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After the college bowls are over, the NFL playoffs begin. The NFL season culminates with the Super Bowl, which is usually scheduled on the first Sun. of February or the last Sun. of January
* , **.

The regular season is over on January 1st, 2006.  The postseason began with the Wild Card weekend, January 7th and 8th*.  Quite a few people enjoy watching playoff games on TV; some guys often get into watching football games too much and then some of their girlfriends may ask them which is more important, either love or football***. The postseason is Wild Card, Divisional Playoffs, Conference Championships, and Super Bowl**.  The Super Bowl will be held on February 5th this year.

Our Minnesota Vikings had a bad start for the 2005-2006 season, but later rallied to try to become one of playoff teams. Unfortunately, our team didn't quite make the playoffs.
L  Immediately after the last game was over, the head coach, Mike Tice was fired (even though the Vikings beat the Chicago Bears in their last game). A few days later, the Vikings named a new head coach, Brad Childress+. Brad used to be with the Philadelphia Eagles as their offensive coordinator. We really hope that the new head coach will lead the Vikings to become Super Bowl Champions for the first time sometime soon. 

* NFL Playoffs Begin (Wild-Card Weekend)
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*** Can Love & Football Coexist?  How to be a good boyfriend during the NFL playoffs
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