:   “That was very nice of you to buy a gift for an orphan.  I have not heard of the Giving Tree.  But I have heard of ‘Toys for Tots’, which I think is sponsored by the US Marine Corps.”  051229

Toys for Tots < http://www.toysfortots.org >
FYI: Season of Giving < http://buzz.yahoo.com/buzz_log/?fr=fp-buzz-img > 0512229

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